This blog is the place of rest, come and have a read and rest

Well, When I opened up this blog several years ago, my intention was( and is) to inspire individuals. I wanted to write; when you read my post, you feel rest; you receive a breezing breath in the world of a political, social, rational and broken world. If you have been following me a long time enough, I hope my writings have been a blessing to you till now. New generation people need confirmation, need acceptance, love innovation, unique and marvelous things; I get that; I totally understand that how do you feel when you Facebook/Insta/ and other social networking platforms are down. But, they are not here to define who we are. I don’t need to remind us, but I urge you, my dear; We are made in God’s image. This world wants us to be furies, spiteful and in a rush for everything. Our call is to rest and grow in the Spirit. So, you are one of the brave ones.

This blog is the place of rest. Let it be.

Have a rest with me here. get your tea/coffee or if you love ice cream, get it and enjoy it.
Sweet spring is here in Australia. And, I am awe of these days as I see the lockdowns are melting away soon, I mean very soon. The smell of the flowers is in the air when we truly love each other and let forgiveness be our friend. Our streets are quiet as usual, and you can see the mask on the faces of people. Sometimes, I doubt if they can smell the spring or that it will somehow stop the season’s allergy. I smile, either under the mask or unmask. Because I know that is the unseen medicine of every heart. ehh- you say; good boy! whatever..!
God! Thank you to whoever reading this post now! They are truly my friend. Amen. That is my prayer for you, and I am so happy you are here. If you are new to my blog- don’t worry; we can be good friends. Just come and give me a couple of likes as the sign of reading and your presence as I pray for you. Not a worry at all, if you don’t like and comment, I still love you. I’m not here for likes and comments. But they are the bonus; of course, our rewards are stored in heaven. I wanted to be a speaker, thinking about it – but that won’t be my option. I may be a voice, hmmm-an an invisible voice that can be echoed across the nations one day. ooof- Why am I tiring with these non-sense words? I feel sleepy; the time is 11:25 pm- I guess it is getting late. Let me finish with this quote of life:
“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

We don’t mean do the life alone, invite your friends here.

Love you guys

Your friend
Dariush Youkhaneh

Beautiful nature at Buddero National Park

Here some are beautiful nature photos from Buddero national park. The interesting thing about nature is they continue to proclaim the beauty of God. As some are hurting the planet, other people of all tribe and nation are admiring the voiceless sound of trees, rivers and mountains. God is hovering over all. The Bible says, “Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known.” (Psalms 19:2 NLT)
How come they continue to speak and praise Him with a voiceless sound? How come we don’t honour and proclaim His Name? They make Him known. Heaven and earth all belong to Him only. Let’s see his magnificence and make Him known. Are you with me in this? Thank God for this. With all our weaknesses, we can see and enjoy his handwork.

Written by

Dariush Youkhanhe

@All photos are taken by me and are original

Beautiful garden flowers

Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.
Song of Songs 2 : 12

One aspect of flower that brings singing . When you see flower such , you like to sing and love. Love that comes from nature above. No one can deny that flowers are not beautiful! They are beautiful in every season and in every occasion.

They change your mood and feeling. They give a special gift of peace and belonging. Go around a garden full of flower and see what grabs you first! Their look and smell. Their love and peace. They somehow sing for you and suddenly you gotta start singing too! They aren’t shy like human , they show their beauty- naked ! Go through above 6 photo , look at them slowly this time.. what’s come to your mind in first?

Beauty ? Peace ? Love ? Coloury ? Spring ? …

They are seating their all day long and giving us their look : l

You’ll be inspired , you’ll be motivated when you see them. You’ll be inspired with their colour . Aren’t they ?


Dariush Youkhaneh

Friendship with God

Timothy Keller pointed out the friendship meaning in 7 keys as I posted in my Instagram post (@hhhigh-blog):
1- Is Constancy
2- Love at all times
3- Is Transparency and Candor
4- Encourage and Affectionately affirm one another
5- Is Faithful
6- Heals you
7- Become wiser together

How good is to have friends ? How awesome to have loyal friends? It is rare , It is hard to find those. And how much is more harder to be the one.

Little confess from me, I am not the one! The time machine took me to another place, every time I made it , The time machine stolen from me. May , I need to blame no one , even time. I am honest. I do my best, I always wanted God make me a better friend , a better man and a better human. I forget sometimes to be a loyal friends of a friend. The thing is here what criteria we put front.

I am thinking about this , I am praying to God and asking him about How was Jesus friendship with the Father. And, the more importance fact How Jesus saw the world around Him. Why am i bringing God in this? The reason is this , we can not truly understand the meaning of a friendship before being a good friend with God. I said good friend! God is a loyal friend , we are not !

The most loyal friendship in this world , is the weakest in the eyes of the Lord. But this is not meant our human friendship is pointless. If you draw a line between human and God , the line would be the friendship line. God need to be in middle of our human friendship. With Him our human / human friendship gets meaning.

If you see throughout the Bible, It is built on a friendship. God himself and God to human.

On top of God’s friendship with himself , He was thinking about us :
The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2 : 18

I believe God is building our human friendship. He has already taken every step to build again this broken friendship between himself and human. Now , there is no more ” friendship line ” but the Cross.
The Cross is ultimate loving and friendship act of heavenly Father to us. We are in an active friendship with God now , or at least God is ready to be our friend with an open arm. He comes and knock the door of our hearts for a real and true friendship. No matter where we are , what we done or in what stage of life and season we are in , He forgives and wants to be our eternal friend.

Then , Think about it. You are never alone. The time you accepted and believed in Him , you entered to the circle of the God Father , the God Son and the God Holy Spirit.

Hallelujah and Thank God for this. He is a true friend that everyone on earth looking for.

Friendship with God

Dear friend , have you read my new ebook called ” Hope in Corona Time” ?

Much Love, your friend
Dariush Youkhaneh

Tuesday Devotion 14 April 2020 / Hold on

Dear beloved friends and followers . Thank you for being with us for 21 days devotions. I am truly blessed to have you here. I am so thankful i was able to share the goodness of our Father and encourage us all. The main theme of my devotions were to hold on.



Hold on and don’t let go of Jesus in your life. In the rain , In the storm and in any situation hold on to his great presence. Everything will fade way , only the true love of God will be alive in you.

Hold on , if it means to wait for a year . Hold on, if it means to wait for years and years. Keep warm your innermost being with his loving arms. As David says “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” (Psalms 27 : 14 ). 

Take a deep breath..

Wait for the Lord..

Be strong..

Take Heart..

and wait for the Lord..

We meant to do this before , We are meant to do this now, We will do this for tomorrow.  Do not listen to enemies’ lies. Do not listen what other people will think. HOLD ON THE TRUTH of JESUS. To His promises , To His Glory , To Whom is LIFE.

Hold on to HOPE.  Think whatever is right whatever is true and whatever is noble and worthy of think . Refill yours with the HOLY SPIRIT. With His Power and With His Majesty.

With Praise and Prayers.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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Saturday Devotion 4 April 2020 / A new life


We have a new life in Him. As we are getting closer to the crucifixion , death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our saviour we realise more and more that God has given us new life , a kind of life never be perish. Let’s focus on His love toward us. He died for us that we can live with him forever. Even if this flesh of ours perish as the result of sin , our life with him will be never taken away from us. He provided a City for us, City of God. City of Glory , to the city of the living God.

So , See how much God loves us, rejoice in Him my soul. Oh my soul , He is God , the King of all. Today , I celebrate for his presence – yes I celebrate it even in presence of the pain and suffering. I look up , Sky is blue and Sun is shining now and the birds are singing and the dancers are dancing for the love of God.

I rest in Him today, relax in His loving arms.  Having a deep breath with an close eye , i lift up my hands, remembering his promises and embrace and celebrate  this new life and thanking Him for this beautiful gift. Can you thanking Him more?


Written By

With Love    Dariush Youkhaneh

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A defined moment /1

After a few glorious rain and flood in Sydney. Monday 10 Feb the rain suddenly stopped. It feels we have been all into Noha’s ship and a dove has been sent for a dry land, we suddenly saw the sign of it and we all happily😀 landed now.

I finished Heaven is for real by Todd Burpo and my review is available on Goodreads. Now i am on my third book , reading Confessions by Saint Augustine, oh it is a heavy readying , it seems I am not that fan of classic books.

” O Lord , Our God, under the covering of your wings we set our hope. Protect us and bear us up. It is you who will carry us; you will bear us up from our infancy until old age. When you are our firm support, then it is firm indeed. But when our support rests in our own strength, it is infirmity. Or good is life with you for ever, and because we turned away from that, we became twisted. Let us know return to you that we may not be overturned. Our good is life with you and suffers no deficiency; for you yourself are the good. We have no fear that there is no home to which we may return because we fell from it. During our absence our house suffers no ruin; it is your eternity. ”  -Saint Augustine

When you read those lines you feel there is an honesty in the words , there is a sense of confession and turning to God. I enjoy reading book of confessions by Him , although it is a bit hard for me to be honest; but slowly i am getting into heart of Augustine. He is ruin because of his good friend passed away and because of that he moved to another city without telling his mother which was the closest person that time. Until now He is telling all the way he went and came back to God. I think , he did not have many friends. He was a clever man, looking for the right path of life, he found no eternity in maths and arts as he was in live with those things and so intelligent.  If you are asking me , i think he was memorised bible verses line by line and he has eaten them all. He sticked and injected them all into his life story.

