I am a drip in His Ocean

I would be a fool man, if with this all beauty around me deny there is a God. I would be out of mind and heart and believing there is no God of beauty. As I travel around more than 5 countries , every place I went , I have seen God more. I have seen His beauty. I just realised I am a drip in His ocean of beauty. I’ve just got how much my eyes has been closed to His marvellous glory.

I am opened eyes now.


I want to join King David and say I will praise you as long as I  live. Yes, My lips will glorify You. The more I  realise the presence of God in my life, The more healing and restoration flow in me . The more I know him , the more understanding I will receive. I tasted and seen God is good. He does not need us worry about our life and our future, All I want to see His beauty where my heart will be purified.  As I cling to his majesty there I know there is no one like Jesus can satisfy.


My best friend hears my cry. My only comforter let not me  be on shame forever. One step closer to His beauty , One step closer to His heart where I can pour out my everything.  His hands upholds me and change me for a better me. If I go right , he is there , if I go left He is there , If I go all above clouds and in the depth of the earth , Oh You are there and Your beauty gives ma wow of praise. You made my whole being like you, and I am longing to be like your beauty again. My eyes can not see this much awesomeness , My heart fills with this that ‘ you are with me’ as you’ve been with King Hezekiah. You have been with him in every job.  I am from same ocean. I am from your ocean. I am from the depth of your beauty. All my job is to believe. To know I am your chosen one. To know you are here with me and there in your real presence…Heaven.

No , I do not listen to the enemy’s voice. I am more than victorious. Spring is Here and your promises near as I hug you in this season.

I do need listen to Him.


No , I do not need a confirmation anymore. He loves me as I am. You died that I can be alive. Do I need more? Is your cross not enough for my wrongdoings ? Is you blood not purify enough to wipe all my inequity inside?

I do need Him.


No , I do not go a place which I do not belong. I stay strong where I am and look forward for a glorious future.

My real home is Heaven.


As I walk in the garden of God , I am more free by the fragrance of His love.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo credit

Dariush Youkhaneh



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