God’s land / Part 2 / A fiction story

Read the part 1 here


I closed my eyes and opened it again. I wanted to make sure I am not in the dream. I opened my eyes and everything was same as it was. I have already had the wonderful taste of kindness ice cream and it was the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever tasted before. I looked around and I saw a few people around were walking and enjoy the atmosphere – every thing was normal but “ wonderful normal “. There was sense of peace in the street that you can feel it.

I wanted to check those flowers. Still part of me were there! As I was preparing my camera to take a few photos – I saw the most beautiful butterfly I could’ve ever seen! A beauty with two beautiful small eyes with an ocean blue wings with a soft red line on it. My camera couldn’t explain of this beauty! I took it. Under my breathe I thanked God.

 “ I wished my town was like this “  I said.

There were a life lesson well right near a coffee shop. I sat there to have a drink – “ What are you doing here?” a mid-age lady said. “ I am here to take a few good photos for my blog” I said. “ Only those with a pursued heart are here. Are you pursuing a wish?” she said. “ I love taking photos, this is what I like “ I said. “ All of us , pursuing something in life. Something we really want. There are those un-accessible desires. There is a place in heart no one knows what is it stored in , even ourselves. When the time comes you will know.” She added.  “ This is wisdom “ I thought. “ I am going to the white flower field “ I said. “ The mountain flower is about 2 km away from here! “ She said in very kind words.

“ remember , you are already in the light zone “


Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh





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