20190615_132236 (2)

I remember my life, if God was not there for me, if he did not call me to do what i do now , I was a miserable worldly person with no defined purpose. When Jesus made himself real to me , I was not aware of that at all. I was daydreaming, But He; with his goodness grace rescued me and put on the rock. Before my first year school , I always wanted to see school’s door and this was my puzzled question from my mum: ” what does it look like?” ” I want to see school’s door” . When the time came in , when i arrived there; i said to myself :” this is the school’s door that everyone’s enter it?!! “. My curious mind did not know that ” this is it!” I guess i was naive whatever you wanna call it! But , Honestly; God was there. He went before me and prepared the whole school for my arrival. He was counting my tears on my cheeks , as He was looking into my eyes and saying ” Oh my little child, don’t cry “, I was speechless.  He sent his angels to protect me , I was naive but He was artful. I wanted to know more , More about life and people around me.  I was full excited about future and what the unknown holding for me. I wanted to climb the mountain to reach there as i was blown away with his stillness and as a child i was learning to be like Him.

I was looking for a better life. A better life ahead. In a small village next to caspian sea , I have not even discovered the town around me. I’ve been so happy where i was. enough joy within me but God had another plan and new direction for my life.

I’ll talk to you about this more..let’s take a cuppa tea and enjoy the reading moment.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Acres of Diamonds by Jentezen Franklin book review / Chapter 1

Acres of Diamonds by Jentezen Franklin book review / Chapter 1

I’ve read a couple of his writings till now. I’ve listened to his sermons for a while. I am following his social network page. Although he is involved much in politics people these days, He prays for Donald Trump and his administrative people. That may be a real cause for some Christians to dis-follow him. I’ve listened to his sermons in person. He is genuine what he says and how he lives , although mistakes for all of us are unavoidable. He is human like us , He makes mistake , he confesses it . He preaches a word for sinners not for those they do not feel need Jesus. Let’s be Honest all of has jealousy embedded in us.  May be you are first time you are hearing about Jentezen Franklin.  If you are , do not worry He is a pastor of a church called Free Chapel. Him and his family are blessed to serve the Lord in the corner of USA.

He wrote a new book called Acres of Diamonds which will be published on 11 Feb 2020.

Jentzen Franlink

This is the description of the book :

“ Are you in a season of life where every search for direction, encouragement, or fulfillment seems to come up empty? You thought God had you in a place to thrive and grow, but you are ready to call it quits. There has to be something better.

You don’t need a new garden; you just need to learn how to dig! In Acres of Diamonds, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Jentezen Franklin helps you discover the unfathomable riches Jesus Christ has for you. Rather than chase after a better life, you can celebrate the untold spiritual provision to be found even in the midst of spiritual deprivation. Readers will learn to cherish where God has placed them as they uncover the hidden potential within their families, jobs, ministries, and communities . . . right where they are. “


This book has inspired by his sermon back December 2018 , which you can listen it from here , Actually the main theme of this book would be based on this sermon:

Note this for the sermon : Sometimes we fail to see the treasure in our own lives. Our eyes become blind to how blessed we actually are. When that happens, discontent replaces gratitude. We may find ourselves thinking that what we need to make us happy is “out there” somewhere when we actually are surrounded by God’s priceless blessings—our very own “acres of diamonds.”


He starts his first chapter with a worm up words which will light up your heart. Jentzen  offered his introduction and first chapter free of download. Although his message is amazing and great inspiration. But , His main message is not from Bible , it is based on russell Conwell story in his book. Jentzen has linked his message to the Bible.  Perhaps , you do not need to go anywhere to look for diamond ( hmm or rightly Acres of Diamonds) , you can find it where you are in your business , in your family .. The first chapter starts with “ Why Not Now? “


You can download his first chapter of Acres of Diamonds here :!zZF1FI5I!6Lcb4Zd0WyHSflajsWYNMke3bCoGBURzLFnQDR3UytE


As we can see his introduction starts with Russel Conwell story in 1869.



“ When you stop undervaluing where God has placed you, you will start to see the hidden potential of where you are”

In his first chapter He talks about God’s timing and how that applied to his life. How he missed the opportunity of buying a TV station which later on sold for $50 million dollars.  As he quotes “ A present opportunity played with problems is better than awesome opportunity has passed.” He speaks about that focusing too much on our own plans and timing we might miss “ the Power of Now” (there is a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle) He continues in first chapter about releasing your Faith Now. He does not say okay Now or Never , but he tried to tell his reader Now is better than your past, Now is your future !   “ You can not do anything about your past , but you can rewrite the rest of your life.”

And he finishes the chapter one by saying :


You can buy Acres of Diamonds on 11 Feb 2020 , It is ready to pre-order now.





Dariush Youkhaneh


Make a New Song

Back to months ago, I’ve just written a post with the title ‘ My song of Praise ‘  with a new song in the content :

You raise among nations

Come and fill us with your love

Walking in Your path. praising your Name

I am the one for You. Touch my heart again

Every success of mine

is Yours, I remember Your goodness 

I am here to testify it, opening my heart to Yours 

Can you hear it?

The song of praise

I truly believe every person has a song in their hearts , the moment when they enter to His kingdom. I kind of oftenly praise God with my own song of heart, And I hope you do have it. Bible says we have mind of Christ. We are children of the most High. There are millions of Angles in heaven praising God with their own heart songs. We are one step higher than Angles , although we are on the earth but our position in God’s heart is special and unique.


When you sing a song for your heavenly Dad, something will shift in your heart. The restoration will appears. The power of Almighty God will overflows in you. Have you ever sing a song to God? I mean , not repeating other people worship songs. I mean a song truly came from the depth of your heart to worship Him and to know Him more. This new song gives you hope and lift up your expectations above. It will put back your ugly past and It will shine an unbelievable future. I just sing a new song in my heart for Him. In the pain or non-pain situations. In the night or during the day.  On the way or when I run , I am in the rain or in the sun.

The most touchable moment is when you sing in your painful times. Yes, It is beautiful in God’s eyes. It might be so ugly but God honours it and take your heart song as a worship moment. God’s heart is toward us even may we do not know it.

Can you praise God for His love inside us? Can you just a moment put away all your worries away and sing a praise song to God?

If you can comment me what is your heart song for God?

I want to worship God in my heart , I want to worship God in my mind , I want to worship God loudly.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


Transforming Love book review by Stormie Omartian

Love is the reason.

Indeed . Love is the reason that I am writing to you my dear friend. No one told me to do this. No one forces me to write and spend time here to inspire and encourage you. The only reason I am here because of the LOVE of God. His love melted me away and it brought me to a place of peace and strengthen.

I had never read Stormie’s book. This was my first time , Her style of writing is different with other Christian inspirational book. Truly , She experienced the love of loving God.

As she says in her website :
“My goal in life is to help others find the same freedom, healing, restoration, fulfillment, and purpose that I have found. I want them to know the wonderful life-transforming power of God’s love and all that He has for them, so they can become all He created them to be.”

In Transforming Love book you will be encouraged greatly. You learn how to love God more by knowing God’s love is for you. In her 268 book page you’ll be seeing loads of scriptures. The content of book , however is heavy and powerful. In the middle of book , I’ve paused and said to my self ” this book is thoughtful and for each sentence you need to pause and think about it “. I am not sure how is other Stomrie’s book are. I have hope and I know Stomrie’s know there is power in the words. This book is not easy reading however with a bit patient you will enjoy the result of your readying. There are heaps of powerful sentences in the book.


The last chapters of book has been excluded of those heavy content and it looks Stormie’s speaking you a bit more relax after she told you about God’s transforming love. It was a good idea adding a prayer page and list of the verses at the end of each chapter. I’ve really enjoyed to read them. Yes , there are a lot of repetitive verses in a different scenarios.

Obviously , This book is non-fiction Christian biblical base book. In each chapter you will see at least 15 bible scriptures. You feel it throughout the book Stormie truly has been touched by the Holy Spirit and She has experienced His love. She’s been hugged by his beauty. Warmly , she encountered His transforming love. She is trying to let her readers know that ‘ you can have this love too that your life can be changed forever ‘.

