Lost City

Last week, it was one of the adventurous day in my life. First , let me say thank you to some of the friends they included me to the Long weekend trip.

We had Monday off here in Sydney. I got an message from one of the friend on Thursday arvo if I am keen to join them for camping about 2 nights. I didn’t ask for the plan. I waited to see some of them in our Friday gathering and ask them my questions in person.

However. I didn’t have any plan for the long weekend. I wanted to write more on my blog and catchup with some studies with certification I am focusing now. Anyway. The work wasn’t busy. Later on after work, I wanted to know more about the camping location.

Friday arvo came. I turned on the engine and drove to our gathering. A 15 mins drive right to my friends house. Shaking a few hands and having a pizza always good with friends. It was a well company and met a few new people.

“Who is coming along ?” I asked. One of my friend whom loves skiing every second week.

“A few number of other friends , it’s not a big group ” He said.

And , He looked at his phone and shown me the location of the camp with a 360 degree view!

“That is nice ” I said.

Then i was tempted so I pulled out my phone to check it with my phone. The place looked like this:

Of course, our camping spot was near to a lake.

God is so beautiful, inspiring my whole heart and renewed my soul within me. I’ve seen so much beauty and wonders. In our way to the lighy worms tunnel. You can not miss this easy , we walked about 400 meters in the dark tunnel to see those worms are alive and shiny. You could’ve seen it to believe it, it was like you are walking in the middle of stars or in a galaxy.

Thousands of stars! Ooops worms ..

Stunning !

God says I have a plan for you, if I can alive those little shiny worms in that darkness ,don’t you think I can help you. I was stunned. I was overwhelmed that God of all beauty is on my side. Something inside of me sparked that how would I know this God more.

Then last night I’ve read my Bible , He said ” I am your Father “. A kind of Father got all power in Him. Sometimes I lose , but He didn’t lose me but He choose me be in His presence. I am a little boy with a greater Father in Him.

I wished all people knew How much this Father love them. I wished they knew if He , whom created the very tiny worms in that tunnel, is able to change things around for them.

He did more. He sacrificed His only one for us that we will be guaranteed for eternity.

We were owed in this beauty and left the place to see a cave. But fortunately or unfortunately we could not pin the location and after 2 or 3 times circling wee backed to the cars and made our journey to Lost City. We’ve been lost already to find the cave but thankfully we had backed to the starting point.

Gush! It was a challenging, the road was tough.

We got there right before sunset. What an excellent timing. I haven’t seen such a beauty rocks before. They are made like the mountains , it was sort of a castle but it was not seem to be.

I silent my self that I can hear Him better.

Rock, Sunset , worms, beauty and the roads were praising Him. Who am I? Staring to the sunset and learning how to love Him.

I learnt to be content. I stepped into a world of unknown. I learnt when I am tired take rest instead of exit.

Exit exists when I stepped into next step.

Lost City with the Rocks front of me .

The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2

We stayed there till sunset done. I enjoyed to be witness of his goodness with my eyes. I learnt to dream more. In Lost City I found worshipers of the Lord God Almighty. I found my heart and I’ve seen the eyes of God right in front of me.

What would be better than this ?

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo by me



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