A lesson : NEVER GIVE UP

A miracle, an unbelievable comeback! We, as humans, it is our nature to draw back quickly when things not going the way we want. If I want to write a letter to myself, I will difinitly encourage myself to this 3 words “Never Give up”.

I love football! I watch football and I play two days a week football. I am truly passion of this sport and if you start a conversation of football with me, It will never be ended. 🤔😬

May you heard of Europe Champions League! It is the one highest football competition platform. By now we know 4 last team which will going to play versus each other. Barcelona vs Liverpool and Ajax vs Tottenham.

Watch this video :

Each, they play 2 games, one at home and one away. Barcelona won the first leg at home last week by 3-0. Last night Barcelona played its away game versus Liverpool. If Liverpool wanted to go to final game must score 4 goals at its home stadium, Anfield . It looks impossible. It looks incredibly hard. They needed to score 4 goals without receiving any goal against a Barcelona full of stars, like Messi, Suarez, Pique…

We encounter everyday a challenge, some challenges are giant and they are like mountain overshadowing over our life. It seems there is no way. We can not find any open’s door. But I am here to give you good news, I am here to encourage us don’t give up, perhaps never give up. Your next open door is right there. Don’t doubt your ability, influence your life first then you would be able have confidence in your God. Be determined and strong. You haven’t finished yet. When He said is done then is done. You are here to know Him and walk right to path of love.

Guess what! Liverpool done an impossible thing, they scored 4 goals without receiving even 1! They went to Final match. Have hope. We can do this. May life be tough and it seems we reach to an end-dead! But that’s not true, comeback, start again. Get a new plan, try again! Be a Liverpool, do your best and see the result. Score as much as you can God is with you. He will never given up on you. Keep praying.

Nehemiah 8:10 Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Your power is great, and your glory is seen everywhere in heaven and on earth. You are king of the entire world, and you rule with strength and power. You make people rich and powerful and famous.
1 Chronicles 29:11‭-‬12 CEV

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh



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