” But when I received the Lord , I felt His love in the Church, in the pastor’s office with my friend where I received Him, and in the believers around me. I believed God was the God of love, but I didn’t fully believe he really loved me. I sensed His love from others, but I thought of it as more an overflow from those who actually were, in fact, loved.” ( Transforming Love – page 100 )

“God Will Calm the Storms in You and in Your Life.” -Stomrie Omartian

I highly recommend this book for you , if you are walking in your faith and need to have His transforming love more in your life. I am recommending to you if you are very new to the faith. Take a step and see how God is working in people’s life by His love. One of them is Stormie Omartian. The thing is here , He already loved us. And still He loves us.

Read her biography here :

My dear friend I am here to pray for you , just leave a comment below

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Fresh me


Yes , I’ve done it.

4 weeks of travel in overseas and back home. Four weeks of getting to see new places. Stepping into unknown locations were indeed a new experience. That gave me a new prospective to life. As my travel were through Europe, I was appreciated of God’s given opportunity. I crafted my mind again to look people’s life in different angle. That how they live , where they live by putting myself into their historical culture. I enjoyed with them , I clapped my hands for the weird things as I grabbed it for the experience.

Travel gives a new confidence. A new of you in another place as you left your old-self in your hometown.

I took it gently! And I injected this into my vein by thankfulness.   I found new friends during this travel. I talked with people that I’ve never met. I tasted the wine of the country. I smelled with an open armed fresh flowers as I did a cycling around country side.


I found it again , Life is so beautiful. Where ever I went there were a new beauty to be attracted! I could not miss it. I could not deny it , I just could illustrated in my heart – there – the place I would be. I am there , a place that broken heart could be mended; a place that gives you new strengths , a new calm thought, a place gives a peace.

I went into busy town as people looping into each other to find the best version of the experience.

I was stunned of small towns on the way. Their food , their culture , their streets all amazed me in a speechless level.

God prepared the way. I just stepped in it.

Thanking God for his nature , for his creation which truly stunned me! His Love is everywhere !

Here I am–

Fresh me.

Back to the daily life…



 Dariush Youkhaneh 



Feels God

When I wrote my first poem , I was about 16 years old. I’ve never knew that how far will go. A teenage boy with a world facing Him. God was good to me. Looked after me. The more important thing was I just was 13 years old filld with the Holy Spirit, speaking in toungs. Only 13 years old. It seems 13 is a holy number for me , as for majority people may Not. I was born on 13 August. Who knows may the day i was filled with the Spirit, It was 13 !!! Anyway. Praising God for His presence in my life.

I wasn’t looking for God , but He looked for me first. Near , Far , he was there.

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.
Psalm 42:7 NIV

All the blessings, power and Love of God covers us all. When the waves of life is heavy , still He is there and covers us. When nothing is bright , His Light is shining in every corner of the earth.

From my childhood till now , God covered me , loved and looked after me. God is real , alive , ready to show his self in our earthly life.

Let’s have Hope together that God come again in our hearts and do a new thing. Let’s see His wonders. Let’s see how wonderful is his loving arms.

Let us be brave again.

One step closer to Him.

Deeps calls to deep.


Dariush Youkhaneh

Weeks after Weeks

Like a deer thirst for the water , my soul is thirst weeks after weeks for your presence ,oh Lord.

I am thanking God , our Father , for your faith in Him. That you continue grow and be mature in his Love. Like I am sharing to you now , your heart is soften and it knows the truth ,truely.

It was a great few weeks past for me, here in Sydney. As I launched my new book on May 17. By Gods grace, me and you reach to a place that He already determined a good portion for us. It is not a small thing my dear friend , having eternal life in Heaven. May we outwardly perish slowly , but inwardly we are getting bigger and bigger. God loves us infinitely. His infinite love sustain us right here on the earth.

In Zechariah chapter 4 ,verse 6 grabbed  my heart :

“Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of Jehovah unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith Jehovah of hosts.”
‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭4:6‬ ‭ASV‬‬


But the spirit of the lord change the whole new generation , that they may know there is God, that not by our ability , that Not by our own limited mind , but by his Spirit. We need to be filled by this truth, by his might , Weeks behind weeks.

Weeks after weeks we call upon his name and his guidance leads us to a better place. Trying to keep his Love commandments with this face of humanity , entering to his holy divinity presence asking for forgiveness.

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no one cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
‭‭John‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭ASV‬‬

Not my way , His way. Not my truth , but his truth. Not my life , his life. By growing his way in me, I am a better person , and the real purpose gets its meaning in my life , when I seek his kingdom first. A new way will be directed in me.

Here , singing a new song to you Jesus :

We have jesus, we are not worry!

Hand to hand, we go ahead.

One thing singing in my heart!

You are the child of God.

My yesterday act, my all work today

There not going to flick my future in Him.

We have Jesus, we are not worry!

Hand to hand, we go ahead.

21 century does need more of Jesus. Just look at your neighbourhood , Do they need Jesus ?  Weeks after weeks are going and we are not aware of that the time is limited ! Let’s mark the real love of God in our town. Let’s be who He wants us to be , not what our selfish – self wants.


How is your weeks after weeks going ?


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh




Keep Going..

It is a beautiful Monday. Summer gently fading away his hot face from us and we are anticipating to go into autumn. The trees are making ready to have a pleasure dance for us. Just a bit funny to see the yellow leaves are falling down and the days are falling shorter than before.

A window open to smell a fresh air of sea. A baby crying right next door and a dad cutting the grass momently. I am just wondering how awesome to be here. Love make this ready.


A community of love with respect living next to each other. Look how nice to see to be this. But , reality says another things. we are living in a world of war and peace, sickness and health- death and life.

But , you have joy be satisfy who you are this is the way you have made.

Change your mind , when all others seems closed their mind to the beauty. You see good things on others and inspire them. You make the world better around you. Truly I say the revival starts within you. A heart of gratitude very much change your mood everyday.

Have hope to unseen above , this is the only light get you to other side.

“Let us go forward in peace, our eyes upon heaven, the only one goal of our labors.”
-St. Therese of Lisieux

Tomorrow is Tuesday. A day the Lord has made. Rejoice in it. Let us go forward with this confidence. Every steps , every day is a new opportunity to love yours and others.

Let us be thankful.




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo :

Have you read my book? You will be blessed.



Blessings Promised for Obedience

Promises are beautiful things we can hold on to. We , as human make so many promises but most of the time , we are not able to make them true. It is alright. That’s make us human. Personally If I promise someone , I make sure I stay 100% till end, and give away my best to make it happen. I do not know you, but I am really love to be a kind of friend that will be counted. Why promises are important? Why do we need them? How can I be sure I can live in that promises ? Or what God promised to me? There are so many questions you can ask. But , in this moment I am here to encourage you that ” Blessings ” promises for you , if you obey! If you listen what God says to you. You know there is always if. A father promised to his child IF you be a good buy I am going to by this bike for you. It’s not entirely like that. But our heavenly Father loves us, in the same way we need to love him and this seeks obedience. If we can not obey well, we are going to miss the point and end up with a wrong direction.

Listen to this what God promises to us :

I am giving you a promise now while the seed is still in the barn.You have not yet harvested your grain, and your grapevines, fig trees, pomegranates, and olive trees have not yet produced their crops. But from this day onward I will bless you.”( Haggai 2 : 19 NLT)


Our good shepherded promises blessing in our life. In the time of dryness and wilderness. May you are struggling to find a right job . But God promises is bless you even you do not have a job. May you are struggling with a not a good relationship but God promises is to bless you in that situation. Think about that , How his promises change your life? never ever underestimate God’s promises in your life , they are blessing you in every direction.


“God never made a promise that was too good to be true.”
Dwight L. Moody

Obey and see the fruit of it. Let our life shine in every area. From school to our job place. From talking to a friend to talking to a boss. We can be better , we can change the world around us by holding to the promises of God and obeying what he says about us is truth. Enemy hates his promises. The plan and purpose of living God is good indeed. God never took eyes off of you. He is look after you , here and there. Where ever we are he went and prepared us his blessings behind blessings for us. This blessings is not only within us and for us, also it is for others around us too. They will see how blessed you are. How youthful and beautiful you are, your smile , your love and you are act of kindness all together impacts them positively. An unbelievable energy with us – which from above not the world. From the Holy Spirit within you. You are a light. You are a blessing.

Let this be your declaration:

I am blessed , I am loved

Because I have a good Father, because I obey his love

I am blessed , I am strong

Because I have a good Father, because I obey his spirit

I am blessed , I am called

Because I have a good Father , Whom promised me is with me

I am blessed , I am beautiful

Because I have a good Father , whom I follow


Promise of God is a new season for you now. Enjoy the blessing!

Much love

written by

Dariush Youkhaneh


Be a Life Changer!

Being a Single man is not easy as I thought to be these days. As everyone keep asking you the same question. Perhaps a few years a go(maybe 2 years) I had a friend church asked me” Dariush you are handsome, walking with the Lord a good man, how come you are still single? ” hmm. I said” I don’t know”, deep down in me doesn’t ask this question anyway! The right person will come one day. I am going to do my task: Be a life changer.

