I wanna be a better Man..

//The below is not a list of to do rather it is a process to be. //

A man can change himself for a better world. A man can respect , be kind and strong. That he can follow his dream as he helps other to never forget themselves. A kind of man that can be an example , for youth, for all the men around.

I wanna be a man, who can love God more. An example for to the new generation to come. Work hard and give his best.

Be himself.

Have a Job.  Having a Job is a kind of act of ‘ worship ‘ ! How can it be a man without a Job?

Provide for His family , LOVE them to the moon and back.

Be like Jesus. The lamp of the Lord here on the earth.


Practicing a complete honesty in all I do , in the market , in my job , in my family and most important being honest with myself. Be a kind of man whom Solomon describes in Proverbs 19 : 22 ” The desire of a man is his kindness..” I wanna be Kind , not only for the people I know but those out of my zone. I hope I mean what I say in word and in act , be fast to forgive , be serious when I need to be.

Slow in anger and quick to listen. Love Jesus more , Love people and have compassion toward them.

A man , with a source of life. Inspire others with his being. With every failure, see an opportunity to learn , to grow and to gain!  A man filled with the Holy Spirit! Changed by the Spirit. And , see his life in the lenses of heavenly Father.

I wanna be a better Man. useful in my community , in my country and all around the globe. This is my worship be an example of Faith , Love and Hope.



Dariush Youkhaneh



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