A LOT more

God is asking you a little bit more. A little bit more endure to enter my real kingdom in heaven. The end of your suffering will be coming soon and the sun of Glory will shine on your face. You haven’t choose to be here. But you have choice where to go. In this beautiful autumn in Sydney we are waiting for just. Not because we are angry toward men but we want relief for our souls. God is looking to you. Can you seek Him in your city? A simple question might be asked. Would you carry my cross? We boast in the Lord. We boast in his job on the cross.

So let me take” a little bit more” step and near my self to his throne by fasting and praying. Believe is a simple cure for our souls but most people lack to have.

Can we trust a little bit more to God?

My dear friend, my joy is in this, that my writing inspire you to reach God’s potential in your life. That you hold on your believe in your home, relationship, workplace and where ever you go. A little bit more can change to a LOT more. You see and experience a lot more of God in your daily life. Because you have been loyal to little things. Your responsibility is not depend on people but the Only saviour of your soul Jesus Christ. So I am going to be sensitive to Holy Spirit voice as He leads me to the home.

Much love

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh



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