I am going to continue to shine. Despite of difficulty of life and the obstacles in front. Not only be a life changer for other also for myself first. When I can change me, everything would be different. I am gratefully thanking for this truth in Christ. Because He is my life changer. I think you will be okay with it. You don’t need to pretend it, but live with honesty and integrity. If you want to a life changer you need to do some practices. Simply as it is.


I am going to tell you what is my source of strength. Bible. Prayer. Going to church. Keep in touch with good friends. Family. and Many more.

You are an Hero already!

If you are single , enjoy your time. Have Faith the right person will come soon. Let go of things not deserve to be with  you. Laughter more. Explorer the faith and the world around you. There is loads of things you can accomplish – not necessarily need with opposite sex to be with you then you can finish it. It is okay to be sick some days- go to cave and come back to reality. We all need retreat anyway. Let us take a look at when Jesus healed that man with 38 years of sickness in his body. 38 years he was looking for someone to push him in the water and always someone else in front of him. But God , the source of all power that day meet him with one simple and powerful question ? ” Do you want to be healed ? ”

Are you serious? What type of question Jesus asked? of course I want to be healed – Of course I want to be free of this miserable life which I have never had experience to walk. Jesus is a life changer. The master of changing people’s life is right there next to him. There must be a confess in verbal. there must be said that ” yes Lord , I want to be healed “. There , the majority of us don’t answer that. Or we answer with very weak and low and doubt. God wants to know with all your doubt , you are still keep shouting ” YES , LORD , I WANT TO BE HEALD “. We learn here the very first step of to be ” a life changer ” is to confess. Verbalise your need of God. Tell him you need Him. Ask him to answer you questions . It is okay , if you are asking same question. God loves your persuasive heart. site mentioned six truths about God that can change your life. 1- love 2- Personality of God 3- Power 4- forgiveness 5- Promises 6- Sovereignty.

The above truths can change your life and helps you to go toward to be life changer. For sure there are others need to be injected. This is a beautiful thing to have. Your gratitude of life and people in your life make such a huge difference. In this short nice life we can be what God said us to be. It is hard. But worth it. Look at the below verses that mentioned the 5 life-changing bible verses: Stick them to your heart, eat them like pill and have it on your home’s fridge:

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside the still waters.
He restores my soul;
He leads me in the paths of righteousness
For His name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord

Galatians 2:20

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Galatians 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo : taken by me

I am in awe of You

When I see your beauty , I am in awe of you. When I see how you died for me on the cross that today I can have this freedom and walk in your presence without shame. When I see; you forgive me – this is a miracle. The sun without one turning back shining me your light. I am doing my own thing under the heaven but you are blessing me and thinking of me. I am just do not know what to say. Speechless within thousands words! Lips not moving but heart full of your awe.

I was travelling around Sydney for a few weeks. When I saw the beauty of my God. I just was full of thankfulness and I realised how big is my God. That was a place I felt safe and secure completely. Although there is nothing to compare His beauty – I surrender all in this awe-ness!



Let the whole world fear the LORD, and let everyone stand in awe of him. (NLT Psalms 33:8). Everywhere you go , you can see with your eyes how awesome is our Lord. From here to your town , from your town to another. You can feel it and touch it- be full heart of gratitude in this life short on this earth! This is the real love. I am focusing on your promises Jesus. Be glorified in my imperfectness and complete me with your love.

Sometimes God allow us to be us! He is there dancing with the nature – waving with the sea to us. Touching our hearts with a whispering of his wind through the broken window. Even we lock ourselves inside the room- He is there. Trying to come into – knocking the door of our heart. Saying come my child let me show you how big I am.

Splendour and majesty are before him; strength and joy are in his place. ( 1 Chronicles 16 : 27 )

I was always thinking I need a pair of wing to fly above all and enjoy. But I just realised I can fly without a pair of wing. I was thinking I can win every battle by my own, But I just understood this is not my battle to win. I was thinking I can love everyone, but I just got it if I only can love the one. 

Are you fighting on your ground ? stand in his awe. Are you well and blessed in your life? stand in his awe. When we live with Christ our love grows every single day, every battle day , every well day in all situation. And I believe for you as much as I believe for me. We believe in his love. We trust in him that is our firm foundation. We are the overcomer. Just stand in his awe. Believe God can do it for you.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Have you read my book ” 7 things for your soul”?




Unshakable Hope by Max Lucado/ Book Review

I thought  I was reading my book. Max greatly brining the best inspiration paragraphs on his book. He is one of my favourite inspirational writer. And He will be indeed. Recently , I had this privilege to read his unshakable hope book / Promises of God. I am humble and beautifully uplifted. His 14 chapters of this book amazingly speaks to your heart. He brings little short story into each chapter and injects bibles verses onto it.

He said ” Can I urge, beg , and implore you to set your heart on this hope? ” Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken.”(Heb,12:28) We can have a hope that won’t be shaken. Set your heart and eyes on it. ” -Unshakable hope / Max Lucado pg111

Apart from all 130 million copy he sold. Indeed this book lift up your hope in Christ. Nicely put Jesus in his heart of book. God’s promises are his main message has been delivered to reader in this book.


His Fortieth book , has been special for all of us. Although , this is not a miracle practical book. This is a book based on experience and sermon-like phrases in a way not commending but encouraging and inspiring you in a right language. Some chapters caught my eyes and heart. I was forced to read it again to get what is saying to me. Each chapter starts with a promise from God and based on that promise Max brought up his main words. Almost 30% of the book writing by Andrea Lucado which is question for reflection. I love this book and it really challenge me to build my life on God’s promises not World’s promises. In the world we have many kinds of promises. We can not rely on them. We can not have eternal life on them. But on God’s promises we have the best future ahead.

He finishes his last sentence with :

” Build your life on the promises of God. Since his promises are unshakable, your hope will be unshakable. The winds will still blow. The rain will still fall. But in the lord you will be standing- standing on the promises of God.” pg 165

My friend this message is for you and me. Stand firm on the promises of God. We are like those people build their life on the rock.  I am standing on this promise. By the living word of God. It does not matter what storms comes. I stand. because I know how is my God. I know How great He is.  Our high priest is able to understand our weaknesses. Yes, He understands.  Your future , Your life , your heart and family can be secure in this promises. Unshakable hope point you close to this truth that we need him every moment.  That we need a strong language of God’s vocabulary in our hearts.  Keep a copy of this book near whatever you can refer and be inspired and reminded that God is faithful in his promises. I thank God for this.


My rate for this book is 4.5 / 5


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Have you Head Hel High book?


Oh Jesus

I seek you with the whole heart. I walk in your promises boldly. I am not ashamed of walking in Faith. In this young age , I will praise you. I will give thanks to you. Be my God , I’ll be your little child. I follow your footsteps oh Jesus. You are all around me , when  I am down , you are there to lift me up. When I am glad, that is your joy in my inner being. How can I forget your kindness toward me.  Even you did not know me , you gave your life that I can have a full abundant life in you. My soul  rejoices in this. Open my mind and let me discover the wonder of your love. When I told you about my troubles you answered me Jesus. Help me to understand your way. Your presence is heaven to me.  Your marvellous deeds are remarkable in my life.


You make me an overcomer! I am determined to be faithful. I am strong in this. I am thirsty to learn more of you. I am here to obey your words. I promise to obey it with all my heart. I worship you, you only know what is going on in me and around me. I pray to you, because you are a great hearer! Indeed , I could not find anyone like you. You hear my heart’s words and respect them all. You are wonderful. Create a new heart in me. I long for you. I rely on your truth. Your truth set me free. I wait till sun rise. I will pass the valley of the darkness. I know there is a beautiful love of father hugging me kindly. You are telling I got you child, be still. I trust you , even it seems impossible! where are my enemies? They are all disappeared.  My eyes are look up that you guide me by your cloud in the day and you are the one leading my by fire in the night. Holy Spirit touches my soul to remove all hurting. I go to sleep with your lovingkindness and I wake up and praise you. Your love is evidence all around me. I am yours , you are mine.

Oh Jesus. Oh Lord , you are eternal! You word will last as long as the heavens(Psalms 119:89).

Holy Spirit rain over every reader right now. Let their life change in Jesus Name.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


You Are Protected

I close my eyes and see my self in the hands of Angles. They are protecting me from the enemies. I look right the good army of God there for me. I look left the best army of God are there. I look behind the flood of Angles of God there for me. I look straight , He is there for me. Let the enemy come , I am protected by Him. Let the mountains come I can climb them to the victory. Let the ocean of unknown comes , I am known by Him. Empty hands – heart full of awe of Jesus. Broken of the sinful world but full of Joy of his love.

In the world but not of it- relax and enjoy the miracles of the only One in my life. I was in rush but not anymore. I am patient in His meekness. I see thousands of thousands are falling next to me – but I stay firm because He is holding me. Not anymore yoke of this world – but carrying the cross of freedom everyday. Singing a new song in my heart – one step close to his heart , to be like him- light in this darkness.


