Untapped Light / Pre order now

May 17 2019, it is a day of Untapped Light. I wrote this ebook over a year, and I truly believe inspire you more and more. There was a need of reminding to our generations, that your story is matter! Don’t stuck in the system of everyday activity! Make something positive out of it. Something greatly higher than above. Untapped Light helps you that as, I am living in this modern world I can become a loving hand for somone. Hardly, most of us know or realise the secret of happiness is laying to help others need. There is an untapped light of you need to be activated. You can do that.

In untapped light, you are the one end the story, because only you know your story.

Now, here is the deal! Normally price of book is $5.99 USD, but for those pre order now is $4.99 USD. This is a cost of cup of coffee. But, you will be blessed! Finish this ebook in ONE hour. It is short nice and sharp.

Where can I pre order Untapped Light?

For now you can pre order from below shops :






It will be available soon on Amazon and Google books.

Great things ahead of you.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh



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