When you hear the voice, Would you answer it?

The still small voice is within you shouting to change things, even take the next small decision of your life. Would you hear that voice? Or the million voices out there, taking the authentic voice right away from you. We all have fake voices in our life, which are not from “the still small voice “, they steal our identity, they steal our time, they steal our braveness and boldness. We need that kind of confidence that everyone boasts for it.

That is where Jesus calls: "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock."

Where would we be without Jesus? How can I know the true voice of the Holy Spirit within me? The secret is opening the door to Jesus. 

Perhaps, The best decision we can make is, back to the first love of God. As a young person in the 21 century, I need to live a life that honours God, who I am, and my plan on earth as a lover of God. 

People have their plan, ambition and love; We receive all those from above-directly from Father’s hands.

Two things I am trying to learn: How to love God? And How to love his people? Both are hard to accomplish but possible! and Three things I need to gain more, Who God is? Who am I ? and What is eternity? 

I guess – All, we can learn and grow by listing to the Holy Spirit. He teaches us about the Father’s plan; I am still a baby- learning how to walk, how to eat – but by his grace and Jesus’ blood, we can get closer to Him.

Where the still small voice led you? How did he heal you? What did he teach you?

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

Three things we need to hold firm till the end 

We all have something to hold on to; something can help us in our time of need. Being in control of our lives is in our human nature, but most of us forget about the victory part of our lives, including the failing segment, making the victorious wheel. But we don’t lose hope; we get up and start again with all the burden of the world. As the Bible says, ” And we are God’s house if we keep our courage and remain confident in our hope in Christ.” Hebrews 3:6b.

The three below are we need to hold them firm till the end. They are a vital part of our lives, and we need constantly remind them in our daily walk with Jesus. Let at least try and practice them.

1- Bold Confidence 

This might be defined as ‘complete trust and assurance. “ If you have confidence in someone, you feel that you can trust them, and you feel sure about your abilities, qualities, or ideas.”- Dictionary.com defined. Our bold confidence in Christ is more than any definition in any dictionary; It is heavenly confidence that can take you in a place of total security. But, this does not mean out of space; it is here in our hearts where Christ lives forever. 

2-The rejoicing of the Hope in Christ

Saint Paul said, “rejoice in the Lord always,” King David said, “rejoice.” Rejoicing is the choice, a choice that willingly comes from a glad heart. Jesus saved us from our sinful world; He died on the cross and rose from the grave. Now, we don’t need to sacrifice animals to wash our sins. And all our mistakes and disobedience has been washed in the Blood of the Lamb. These are some of the reasons we can rejoice in the Lord. Merely our rejoicing is in His presence, and perhaps our main gladness is in Jesus himself.


” If you trust someone, you believe that they are honest and sincere and will not deliberately do anything to harm you.” Dictionary.com defines. I am not here to preach about trust; I am 100% sure you heard lots of the time about how crucial it is to trust Jesus. Typically, we trust those near us, right? Like our parents, our brothers, our sisters… If we know how to trust humans, then we should learn to trust God. There are heaps of verses in the Bible to encourage us to trust in the Lord. You are blessed when you trust him; let us remember our feelings comes and goes, but keep trusting God is such a delight treatment to our souls. ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. ” Proverbs 3:5.

So, All three above gives you peace, and they are the branches of other noble, just and right things. Prepare your heart, mind and body for it—the above list required closeness to the Lord. Make time. Make it happen, and all will be as natural and not hard to do them.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

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Restore to me the Joy of Your salvation

Oh God of all times, I am a sinner. Keep my eyes up and forward. I need your lovingkindness to forgive all my mistakes. I need your hands to lift me into your presence where I can rest. Your bountiful Spirit holds me safe and secure. I need you to restore me the joy of Your salvation, transfer me again from one to another, from old to new—a complete restoration of my soul, heart and mind. Would you allow me to build my life on your Word again? Would you lead me with cloud and fire?

Your merciful hands – all I need. The touch of heaven- all I want. Remember, your first love, remember, I am dust who will return to it. Your glorious face can turn my mortal body into a burst of sunshine. Rebuild my life over, merciful Adonai.

You did not leave me alone here! But I see you are fighting for me over and over again. There is no doubt, and there is no sin, there is no – nothing can separate me from Your love. I look up. 