Are you thinking about your future ? His got is in hand. Are you thinking about tomorrow? His got it , just give Him thank for today and leave tomorrow to Him. Open the doors of heaven by your prayer day in and day out. Change your inner look by being like Christlike.

The best things in life are not outward things instead ; they are inward things.

One dream , One life , One God can make your heart united with him. Close your eyes and repeat this after me: ” I am beautiful , wonderful made by loving Father. My identity is in Him , His angels are protecting me , I have more then enough – his grace and forgiveness that is all I need.

Take one important step in your life and let the love of God change your heart in whatever you do. You are loved – no seriously you are ! Who is like you? no one. you are you. your smile and love are special for somebody. You don’t need others acceptances , you have been accepted by Him. Made by Him , Loved by Him , Shaped by Him. Oh, I am loving Him more – because He first loved me. You have your own protection Angel. He is standing by your side. The Spirit of the truth will set you free.

We are always loved.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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“Now we pray to God that you will not do anything wrong—not so that people will see that we have stood the test but so that you will do what is right even though we may seem to have failed.  For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth. We are glad whenever we are weak but you are strong; and our prayer is that you may be fully restored.” ( 2 Corinthians 13 : 7- 9 )

I am not going to have another bible Sunday school here. Not at all. But I like talk about the truth in your life and in my life. The Above paragraph which the apostle Paul  saying to the church of Corinth actually it is for us .

The real truth is able to fully restore you. It can change your life in a positive reality of being. Your definition of truth it may be different of mine but at least we are agree in this – there is a real truth exist. The real truth remains always nor the time can change it. Paul says that in above sentence ” We can not do anything against the truth , but only for the truth “. Today I am writing about this , I want you to meditate on this words. Because by focusing on the real truth , your heart’s eyes will be opened. You grab a new prospective of the truth and what is it for me? That is why Jesus said ” you will know the truth ( the real truth) and that truth will set you free.” Walking in the truth make you strong , that will impact your whole life, beautifully. You can not lie anymore , you can not steal or cheat because this is not you , it is the truth in you – carrying everywhere you go. Jesus said ” If you only know me ” What does that mean? It means if you only know the real truth. Your chain will be broken and for sure you know what is right and what is wrong.

By this truth we can know his Unending Love ( click here for to read it)


The heart of God , Is truly full of truth. Grab the heart of God , you will not do anything wrong. If we do , we are going the wrong direction. I want us to keep our heads held high with no condemnation. Truth is a helper of me and you in this broken world. I did not know about it , But God of all mercy revealed to me. How and when? By being humble and obedience. Our weaknesses  does not mean we do not know the truth , but ; that means we are strong to accept that our flesh is weak – and fight between flesh and spirit made us weak. It is okay. We are not surrender to the desire of this broken world but we are surrender to the only Son of God , Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness would be possible by the spark of this truth.

Let God change your heart to his truth. Than you will know why Christ dies for us? Than you can forgive others in this truth. definitely you will know what is the meaning of the lamb of God. By doing that , you accept to the holy spirit of God reveals the more (real) truth of himself.

So I don’t boast in the truth but I rejoice in it.

This truth will allow you :

1- Going to the right direction

2- To do what is right

3- To be strong

4- Fully restored

The above four , they are the sign of a growing person in God. But for sure there are a lot into it. For example Before Paul says ” Test , if you are in faith”. Truth , Faith , Hope , Love , they all working together. If you know the real truth , you can not hate the image of God( human ) on this earth. You love everyone , forgive them. You have everlasting hope and your heart is full of life as you are holding to the faith.

Let me know what is your truth? Is it giving you eternal life promise ?

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Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of the Heads Held High


Keep Smiling / Joy is our portion

A very warm welcome to you if you are new here. I am so honoured to have you with me. You are not guest anymore , your home is here. You are my friend , Please comment anytime as I love to hear from you or visit this blog( home )  again. I love the fact we are international friends – different time and place , different background and skin , in different seasons that makes me even more happy. Because you have a story to tell! Please go ahead and have a look around my blog , search any topic is in your heart in my search bar section , there is a lot to discover , go to my book section , visit my quotes panel. Be inspired..

Today, It is in my heart to talk about Joy and Smile. What makes you smile ? What is in your heart that makes your heart have joy even you may be in the storm? Share with me , comment here , ask your friends and loved ones , ask them how they view you.

God loves your smile , But the reality is , these days it is hard to have a smile on face. The broken world putting so much pressure on us and it gives us every reason not to do so. I Confess that I am not that type of person which in every corner of city when I walk do the big smile. I need to have reason to have smile 🙂 . That , which this sinful nature of humanity need to have. A REASON!. But it does not mean I have not have Holy Spirit Joy in me.

When you have an inner joy within you – the outer smile will come anyway.

Specially the enemy of our faith target those they are young. They have less experience of life. Our young people are more depress these days why? Because enemy likes it.  But God says ” I destroy the plan of enemy and I will give you joy “. Jesus says ” Stand up and Arise ” . I learnt that I do not need REASON to have smile . I can smile without any worldly reasons. Jesus my reason to smile. He is my Joy and everlasting life. There is a story in Bible that from last night seat in my heart. Jesus and his disciples were passing a city , People were going to carry a dead young man which he was the only hope of his widow mum. They were carrying a dead hope of his young son. All her smile were fade away and replaced to a big grieve in her heart.  The Pain in her heart was unstoppable. But Jesus was on the way. The life of all humanity.  The real hope.


Jesus came in to the crowed – and said to his broken mum -” Don’t cry”.  Joy is here. He went on and touch and said ” Arise young man “.  God wants us arise and smile in this broken world. He wants to have his joy carrying within us everywhere we go. He is near with us as we carrying his joy and smile every road we are taken. I am content with this. I have more joy in Him. I have more focus in my life – because my gaze is on him and I am not distracted of beauty of this world. It is yours. God is yours. His peace is yours. His love is yours. I don’t lie if I say he knows you by name , I don’t want to fill your heart with a bunch of good words. I am going to be filled with his promises, He is real. Right there with you. Don’t lose your heart and smile , keep going , keep moving friend there is an open door for you right every door is shut. There is a smile for you right the bitterness  of the world is there.

Joy is a portion for those who love God and following Him. And the joy of the Lord is yours. keep smiling.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Review of ‘Bigger Than Me’ book by Ward Brehm

Finally finished reading Bigger Than Me (BTM) book by Ward Brehm. Now here is my humble review of this book.  Brehm has written two books before this one; Life Through a Different Lens (1993), and White Man Walking (2003).

As I am not going talk about his character and other related interpersonal things, it is worth for you to have a check on his wiki page.

His wiki page says a short story of him: Ward Brehm

Brehm got a family , His wife Kris and three grown children: Andy, Mike and Sarah. As Ward main job is not writing, He was a business man working along side helping communities in Africa as two USA presidents gave him this mission to serve Africa. He had a lot of trips to Africa. But in Bigger Than Me book he has captured how the first travel to Africa changed his prospective and view of life. It seemed he was full of everything. It looked like money was not issue – He was making good amount of money as his business grew.

bigger than me

In the middle of a good happy financially growing ( happy life) , Their life has been shaken by his wife , Kris, Been very sick! Cancer came upon Kris, They spent a lot of money – but as the sever of cancer was very demolishing – there were no chance even for surgery. But -It was a huge surgery- they did not give up. They went home and prayed. A day after with the whole this shocking news – they kept praying – until a Doctor has been found to do this sensitive ( life and death surgery on Kris). Brehm did not talk about how this news deeply negatively impact their family – rather He was more emphasising on positive thing of the story. That God is a provider and a healer. That How God is able to heal people even everything seems impossible. In the middle of all full life – Brehm found that earthly and material things of this world are worthless. Indeed they were , because no money was able to save his precious wife , Kris. He was experiencing it,very tough. But God do not test people with sickness and bad things at all. He lose himself  and found by God. He understood that Faith is a hope – an unseen hope.

As I was holding the 27 chapter of his hard copy book- seating on the train, am wondering how big is our God! Brehm was sick of himself , he needed time to restore his relationship with God where he can find his true-self. Bigger Than Me has written very well- But the content it seems are very heaver than the size of book. It is not smoothy readable book, When sometime you read a paragraph , and you are saying to yourself : what he is talking about ? You must read it again. Some quotes are heavy. Chapter to Chapter are different view.  A few chapter He talks about the pain of Kris healing – and a few chapter he talks about his healing and rest of other chapters mix of his sons and Africa and other life experience.

In general it is worth to read it . I do not pick books based on famous authors , But rather base on what is writer have to tell about God , himself/herself and other. Bogger Than me well written book by Ward Brehm has been forwarded by Rick Warren- Need to be mentioned that Brehm also brought a few quotes from Warren. In the end of 240 pages of book, Brehm brought 3 pictures which one of the he stood with President George W,Bush.

