Early Rise

From the moment of sunrise till the moment of sun sets , I give you my all, Lord. The trees singing a song of joy and every creature starts to dance early in the morning kiss. You can’t stay in the bed whole day when kookaburra laughs at you. And a piece of cloud rain on your roof till you come out and clear it out.

My prayer night was full again. Seeking to see the unseen and the moon promising me the message of Sun. Who cares? When Almigty Father is on my side? Who commands them All? My Father in Heaven. They’re keeping me busy , but I grab His promises early in the morning, as Wattle Acacia gets his colour from Sun and its smells from tbe river.

Recounting again , to be in His arms today! Full Peace and Love.

Who knows where we are now in the heavens? May be one dot in the galaxy!

But me and you ,here in this moment , knowing the truth, free as an human.

Thank Father for this. Thank Father , becuase we can share our hearts and Pray that one day we will be in His presence.

Morning till Night,

I will Praise Him.

Thanking Jesus.

Looking Up. Sky Blue..clear

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


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