Believers can walk through this world with Heads Held High, carrying the dignity of the family of God as lords and ladies of the kingdom of heaven.”Let the weak say,” I am strong”(Joel 3:10).” -Reinhard Bonnke

O Jesus, Son of God. 

Please do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Change my world with your presence, O Jesus, put a new song on my lips. Let me see your face- let me be a new person, a new river of blessing that my soul will praise you forever. I am a sinner. Wash me in your blood. Would you immerse me again? Then, I say – Thank you, Father.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Read Psalms 51

Created by His Love

In God, there is no favouritism. Everyone in His family is the favourite child. The world is dull, And it can not understand the peace and loving arm of God. For them, if there is a God, then He is so big and unknowable. For us, He is known. He has shown His love towards us. His dove is within us to comfort us, and we listen to Him because we know that He hears us.

This world does not have a shepherd, But we have; Jesus is ours. He is our voice in the world of injustice that we can echo on in every corner. He is a kind shepherd; that doesn’t let us go.

Heaven’s treasure is unlimited :

The wise men can not know Him enough. There is no one out there to explain his tangible presence except the One Who knows Him personally. God gave this privilege of being His Child. It means we have access to God’s ocean of treasure. This treasure is heaven’s knowledge and wisdom. We are limited in everything, and we have boundaries in all things we do, think and act. Prophet Job said, ” God’s power is unlimited.” All-powerful Creator has created the universe for a purpose and life. The atheists believed there is meaning in being alive and have a meaningful life. According to the New York Times, Stephen Hawking, an atheist, thought that the universe and life have meaning. Even a non-believer knows there is a meaning in life and being alive. Who made all this life? God. Who created the universe from nothing to something? God. In his ‘The Confessions’ book, Saint Augustine has written well ” God is our helper, He made us, and not we ourselves. Press on where truth begins to dawn.”

We have access to His Love:

He is not only unlimited in Nature. He is also infinite in love. Accessing to His love is not far from the human. We are in his marvellous mighty love already. Before God planned this earth in His mind, we were in His deeper level of mind and heart. I take joy in this because our Creator not only is a gardener also a lover. He is a Planner and Designer. God-breathed love into our mortal body; all the dead cells and immovable dust gathered and became a living being. We knew we carry the love everywhere before the sin stung us. This breath was the same known in the new covenant as tongues of Fire and Wind. Now, his love ( the Holy Spirit) is available for everyone. The tongues of Fire can burn all our earthly Nature. The Wind can lift us to His presence. That is Why, the Bible says, ” there is no fear in love.” But His breath(love) assures us in every detail of our life. Then, imagine, His love is with/in us. 

You are in the Beginning:

Why are you waiting? Your best life is now and ahead. There is no time to waste looking back. Since you got a remarkable creator who gave everything to you that you can have the best life possible here and in heaven with Him. Allow the light in you, reflect! There are millions out there, hungry for the love of God. You are at the beginning of exciting miracles of God in your life. You are an art – let everyone knows how beautiful your Creator has painted you. You are loved – let everyone knows God-breathed in you. You are at the beginning of an incredible journey. No one can take out this beauty within you, even yours. You are God’s beloved child.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

One Day

I recently started to read more books about the Holy Spirit. I bought a book by Reinhard Bonnke called ‘ Are We Flammable or Fireproof? ‘. I borrowed a book from our local library written by Rick Warren to company my devotion times. In my ups and downs walk in God, Still, I have zero knowledge of Him. I reached this point, that, I need more of God. I need more Bible verses to be injected into my veins. I need more Jesus-Words to change my perspective and give me a good sound-minding decision. As Bonnke said ” The power of the Holy Spirit does not come as a reward. ” God’s gifts are many, and the gift of the Holy Spirit is one of the special One.

Where would I be, when God calls me? Am I in waving circumstances of this life? Or busying myself with the things of this world? I learned that time with God is an essential walk in the spiritual journey, be emptied of this world – be filled with heaven’s Spirit. Returning to Him, Confession and obedience all are part of the journey again and again! God knows we are human. He knows we are not perfect! That is the reason He sent the Perfecter. He knows we can not walk and continue the journey of life without living water. That is the reason he made available the living water to us. 

The war, the injustice, the fight, the sin, the bad stuff – all It will vanish one day. One day He comes with His Throne. His chosen Ones will be with Him forever. His rich wisdom removes all the doubts. He makes it all white and shiny. One day you can see the Living-Water with your own eyes. Oh, How He loves us. One Day all our pains and sorrows will be replaced with His glorious presence, and space will be filled with the spring white flower.