” Somehow we’ve brought onto the lie that good life is a showy one, But the greatest adventure come when we stop living for self and what the world says is important- and start living  for thing that really matter.” ( In the back book of Bigger Than Me).

My Rate for this book is 3.7 out of 5.

This is a personal rate , also you may find it better.

If you have read Bigger Than Me – tell us how was it? What rate do you give to it? What chapter most talked to you?

Here you can find how to order and other detail.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


3 Things Every Christian need to know

As I passed a few tough days. Taking dad to hospital and staying with him there and all the way till Friday we backed home. I had this in my heart to share these words earlier but it seems time did not allow me and life full of unexpected things. I know you are agree with me how life sometimes would be full- full of things we are not even planed for. But the very lesson for you and me are how strongly we respond to any obstacle in front. How we can learn from a pain, some bad news and turn it to a good signal in our hearts. I strongly have my devotion before sleep and my little note book to write down all I need and praise to God. I committed from beginning of the 2018 to write down my all things to God before Him and Pray for them consistently – day in and day out, I am proud to myself that I achieve it till now ! Recently God brought me a new prospective to pray for my Job , future wife and family.  I used to write down in my little note a thankful section and prayer section but somehow my heart change it that to only have thankful section! Through thanking God we receive what God’s desire for us! This hugely increase my faith. I took advise from Billy Graham , I listen to my distance mentors like Dr. Charles Stanley and Jentezen Franklin , I read books behind books – Obviously they really helped but none of them helped me like the Holy Bible did!


There was a time I pray for dating! no answer( of course not for dating for marriage itself ) . But later on I understood God’s wisdom was involved in everything! There was a time I prayed for a suitable job – now I see God answered me. There was a time I prayed for Family. I saw some gap within our family! I learned not even one in all those scenarios I had control But truly God was in control – I declared that ‘God I am only a man and limited but you are unlimited and you are able to open up any shot doors. ‘ Sometimes I cried out to God and call Him Father and He always with His loving presence comfort me and saying ” Oh my little child , I am in control , be patient a little bit more “. In the mix of this awe and greatness God gave me three things from 1 Thessalonians 4 : 11-12. The three things that I can live on:

1- Have a Peaceful life

Ambition to learn more lead to have a quiet life. To respect our own decision is a very fist step to reach a Godly peace. When you at peace with yours , you are in best possible situation to be with peace with everybody always ! Before our old ancestors had a load of troubles from war to poverty ( although those still exist ) but now we know that the five letters( p-e-a-c-e) are not magic , it is accessible for us. These days we have inside peace trouble. We can not have a quiet time quality with our creator and thanking Him for what he is given us. the 21 century called it ” Weird”. It is never been strange. Prayer is powerful tool is available for all but who is using it? or some using it wrongly! Paul said it have a peaceful life. Make it your life declaration. Be peace with yourself and others, with strangers and family , with your wife and husband.

2- Mind my own race ( my own business )

The second goal of a good Christian should be mind their own business. Please don’t get me wrong with spreading gospel with anyone. What Paul says here is actually talking about the quality life of believers in Thessalonians. Do not compare your life with others. The very vital step of your blessing is do what God has given you and be faithful to what you have and be in business of God and your own task on this earth. Let it grow.

3- Work with my own hands 

When you are in hands of God – then your hands be used for his kingdom. You are working for his will. He will bless your life in a healthy way- There is a special blessing when we work with our own hands. Not only that , we will bless someone else in our life. respect others by work and progress that what God has given you. The Outside people can see you how you are skilled in your profession.

God given us his only begotten son that me and you can have a life – a full life of praise and greatness.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High

God Forgives Our Sin

John says in his letter. Even we make mistakes , There is a Grace. A God of forgiveness to Love us more. Bible says We all sin and short glory of God. Sometimes we do things we do not want to do. We took some bad habits for a while – then we realise , Hey why am I doing this? This is not what I am called be to do? I am breaking my promise to God. When we reach to that realization we are like the Lost child. We go direct to our Father and I will say to Him. I make sin to you and I broken my promises. What was our thinking and what He was thinking toward us!

He loves us who we are right now.

He cares us where we are now.

The moment we migrate from our old bad habits – our sinful life to the Truth. We move from darkness to the Light. We pass our old thinking to a new thinking of purity.  Because God is Light. There is no lie in Him. We should live in the light. Mistakes are smalls , Grace are Big. He is a Big God. Awesome Father of Love and forgiveness. There is no mistakes that He can’t wipe. There is no sin , that Can’t be wash by the Blood of Jesus. The biggest mistakes are the greater opportunity to learn His love.

John Continues says in his letter ” God’s Son , Washes away every sin and makes us clean ” 


My dear friend, by immersing ourselves into sea love of Christ. If we go into His loving presence with repentance, He forgives enough to reach our potential today. He is not here to limit us but freedom. If someone did wrong to you, Isn’t time to pass away all bitterness. Isn’t enough to reach His peace into our hearts! Let change the bitterness into Peace.

John says ” If we confess our sins, God will forgive us. “

If I confess , He forgives me. Even may the healing took a time. It is normal my dear friend. If want healing and peace of God overflow in your life- it is time NOW. Right Now confess to receive the healing. Right Now.

He is the Eternal Life. The Life truly we are desiring to have. The First Love we always wanting! Thinking about the things are pure and sunny. Haha He is our joy in the morning – He is our heart and love. Enemy always there to trick you, to steal your joy , to stop your progression. Blessings come overflow like a river into your life. You got promotion in your work, You got joy in the wilderness. The good smells of Jesus fill your house. Believe it and receive it in Jesus Name.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


I need solid food

Maturity is not same as getting older- But it is a life of obedience. A life of falling down and raising up. I am still drinking milk for some reason. I need solid food to grow – in my capacity – in my talking and thinking. I need to surrender my self in his mighty hand and increase my faith in all decisions. I want to pass this life of infant – I want to grab his righteousness and apply it in my life. Am I weak still? Yes I am . But I am thriving in prayer to pass the season of childish like till to  grasp of this; that , how big is my God and wear the Christlike character.

He is God of Daniel. He is the God of David . He is the God of Abraham . He is the God of Dariush. He is the God of Peter , Paul , Mark…He is the God of You. He is the only joy that you can be truly satisfied. Job, Family , house , money , all the material in life are temporarily. I am not looking for that , I  A M  LOOKING for To be HIS . I need to grow in my spiritual life- By now I need to be an expert in basic spirituality. I need to know what is good – and what is evil.  I need to distinguish between the two realms.

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.” -Saint Augustine 

It is not love of Money or anything in this world – It is the love that planted within you before creation of the world. It is that love that grows and flourish which everyone can see and be a blessing for others. There is a transition from milk to solid food.


Pains are part of this transition. Trials are good for our souls to learn to eat food. Let God change you inside out. In Hebrews 5 : 12-14  we read about it how we need to have this transition. from finding job or going to college or even housekeeping in any area of life I would be in – I need to be strong and not allow the shadow of doubt takes my real courage. Lonely nights can not stop the plan of God in your life- The strongest plan of the enemy is a steam that comes and goes. That exactly Paul was telling us in his letters. Wear the Full armour of God- Be a generation that next one will proud in you.  Young Men and Young women – Be an example of Christ on the earth. In your school – in your workplace , in your family.  By Slowly Slowly talking solid food you are becoming love- a real ambassador of Christ.

I learnt that to fly; you do not need to have wings necessarily- but living in AWE.

I love what Psalmist says : ” Where can I go from your Spirit ? Where can I flee from your presence ? ”

Father , I need the solid food – It is enough I was child , It was enough I was selfish on my own way. Lord , You know me and search me if anything wrong in me please take it away. Let your hands guide me – Let your Love show me who I am in you. Pure my heart again- Let me discover life in a different lenses – The lense of Love , Service and Sacrifice. Let me become  love. Forgive my enemies. Wash their feet and serve you in honest and dignity. Am I looking for a place here? never. I am looking in a place in your heart forever. Even my friends may let me down but you will never let me down- Let my heart be filled with your praise words and my mouth declare in your goodness in my life.

My dear readers thank you for reading and following my blog. I hope you are blessed in every post. I hope you are living in AWE of our living God even in hardship of this world. If you have been blessed – I need one favour from you :

” Can you please invite your friends to this blog? Would you do it? I know, you are going to bless someone by sharing this blog to your loved ones – or even someone need to be inspired now. Would you do it? ” 


Read Psalms 139

Your encourager

Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High



Living now

You are loved before creation of this world you are living now. Who said you are useless ? I am sure it is not the one whom called you for a good plan. It is us we can make this decision to treasure his word in our heart. The Life you have now it is not yours but the One who made you to be here! Feeling and experience are two different things. When we make mistakes and do the things we do not want it. It does not mean we are deserve the grace of God. His grace for everyone. His glorious richness of presence. He is not far. He is so close to you , so near . He said Seek me you will find me. Right here I am typing these words and right there you are reading it . God knows your heart deeply better than yourself. He can change your life in a second. The beauty of this life is in Him.

