A Pure Life in the Spirit

We are ears and eyes of God on earth.

I was off for a few days , as my dear grandpa graduated to heaven. A bye for now and a see you soon came to my situation. Although it was a shock for all of us – He was a good man , a good farmer man. I am proud to be his grandkid. As a wave of grieve came to us. I have never stopped Prayer. It is a painful process , your dearest person not anymore around. But we believe for eternal life. Life after death exist.

The first part of Romans 8 was a teachable lesson for me last night. A pure life in Christ. His faithful love will remain forever for me. We got a new life in the Spirit. A pure life in the Spirit means forget our past natural sinful way and get a new identity in Him. I am challenge by this, every time I read this, I tell to myself how can I put my own habit (sometimes beautiful habits ) away and wearing a new cloth of Spirit?!

But Paul says in Romans 8 , ” God put an end to our Sin ” . I am not bound in my bad habits and sinful way anymore because in Jesus I am free. By ending my bad habits and sinful nature I declare I follow the Spirit. I was thinking how can I satisfy my desires and wishes , I did whatever I could do to reach them , but not anymore as I’ve changed and challenged my self in the Spirit, now I am thinking how can I please God, what good deed I can do for Him? Testing every often if I am in the Spirit or Not ? Do I think like Jesus ? My whole attitude suddenly changed.

Now I believe even this body of mine die , I am still alive in Him , I believe God can raise up even my dead body to life becaue of His Spirit in me.

Let the Power of Spirit take control within me, Let the storm of life come, Becasue I am changed , I am raised up from death to life. When Jesus lives in me , I have purpose and plan. I know where I came from and I know where will I go.

I am a child of God , not a fearful slave anymore. In fact, I am the heir of Christ’s Glory.

Both part, His suffering and glory is mine.

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh



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