Who said, we are not belonging to heaven?  Who said, we are not loved by Jesus? Who said, we are not Jesus lovers? 

We are God’s chosen people. In the weakest time, we boast and in the poorest time, we are rich. It does not matter how many doors closed. It does not matter if everything seems falling apart. It does not if we need this and that. It does not matter if this and that is late. It does not – All the matter is CHRIST. Who can changes us/things in the blink of eyes! What it matters is – to worship him, to near Him, Be with Him. Then our Souls will fly – Indeed freed. One Day we will touch this truth. One Day is coming.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

A Prayer for the week ahead..and after

God , I am young and needy of you. If I fall please lift me up. And let me walk in your presence. Let your love be known to me and wipe all my darkness within me. Let it be a week of victory.

God , I am unwise and inexperience. If I make a decision please shape it and make it yours. Let your knowledge be a life-lesson to my heart. Let it be a week of greatness.

A prayer for the week ahead.. ! And after

God, I am empty without you. Fill me with your love. Let your kindness soften me. Let it be a week of life changing moments.

God , I am blind and short-sighted human. Heal my blindness and let me see the distance. Let your miracles come and be a week of miraclous.

God, I am only a human from dust. Let your divinity come that I will assure I am made like your image. Let your holiness come and be a week of holy.

God , I am only in one place at one time. But you are a space traveller. You are everywhere. Let me know that you know everything and you are everywhere, Let be week of Y-O-U.

God , I need you. Not only for this week ahead but for the week after, after after… and everyday of my life. Let it be yours and only yours.

Much Love

Dariusu Youkhaneh

Three things a christ follower won’t do

Yes , there are certain things we need to surrender, we need to be aware of it. Before going deep talk about things a Christ follower won’t do ! We need to understand a few points:

– A Chrsit follower make mistake like other humans

– A Christ follower was a sinner and living in a sinful world

– A Christ follower is not a super holy human

We all make mistakes , the mistakes are unavoidable from one to another. The errors doesn’t measure which doniminatiom you are belonged to. All it does ,It makes us a fool. From another prospective all Christ follower were sinners and now they are redeemed by the blood of Jesus. So, no one can boast to their abilities. A sinner who turned the way and to be like Him. Therefore , a christ follower won’t stay in sin or continue practice it. He or she immediately confess and is aware of the situation because of the Holy Spirit work.

The real Christ follower keep their mind free of worries of this world.

And , the very important point is that, a Christ follower is not a super holy , but only the presence of Christ in person can make them holy and acceptable.

Now we learn those points and it is time to reveal what are things a Christ follower won’t do? I am bringing three here , but there are many for sure, the 10 commandment are easily included:

1- A Christ follower won’t deny their FAITH

2- A Christ follower won’t boast

3- A Christ follower won’t give up

In all steps of life they won’t deny the Faith they received in first place. They won’t forget their first love in Jesus. It is the part of their heart. You can not take it out from them. Faith is their DNA. their whole being identity. Everywhere they go and everywhere they are , Faith is there. Faith in the Love. LOVE OF Jesus , Love of Father and Love of Holy Spirit. They are born again. Couple of mistakes won’t stop this Faith , they continue rise and jump. They are excited for a new vision , a new life , a new door and they are satisfied for the smallest things and have joy in their hearts.

Being arrogant! No , it is not mentioned in their book of life. They won’t boast in their ability for all things.

They don’t give up to keep praying for the loved onces , for their salvation, for their healing , for the kingdom, for their city and nation. No, they won’t give up. They keep pressing , they keep loving , they keep caring , they keep forgiving.

A real follower of Christ try not to be the best version of others but the greatest image of Christ himself on earth. They are honest and have empathy and compassion is part of their being. Are you following me? You know what I am trying to say because Christ is in you. I am going to leave it here now but you go ahead and list what others things a Christ follower won’t do 🙂 list them in comment.


the Time

Should this be a time of glory and praise or just a time of frustration and nothing ?

As God do not fit in our time and place. But He is pretty well known as time-keeper who knows what’s the best time for us to be helped and rescued. We are living auch an unprecedented time , no one knows what tomorrows will bring ? But God knows , He knew the time of my born , the time of struggling of my passing my subject in school and such an embarrassing situation happened in workplace , or what that marriage brought such this and that result.