He is light.  100% pure Love of Him is yours. Pray , Seek , Pray Seek ..

You know He is so much involved of your details of your life. Leave all to Him. Leave your worries, Leave your troubles , Leave your sickness , Leave your doubts , leave your weakness , leave your pain and tears , Leave ALL to Him who is Able and Mighty.

Make clear the air of your life with a clean life of freshness in Him. It does not matter from where you come from , It does matter you repent and back to Him. Here is the simple formula. Call upon name of Jesus – weather you feel it or not.


He never leave you. He is with you. A good friend of life which brought you from death to Life. A new life with Him. Full of Joy and peace.

Do not hesitate , All things are here tempo , the sickness , the happy times , the sadness , the moments all will parish . But His presence will never leave you. He Loves You.

Say it with me :

Thank you Jesus that you are with me, Thank you that you brought me back to a beautiful life with you, a real meaningful one. You are not like those friends watching from distances to see what happens when I am in trouble but You are so close to me , loving me and protecting me. What can I offer you? I have nothing except a broken heart. You given me Life today. Thank you Jesus


I am little bird learning to fly, I am not in the cage of condemnation.  any more, the word of God came to me and said ” Therefore , There is Now no condemnation those in Christ Jesus “.



Dariush Youkhaneh

Books I am reading now

This is good. When you share with people the good things. I am reading these days ‘ The case for miracles by Lee Strobel ‘ . It is a nice book to read.

I am in half through the book and till now I can say the book is interesting , fascinating books. I know what my God can do but it is always wondaful to hear and know how God worked and works in others’ people life.

He started the book by brining couple of small miracles in people’s life. Than He interviewed people there.

He brought a case against Miracle and slowly slowly explain about that. He flow to couple of city to have this interview with those people.


Another thing I need to tell you that , Which I am not sure you are aware of it or not. I am mostly updating daily post on my Instagram post #hhhigh. Please follow @hhhigh_blog. Now about 2160 followers plus and I have 175 posts till now I am typing up. Please go ahead and follow me there to get everyday inspiring posts.


The two other book , I have not started yet , they are slept on my desk right now . One is Bigger Than Me by Ward Brehm which forwarded by Rick Warren and other one is Everybody Always by Bob Goff. I will definitely going to put the reviews on this blog to give you more insightful views of the books. If you have read them why not left a comment here and let me know how was it? and we can have conversation for it.


Hope today’s post was helpful for you.


Talk to you soon

Dariush Youkhaneh



Abide in my Love

All of us have something inside that pushes us toward to do an act of kindness toward others. Some of us are aware of it some not and some others potentially do not use it as it is. Love is a gift inside me and you. A gift that we can give others and make our and their day and night lighter and brighter. It is not simply a good feeling. It is a real sense of being and joy inside.giphy

Love speaks itself to iniquity and make a bridge to loveable and peaceful life. It gets help from the tree of gratitude that’s fills our day full of blessings and thankfulness. I am more content with it. I am more satisfied with my life and people around me. I love me more when I reach the divine love of God within me. When I realise someone within me look after me – the Holy Spirit.

It costs me nothing to love me. It costs me nothing to love others. It rewards well. It gives meaning to life – A life full of life and love. Love holds no wrong , Gives without expecting to receive. Love stays till end and endure joyfully for the sake of its own. Love loves you. Love never fails you. Love is always with you and supports you . Never given up on you.

“Love is like water; we can fall in it, we can drown in it and we can’t live without it.” ~ Unknown


Love does not look to money , popularity and the way you are living now. It does look to the heart through the eyes of human. Love is a fire , a powerful never-ended flame. Sometimes I wish I was little in love in person , I ‘ve never experienced that- but I am more joy and love within me which it is incomparable fact. But indeed, I am in love with who made me be loved! I am in love of Jesus and Jesus is in love with me! Doubt is never part of this love. Am I talking about human love or God’s love. Well – a love is love – with never ending road of peace and joy.

I am in love with his ‘ greater love ‘ for me .

John 15: 9    “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. 16 And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.

Take God’s love- the human’s love is in it already! When we Love , God , more , we are more in love with each-others around us. We see that in Jesus – Whom so much loved us which laid down his Life for us. Because he knew that Father’s love will make us free and pure. Actually Love is freedom. When you freely love someone , you are accepting that you are humble and obeyable. We have no love without his love toward us first.

How can we obey this love? How can we stay in this love? By loving him more and more every day and night.

Love is blossom, A white flower to see , touch and smell. It sees beauty , It sees joy and it sees new. It creates peace, It creates ‘stilling ‘ , It creates ‘ better you’. It creates a new soul , bold , fresh . The real true love stays forever , it is not like ride and kiss. It is to be in present . To know someone in the strange place. It is a friend that stays with you in the right time – in right place with right people. It meant to be with you in whatever colours of the sky is.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. George Sand

Love is peace , it is a piece of joy.


Let’s replace all Love word with Jesus. Now go and read again!



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Raising Time

” If you are not particularly excelling at something, remember that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Before you learn how to succeed you must first learn how to fail.

Before you gain something you must first give something.

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows, it is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, Me, no one, is going to hit you as hard as life but life ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how wining is achieved.

Do not live life like everyone else;  be your own person, live your own life like no one else ever has. There is only one Michael Jordan, there is only one Muhammad Ali , there is only one YOU.

Life is not about being perfect, it’s about putting in effort and brining that effort every single day. That’s where transformations ha[[end, that’s how change occurs.  ” – From Nicholas ( AIME mentee) Mentoring , The Key to a fairer world  Page 146.

There is so many things ahead that we have not discovered yet in life. I brought to you the above inspiring words from Nicholas who is a aboriginal in Australia. There are a lot of truth in Nichola’s words. But It is not enough to stop there. Inspiring words are not enough we need to live in it. We won’t be happy most of the times that is a reality in our life. WE need to experience this life which has given us as a gift. You are saying I have not choose to be here but you got a choice how to live it. Doing life alone is miserable and hard but that won’t be like this anymore because we have a God who predestined our story. 


God says ” You did not choose me , I choose you and appointed  you  “. When we have been died to our own world , ugly and beaten in our own way , He called us friend and loved. We have been positioned from a slave to a friend, From homelessness to a safe lovely home. This is a reminding trig to ourselves to love ourselves and others. When I am rescued than I am able to rescue someone else. Now , we are dependence on Him.

After transformation we realise the life we have now , it is not ours anymore but for whom appointed us to be here. When he lives , we live too. The good news for all of us is He lives forever and  we reign and live with Him.

But God did not stop there he also gives us mission to bring others to this eternal life by bring forth fruit. Yes , Failing is a part of learning. I am so happy to be here and enjoy the life I have. Be proud to who I am and where I go! The reality is now you are adopted as sons and daughters of God. No longer salves of desire of this selfish world but joyfully and peacefully in His arms to do his will according his glorious word.

Walking with God changes me inside deeply and makes me stronger than before. Pushing a desire of to know him more. In this world of mechanic and media and technology – I am focusing on Him to remove all these distractions around me that they are wanting to robe my peace and love in Him. Our young people need to learn How they trust in Him , They need to know that where they came from. The need to pray and read and hide the word of God in their hearts and live it well. In a society where there is no name of God – there will be no need of God. He said ” I will be found by YOU “. I am appointed but do I know my position in Him or this world stealing me from Him.


Jesus said ” I have told you these things “. He told us before that would trouble for us in this world , it is time to raising up and be an example generation to come. How can we forgotten his goodness and kindness to our ancestors. How can we forgotten the believe they had to our living God. Let not the comfort of this life rob you and me from his plan and purpose.

We have to confront ourselves. Do we like what we see in the mirror? And, according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage, we will have to say yea or nay – and rise! ” – Maya Angelou 

Yes says the Spirit they are blessed indeed , for they will rest from their hard work, for their deeds will follow them ” – Revelation 14 : 13

Tough times are always there – let me and you approach it as a learning platform. To gain be a better person. They are there to not killing you but to make us strong. Let’s change our mindset and give everything to God by prayer. Let’s declare it LOUD and CLEAR – CRY OUT to Him by his Spirit.

Billy Graham well said ” When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God.”


It is a raising up time. Rise and Shine

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




Day 179

There are 186 days remaining this year. Almost half of our 2018’s year gone. Today is day 179 for us. Right in the middle of winter and the foggy nights.  I am about 4 months into my new job and about 6 to 7 years going to same church. I’ve moved couple of houses and now about 1 year static in one house which I love it so much. Okay this was very short stats of this year! Let’s go eight into heart of God.

Last night again I met such pure humans in the streets. They do streets outreach and humbly serving the Lord with their hearts. They sacrifice their time and heart to God – not because of their comfort and desire but because God’s passion fired in them. I love the way they serve – I love the way – they love disadvantage people , those they are weak in spirit- Those they need a little bit more attention in our society.

