Unshakable Hope by Max Lucado/ Book Review

I thought  I was reading my book. Max greatly brining the best inspiration paragraphs on his book. He is one of my favourite inspirational writer. And He will be indeed. Recently , I had this privilege to read his unshakable hope book / Promises of God. I am humble and beautifully uplifted. His 14 chapters of this book amazingly speaks to your heart. He brings little short story into each chapter and injects bibles verses onto it.

He said ” Can I urge, beg , and implore you to set your heart on this hope? ” Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken.”(Heb,12:28) We can have a hope that won’t be shaken. Set your heart and eyes on it. ” -Unshakable hope / Max Lucado pg111

Apart from all 130 million copy he sold. Indeed this book lift up your hope in Christ. Nicely put Jesus in his heart of book. God’s promises are his main message has been delivered to reader in this book.


His Fortieth book , has been special for all of us. Although , this is not a miracle practical book. This is a book based on experience and sermon-like phrases in a way not commending but encouraging and inspiring you in a right language. Some chapters caught my eyes and heart. I was forced to read it again to get what is saying to me. Each chapter starts with a promise from God and based on that promise Max brought up his main words. Almost 30% of the book writing by Andrea Lucado which is question for reflection. I love this book and it really challenge me to build my life on God’s promises not World’s promises. In the world we have many kinds of promises. We can not rely on them. We can not have eternal life on them. But on God’s promises we have the best future ahead.

He finishes his last sentence with :

” Build your life on the promises of God. Since his promises are unshakable, your hope will be unshakable. The winds will still blow. The rain will still fall. But in the lord you will be standing- standing on the promises of God.” pg 165

My friend this message is for you and me. Stand firm on the promises of God. We are like those people build their life on the rock.  I am standing on this promise. By the living word of God. It does not matter what storms comes. I stand. because I know how is my God. I know How great He is.  Our high priest is able to understand our weaknesses. Yes, He understands.  Your future , Your life , your heart and family can be secure in this promises. Unshakable hope point you close to this truth that we need him every moment.  That we need a strong language of God’s vocabulary in our hearts.  Keep a copy of this book near whatever you can refer and be inspired and reminded that God is faithful in his promises. I thank God for this.


My rate for this book is 4.5 / 5


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Have you Head Hel High book?





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