Although, the Time has never been our friend ! It will never be . The Time is flying without telling us ” Hey , I am running very fast” , you all agree with me in this. Jesus had such a short time to do the Fathers will. He knew the precious time , is important to keep !

How me and you , are aware of our times ? To be honest , I know my time is flying ! What can I do? Praise and keep praising.

Single like me ? Praise and keep praising. Married ? praise and keep praising.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

I believe in this. God’s plan is on time. In His favour and wisdom. I do not know the right timing , He knows. Let God look after our Times.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

How can we have peace in these days?

I am not going to give a prescription of peace here. But, I am going to give an old formula based in the Bible. This worked many centuries , and it will work today in our 21 century. Yes , It is okay , you may criticize this but do not let your curious mind stop you to enter to the given peace of God , in whatever era you are in , this is your answer. Do not go anywhere. This will heal you.Let’s dive in.


1- Simcha ( is Hebrew word) it means gladness , joy and celebration.
To be consistent in the state of happiness we need to enter in a different era. Jewish people normally call this word when there is a festive like a wedding or a great ceremony of someone else life. I want us to consider this . Apostle Paul use this word which is translated for us as Rejoice , always rejoice. A person who have joy and happy heart can serve others better not like a person with a depressed heart. Let Simcha overflow your inner being as book of Philippians 4 : 4 says. Let our names change to Simcha , a joyful person , who is willing to give joy to others. Also , we got an advantage from old time people , we got the Holy Spirit in our hearts , means now we got the double joy in our souls. Rejoice always in all your situations.

2- Be Sober – Speak the truth all the time to all your human interaction
The second part of our formula is be honest and forgive others fast. We , the Humans, sometimes takes loads of time to forgive someone , speaking of truth would be a hard task for most of us. But , not you have to , you need to do it, This part is not a command but a desire! Are you willing put others first? Are you willing speak truth all the time no matter what? Being Sober means being your real you, and know what’s the real deal. This is what Brene Brown says:
“When I got sober, I thought giving up [alcohol] was saying goodbye to all the fun and all the sparkle, and it turned out to be just the opposite. That’s when the sparkle started for me.” So Let it be and let us learn to be Sober. I need this one badly.

3- Be Chassid( this is a Hebrew word – selfless )A Chassid does everything with vitality, joy and passion
The Third pill we need to take is Chassid. A Chassid person gives others with a generous and joyful heart. As you’ve taken Sichma in the first part above, now you are ready to be a Chassid. This is not something you want to live on your own instead , you are thinking of others too. You want to be involved and help them in their physical needs. Why do i need this Chassid? Because it helps to be a better human , a more passionate heart that is where take me one more step closer to my creator. I don’t need to think about my self only ( of course you have to look after yourself ) I can be a kind of human to reach to the poor community ( if i can ). If I am struggling to be selfless , then somehow the formula not going to work and we are not entering the complete state of peace of God.

4- Don’t be anxious (Matthew 6 : 25 )
The fourth pill of peace – is the most important part of our formula. Be anxious for nothing. There are tones of information out there, from old tradition till to new tradition way to give you guidance how to not be anxious. Even there are physical medical pills for not being anxious. But I’d like to address this if we have anxious heart and mind , it means we have not done the whole three parts (pills) above. We simply ignore them and take the situation our hands rather God’s hands. For this body and life you need to be thankful(part 6 ). Do not worry about tomorrow or the future. The reality is we do not know what will happen in the next hour or minute. All we know that we have a creator , A God of universe who knows everything. plus , we are not meant to be in this body forever, So , Adonai Controls our time. He knew you before you born, And He knows about how you’ve been terrified of your very fist day at work. And How you learnt to walk for the very fist time, Because He is is our Father , and which Father forgets his child?

5- Be in Prayer
This part gives you confidence to take further walk in His peace. You are talking to unseen God, Whom has been with you all the way from your mother’s womb till now. Have a real conversation and tell all your needs, tell your loved ones needs , tell your city’s needs, tell your country’s needs and Tell Him , how this world treat you. Then you will be able to pour out your heart in a way you have peace in the darkest hours. Because you know how much a prayer can change you and others. You know the importance of prayer because it changes the things around. If you do not know how to talk , just start with a simple words, And read the Bible and in this way the person of God will speak to you and teach you how to prayer as you got the Holy Spirit in you.