Day 179 is about ‘ The Coming Messiah ‘. Almost I could not believe it , Yet Isaiah , hundreds of years before Christ  was born , predicts that a virgin would conceive and bear a son.  He is our Wonderful counselor , Mighty God , Eternal Father and Prince of Peace. The worries of today will disappear into His goodness , In this 21 century – which everything pushing you to be fast and fast . We need to stop a moment and consider what is our really priorities. Our Gratitude’s are not lay down in material worlds. Our real joy and peace is beautifully sleeping in Jesus’s arms . Not only we can experience His presence here now- Also we are asking of returning of our Messiah.


One  side of World are in Peace but the worries  never ended as another side of the world in War and terrified. I am asking to Jesus . When would it be ended? Kings and Queens comes and goes but the poor and the riches  are still there- The Son of God came to give us life more than we can imagine and believe. Still people out there wont believe this simple truth of God – They feel miserable, alone and lost in the carnal world. They could come but they harden their hearts. They would confess but deny to follow Jesus. They said the earth age is 4.5 billion years but we look like 10 years old – Still understanding what is going on around us?  Hey! I am here to open up my heart to you and have a simple conversation. How was your 179 days ago. How are you today?

You are more than conqueror. Victory is everyday in your life already. Isaiah 26 : 3 says ” You Lord , give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you”.

Three elements we need more today :

Perfect Peace

Firm Purpose


It does not matter where we are now – we need perfect peace which is find in Christ. No other way around.

Firm Purpose : “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth” (Exodus 9:16). This purpose never fades and will never ever grow weary.

Trust- That is a skeleton of our faith – believe in unseen things. Hold on to a life to come and brings hope to a dry bone.

Let’s keep going – Let’s try more – Let’s be light and salt even with some mistakes. Let’s pray and follow – Let’s obey and trust have a perfect peace in the middle of chaos.



Tell me how is your day 179 is going?



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



Be awake

We are humans. We fall in love . We break the rule . We make the laws. We love . We hate. We fail . We joy . We feel and touch . We see the beauty and We create the ugly.

Indeed. What is going on inside world of humans. Why some are selfish and Why others so good like angels? As the study of humanity is a great philosophy. We quickly adopt our self to a new environment. We learn how to drive but miserable sometimes to love our neighbours. Indeed , Who are we? A complicated existent! We learn how to speak still we can not spell the real love! I am brining these things that makes us pay more attention that who we are!

If you are young – may you find this difficult to grasp , The concept of being. because still you are busy to know where you are right now. Or may you are busy with your exams. That’s Awesome . Keep doing what you are doing.  Go ahead and read till end this post and in the right time you will understand what do I mean.

My existence is to love others deeply. To be kind to people around me and ultimately everyone. I know there is always someone out there misuse you and try to take advantage. My advise is to stay away and evaluate where you are! If you look at Jesus’s life on the earth. He was always around . Pray and heal and go to another location. Because he was doing what he meant to do. What mission do we have today to follow. What we are doing is it pleasing our creator?


One of many differentiations of human and animals is ‘conscience’. Some people pay attention to it – some not. It is very important for you and me to know what is right and just and good to our soul. We need to feed it right and well. Although that related to our culture to – to the family we grow up – to our characteristic . Today we make peace and tomorrow we fight and after tomorrow we reconcile. If God is good to all – we need to be good to all too. Jesus said love everyone. Oh how hard it is. This teaching is so hard. How can I love my enemy , those did bad to me. How can I love my classmate whom did bully. How can I love my parents those left me behind. How can I ? You can make a long list of it.  But God message is simple for your conscience – He says to it ; you love them , you forgive them and I am with you.  In Luke 6 : 27 says ” Love your enemies “.

Past world needed love. Current world need Love. Tomorrow’s world will need love.

My dear friend the ancient Greek formed it in 8 types of Love.  What we are not recognising today is love. We need to grow in Love. We need to understand what is love- a real love is deep and complete in God. We need to be content what we have and inspire each other in Love . Be motivated that we still alive and can love someone out there.

I was out there and I saw an old lady with a full trolley and I asked her kindly that allow me to help her out.  Ask someone may they need your help , be with someone may they need your presence, Know someone may you will be a blessing to them.  A real love is not ugly it may be strong but it always wants good for others.  We see even Bible says Love is greatest. Stay young with loving others. Whoever you face today or tomorrow – who knows you may love an angel! I know the best is yet to come. I know you are good because you have been created from a good good God.

Be awake for Love.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Wisdom Chat

8 days of winter gone here in Australia. It feels cold , some days rainy , some days cloudy and some days sunny. 8 Years I am here in Aussie land. No regret , every days was a new learning and possibility. 8 years to be here as fast as 8 days for me, life is so comfortable to not to be bothered. I just got it now. Be in that zone or other way around still you have challenges every day. At least we have to be agreed in this that ; difficulties are everywhere. ” If you want to be best , you need to try hard “. This is not my word , that is what the world is required! I am here to open my heart to you and have a chat. I hope this would be a good company. I am here to hear your word too. ( just leave a comment ). Before talk lets grab our teas ( I love organic green tea , to be honest: I don’t like coffee I am a tea drinker ; )  sorry I know ).

It looks like more Fall here rather than winter , in this month you see Sydney’s trees more yellow and falling down nicely. I am hugely fan of winter specially in Christmas times when snow ball falling down from sky , It is a miracle for me – you know ; specially when you haven’t see snow for eight years 😦 . It is okay to feel compassion for me  haha

The last two years here in Sydney was like :


Now , you can say : SORRY!

It feels like you are in middle of Australia ! Like Broken Hills area.

It is  a blessed country , surrendered by beautiful beaches around. Another thing I need you to tell that still no internet availability at home , I am here right in the library type up what I need to share. Still It is okay ! It is complicated and long story why we haven’t internet ! we have only a few days left to World Cup. Do not know how we are going to watch but I know Australian match will be broadcasted on national TV free of charge 🙂

Just be said can’t wait anymore for the matches to be started ! ; D



At least , 4 years of my life I was waiting for this moment from 15 June- 15 July World cup games in Russia ! Why I was waiting ? Three big reason because I love football , I play football and I have passion for football 🙂 Please do not go away if you do not love football , I know you still love sport . But recently I was trying to watch a sport which I really do not agree to watch called ” RUBGY ” .

Ooops I even do not know how to spell it 🙂 –  Not offend to my fellow rugby friends. They have passion and it seems they loves rugby :). But I am seeing the real football ( soccer ) fan is growing much and much everyday.

But don’t get me wrong still :


Okay! To be fair I love all sports , actually I love Chess and play a lot on my phone. Just last week I played basketball with some of colleagues and I enjoyed it even I did not the role of the game. What Sport you are passion about? Which one are you playing now? If not, choose one and go for it : ) or join me to cheer up for world cup Russia 2018.

I think is enough  ; ) lets talk about our spiritual world now. I hope you are reading your Bible . I know you are. I’ve decided for this month( the whole month ) read the book of Proverbs , I am on chapter 8.

Does not wisdom call out?


The decision you make it is based on your prospective of the world. The family you grew up have a significant impact on all your decisions. Yes , It is part of impact too when you born in a different country and context. It is all come together and form you view of this world and your brain contains bunch of roles , regulations , cultures and memories. But with God’s help you can form it for kingdom’s purpose. It need a little discipline and practice everyday. You need to reformulate your brain’s wire and restructure and feed it in a right way-well. But All not going to end it , you need grace and mercy , forgiveness and love which definitely you can (ask)gain it by humbly and honestly asking God for it?

Quote : Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom! Thomas Jefferson

Believe me , Godly wisdom will open many doors for you. Your prospective will change , your whole life will change , yours and other positively will be impacted when you hit it by Godly wisdom. You do not need to be a good communicator. You have received naturally to speak ( good and great they are level of your practice ) .

If you are looking for to have fruitful life and wisdom. Keep reading and asking God for it. There is not other place you should look for. Yes , there is a lot people out there can help you with – but why not get started with the source of all Wisdom. I am taking this that you can add this into your life – to be able to make at least a little bit good decisions ( we all make bad decisions by the way )

Proverbs 8 : 35 says :


For those who find me find life
    and receive favor from the Lord.


Wisdom is life. Wisdom is water. Wisdom is bread. Wisdom is everything.

What type of wisdom I am talking about ?

But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.  ( James 3: 13- 18 )

Okay , I think we know where we are now or :


What do you think about the above image? : ) funny but true : ) isn’t it?

I think I can not keep typing anymore here in library , Data Got to be  finished.

Before we leave take this with you :

” Get Wisdom , Get Understanding ” ( Proverbs 4 : 5 ) 


Have a blessed week!

Don’t forget leave a comment. Invite someone here !

Love ya!

Dariush Youkhaneh