God’s land / Part 1/ A fiction story

I took my backpack , decided to go for a day trip.  I made the clouds my guider of day and the fire my guider of night. I packed 2 tuna ,a loaf of bread , a bottle water and a power bank of 4000 MA for my one day trip.  I promised to myself took good photos as much as I can – write a story and fresh my soul. 

One step – the second step I saw my self on the train right straight to a far station. I brought down my cap and took a nap as I already whispered my prayers. No headphones, No music, Just immersed my self in my nap.

“ Hey , This is last stop “  Someone gently tapped my shoulder. When I opened my eyes I saw on my right hand a field of flowers – the window of train was full of white flowers. I stood up to see it if I am in dream or I want to know where I am. My backpack was 1 meter away from me.” Why my backpack is away from me “ I told to my self. But the window , I want to see flowers. I was only 3 meters away from the train’s window. As I took my first step towards the window , The flowers were getting whiter and whiter.

“ Why is that , this is so beautiful! “ I said.

I took off my cap , left it over on the chair , and grabbed my self quickly to the window.

It was true. I was right in the middle of a village with so many white flowers on my right hand. I ‘ve never seen such this beauty. “ How God made them ?” I said.

“everything God made is beautiful like this “ a sound said. I wanted to walk on this field and touch the flowers , But I feel hungry . I went out of train and quickly walk outside. Everything was made so beautiful. I went to a corner shop , They have been giving love and patience ice creams. “ what is this ?” I said. “ This for your endurance “ a sound said.

“What taste do you want young man?” The shop person said.  I just look down the glass . there were the taste of patience, the taste of beauty , the taste of kindness..

No word!

I was speechless and suddenly again watch my time if I am not really in dream. The time was 11:10 am.



End of part 1

God’s land Part 1

A fiction story

Dariush Youkhaneh



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