6- Give Hoda’yah( this is a hebrew word ) Give thanks , be thankful , Gratitude
of your heart
After , you’ve done all 5 parts above you got a gratitude heart, full of thankfulness. You know God will answer you, You are thanking for all things. You know God got you and your family and others. You are giving Hoda’yah with full heart of Simcha , Sober , not worrying for anything and prayer. You find any opportunity to give thanks to God. And you are really thankful for this life and the next life ahead. You look forward to a bright future with a thankful heart. How Good to give thanks to God?

7- Shalom Adonai will be with you
Now , you’ve done all 6 part above well, as God rested after 6 days creation, It is time for you to receive God’s rest in your soul. The peace of God will be with you. You know how to have peace these days?
Have Simcha , Be Sober , Be Chassid ,Don’t be anxious, Be in Prayer , Give Thanks and Shalom

Hope this helps you and make you many more steps closer to God.

Based On Philippians 4: 4- 7
Written by
Dariush Youkhaneh

A Fresh Air

The ugly face of Corona was nothing compares the ugliest face of tyranny on the earth. This earth was made beautiful. And It is beautiful, still! The Spirit of God did not give us the spirit of timid but Power and beauty.

Happy Pentecost day dear! ” You shall receive Power ” ” a fresh air”
I pray that the fresh air of Spirit and His wind of health come and cover whole earth again ! Cleanse our impurity in all degrees , and takes away all injustice in the world.
As the deciples of Christ , WAIT for the power of Holy Spirit , I pray God give us the Spirit of WAIT and patience. I am humble for this.
I pray for a fresh air over all households in any background or region they might be.
The Fresh Air of the Spirit , all we need , for any nation in the world. Yes ,the deciples had waited for this fresh air. It had changed the atmosphere for them, it will change our air today also.

This Fresh Air of Spirit started thousands years ago , now , we can carry and see this everywhere we go , the below are some of the fresh air from Sydney ,Australia ! I am sure there millions like this on earth , find yours nearby you:

These days spotty air need the fresness of the Spirit. The Love of Jesus , the forgiveness of Sin , the Grace to unlash any issue. Let’s breath in the fresh air of Spirit and breath out the muggy air.

Let’s hold on to this Fresh Air of Spirit.

There is salvation into this fresh air.

There is forgiveness into this fresh air.

There is love into this fresh air.

There is Jesus into this fresh air.

There is hope into this fresh air.

There is faith into this fresh air.

There is mercy and just into this fresh air.

There is healing into this fresh air.

Which one are you seeing now? Which, do we need most ?

Oh , how needy we are ! How awesome is God ! How beautiful is Spirit , How great is Jesus !

The Fresh Air of Spirit come upon us.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

A Pure Life in the Spirit

We are ears and eyes of God on earth.

I was off for a few days , as my dear grandpa graduated to heaven. A bye for now and a see you soon came to my situation. Although it was a shock for all of us – He was a good man , a good farmer man. I am proud to be his grandkid. As a wave of grieve came to us. I have never stopped Prayer. It is a painful process , your dearest person not anymore around. But we believe for eternal life. Life after death exist.

The first part of Romans 8 was a teachable lesson for me last night. A pure life in Christ. His faithful love will remain forever for me. We got a new life in the Spirit. A pure life in the Spirit means forget our past natural sinful way and get a new identity in Him. I am challenge by this, every time I read this, I tell to myself how can I put my own habit (sometimes beautiful habits ) away and wearing a new cloth of Spirit?!

But Paul says in Romans 8 , ” God put an end to our Sin ” . I am not bound in my bad habits and sinful way anymore because in Jesus I am free. By ending my bad habits and sinful nature I declare I follow the Spirit. I was thinking how can I satisfy my desires and wishes , I did whatever I could do to reach them , but not anymore as I’ve changed and challenged my self in the Spirit, now I am thinking how can I please God, what good deed I can do for Him? Testing every often if I am in the Spirit or Not ? Do I think like Jesus ? My whole attitude suddenly changed.

Now I believe even this body of mine die , I am still alive in Him , I believe God can raise up even my dead body to life becaue of His Spirit in me.

Let the Power of Spirit take control within me, Let the storm of life come, Becasue I am changed , I am raised up from death to life. When Jesus lives in me , I have purpose and plan. I know where I came from and I know where will I go.

I am a child of God , not a fearful slave anymore. In fact, I am the heir of Christ’s Glory.

Both part, His suffering and glory is mine.

