God Secrets: A Life Filled With Words of Knowledge by Shawn Bolz / Book Review

I’ve never read a book about words of Knowledge. This gift of God is beautiful to have it in the best to help people. I do not know Shawn , But He is genuine when it comes to perform this gift. He is brave , even in a few times in the book He confesses about his some mistakenly performance.

Shawn Bolz encourages all to take a step forward to know God’s heart and mind. He is interest is gives a quick view of how he is doing with words  of Knowledge.

” The gift of getting knowledge from divine revelation helps define an aha moment that tells us , ” God is real , He is here, and He loves you.” It creates space for people to be in awe and even shocked by who God is  and how intimately He loves them in the midst of all of humanity.”  page 8 

This gift of Holy Spirit changes you inside out by sharing God’s heart to others you have special moment. Shawn emphasise mostly on having intimate knowledge  of the mind and heart of God. Shawn brought us real  example of this gift in his ministry. The easy question you need ask you when it comes about the gift is : is this gift glorifying God? If it is a man made, it will go no where!


” God , are you trying to tell me something ? ” He asks this question often. By knowing God’s heart and mind you are in the top of the world. His examples are both in a people gathering and in one to one session.

I personally believe he should talk about holiness in this book. Without being pure and willingness of love in our heart it is impossible to know God’s heart and mind in advance to help others. In some levels this book is good for the starting point of to know more about words of knowledge. I encourage you to read this book if you want to know more about this beautiful gift .

Here is one of his definition of Words of Knowledge :

” Are a means which God gives His favour , grace , increase , solutions , and upgrades. He speaks something to us that has a cause and effect. ”  pg 

It was a true pleasure to read this book.

I hope you can find a time a read it.


Dariush Youkhaneh





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