Come and Follow me now

What voice are we following? What is it in our life we are picturing it and making it a pattern to follow? We all living in a world, which it is encouraged us to follow our dreams and desires.

Sometimes, We carfully designed the goals for the next 2 years. We are carful not to go wrong the path.

But, the Truth says something else! The real truth is not laying down on this earth. The real Truth is unseen. It is heavenly and eternal. He once came to us. He is calling and knocking your hearts door!

Jesus knows all our need. He knows our hearts desire. He says come and follow me now, the rest is with me. You are worry about your future? Ia am already there He says. Your worry about the things you cant control? I am in Control He says. You just come and follow me now! He says.

I need to drop my all priorities and lift up God’s love in my life. I need to seek His face everyday. I need to love him and know him more. I need to confess and put him first in my life. I néed to follow him now! Listen to Him everyday of my life.

Are you ready to follow him now? Put down all your first and Let Him be your First of everything.

Your life will change.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh



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