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

14 days Bible Verse Challenge / Day 7 Thirsts for God

“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?
Psalms 42:2 NIV ”

Whole my inner being thirsts for God. He is my ultimate Joy , salvation of my soul! The living God . The one true God , blessed my life with His Son Jesus and I am forever thankful for the Holy Spirit. My Soul wants Him more and more.

To meet H i m

Face to face

I treasure this inside of me , to thirst for you God.

Today I am thirst for you. Wherever I am , where I would be , I carry this thirstiness in me for you oh God.

Start and finish your day with this declaration. I am thirst for God.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Review of Breakthrough Book by Joyce Smith

Joyce took me there.

God’s Miracle amazed my heart.

Breakthrough is a true story which had happened back in January 2015. Joyce never wrote a book. In fact, she is not a writer. She just wrote what had happened to John. Her adopted son, John Smith. Her second husband Brian and herself adopted John , when he was 2 and half months year old.

Joyce herself from the first husband had 2 sons. However , they gave away their first born Child in the hospital. Joyce slowly reveals her story in the mix of John’s struggling in the bed.

The 14 years old , John Smith went to spend times with his (three)friends which after a short time they went into an Ice Cold Lack. John stuck into Ice water for 20 minutes. Apparently he didn’t know how to swim. The neighbours, the parents , the people were passing and all other were witnessing this. The lifeless body of John laid down on ICU of the nearest Hospital.

According what had been said , One Hour John Smith were breathless. His heart stopped , there were no heartbeat to circle the blood in the body. Brain couldn’t get enough oxygen!

In the last minute, where shift Dr were about to pronounce John Smith dead. The real Display of Holy Spirit shown. Heart restarted, blood were circling in His frozen body, other parts of body were functioning under medical equipments well. No one had a single opinion what is going on. God’s presence were in the room by a desperate prayer of a mother , Joyce.

There were no fantasy explanation of God’s presence. Simply room got lighty and God involved and healing poured out. I am 100% God were able to raise up John for the moment and He could walk out hospital healthy and with out even one scratch on his body. But as always , there is a wisdom in All Things God does. Prayer worked , medical staff got back to work and the Mircale flicked already.

One of the best book you can read these days about God’s goodness toward human. This book has been written from a mother’s eyes. A mother whom admitted her mistakes , past and present, saved by grace and Helped by divine power. Reading this book is recommended if you want to be reminded that God hears our prayer, that He is here to heal us not only our body also our Souls.

It seems this event brought some attention of media and newspapers. There has been a movie according to this as well. She cried out to God in the emergency room. She cried out to the Lord for healing. There may be a repetitive words in the first few chapter. But it looks the book has been edited well. 3 or 4 pages of the book, right in the middle of it, the is an album of photos came in with actors and real people.

In a short summary :

1/ the Mystery character is God

2/ John Smith has been raised from dead

2/ God is a God of Healer

3/ challenges are there , never stop praying

4/ Holy Spirit hears and answers

5/ Joyce is a simple mum , but trusting in a bigger God

6/ Believe with God everything is Possible

7/ community of believers helps

In what area of our life we need healing ? Can we trust Him in the storm ?

Reviewed by

Dariush Youkhaneh

God’s beauty in us

It is just a bridge. This connection need to be made. Or in a worse scenario need to be repaired. But we can’t use our talent to build it. The only thing me and you need to this bridge appears in our life is Faith and Believe. Not by our own hard work.But, All hard work has been done on the Cross that we can freely walk on this bridge and have peace with ourselves and our creator. Allowing Holy Spirit leads us , soften our hearts and create a beautiful shape of Heaven. Can you see his beauty?

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. ( Ecclesiastes 3 : 11 )

Think about a moment. Why do you need to be You? In the world of Chaos you can order it by being you. Isn’t Faithful and trustworthy rare these days? But you be the One. Isn’t Life harsh and Painful? but you be the One who does not leaning back but falling forward and crash enemys work. You are the one who can sing with the Ocean. You are the one who hear the song of nature and keep dreaming till sunset. You are the one who choose to be You..

Allowing ourselves to Trust Him even we don’t understand will make us a better human. We’re here to experience Life. When God breathe His Life into dead body of Adam. It is been poured out God’s Life to this dead bones. The Life we have now is so precious because it’s God’s breathe in it. Use it till Full. Good or Bad , Worse or Nice , all will turning good for us and it will work for His Glory.

After a long week, I am glad to write to you dear ones. I pray thay Holy Spirit touch your Life. That you will know the truth. That you can make a life decision according to His Will.

1 July 2019 , recording the beauty Of God to the people. Still there are a lot beauty unimaginable around. Still there are milions od people Love each other , Love thier enemies. Still , are people who don’t care about materials, whom deeply rooted to God.

Let not doubt take the beauty of Jeshs out of you. People change , things change , circumstances change, but God will never change. Trust in Him. In His beauty.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please share it to your friends and family.


Dariush Youkhaneh


His Glory

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Be a Life Changer!

Being a Single man is not easy as I thought to be these days. As everyone keep asking you the same question. Perhaps a few years a go(maybe 2 years) I had a friend church asked me” Dariush you are handsome, walking with the Lord a good man, how come you are still single? ” hmm. I said” I don’t know”, deep down in me doesn’t ask this question anyway! The right person will come one day. I am going to do my task: Be a life changer.

I am going to continue to shine. Despite of difficulty of life and the obstacles in front. Not only be a life changer for other also for myself first. When I can change me, everything would be different. I am gratefully thanking for this truth in Christ. Because He is my life changer. I think you will be okay with it. You don’t need to pretend it, but live with honesty and integrity. If you want to a life changer you need to do some practices. Simply as it is.


I am going to tell you what is my source of strength. Bible. Prayer. Going to church. Keep in touch with good friends. Family. and Many more.

You are an Hero already!

If you are single , enjoy your time. Have Faith the right person will come soon. Let go of things not deserve to be with  you. Laughter more. Explorer the faith and the world around you. There is loads of things you can accomplish – not necessarily need with opposite sex to be with you then you can finish it. It is okay to be sick some days- go to cave and come back to reality. We all need retreat anyway. Let us take a look at when Jesus healed that man with 38 years of sickness in his body. 38 years he was looking for someone to push him in the water and always someone else in front of him. But God , the source of all power that day meet him with one simple and powerful question ? ” Do you want to be healed ? ”

Are you serious? What type of question Jesus asked? of course I want to be healed – Of course I want to be free of this miserable life which I have never had experience to walk. Jesus is a life changer. The master of changing people’s life is right there next to him. There must be a confess in verbal. there must be said that ” yes Lord , I want to be healed “. There , the majority of us don’t answer that. Or we answer with very weak and low and doubt. God wants to know with all your doubt , you are still keep shouting ” YES , LORD , I WANT TO BE HEALD “. We learn here the very first step of to be ” a life changer ” is to confess. Verbalise your need of God. Tell him you need Him. Ask him to answer you questions . It is okay , if you are asking same question. God loves your persuasive heart.

Crosswalk.com site mentioned six truths about God that can change your life. 1- love 2- Personality of God 3- Power 4- forgiveness 5- Promises 6- Sovereignty.

The above truths can change your life and helps you to go toward to be life changer. For sure there are others need to be injected. This is a beautiful thing to have. Your gratitude of life and people in your life make such a huge difference. In this short nice life we can be what God said us to be. It is hard. But worth it. Look at the below verses that Christiantoday.com mentioned the 5 life-changing bible verses: Stick them to your heart, eat them like pill and have it on your home’s fridge:

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside the still waters.
He restores my soul;
He leads me in the paths of righteousness
For His name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord

Galatians 2:20

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Galatians 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo : taken by me

This Christmas..

..In This Christmas I will be Strong. This Christmas I’ll be a new person. I am going to promise myself to put aside all my bad habits and attitudes away. I am going to learn to be like my Jesus.  This Christmas I am going to be one step closer to The Holy Spirit and be touched by Him. Only One touch can change me forever. He came for me- I can not believe this He accepted me when I was in my world , He came for me- God’s plan was ON , before even I was here right now.  Here < I want to know the real meaning of the Christmas and be changed by that, Somewhere in my heart shouting there is something for you, a good gift of God. I’ll challenge my self in Prayer and fasting to know his heart in this Christmas. I confess my all hidden wrongs to Him. I shut my room’s door and bended knees worshiping Him . This Christmas I am going to read Bible.

Indeed Who was Jesus came for me? Why do we celebrate his coming to our world? Is it only a old history we are repeating end of the year ? or is this only finding a reason for humanity to take rest each year by year! If Jesus was not there what would happen to hope of humanity? I really can not imagine the world without Jesus! Once we have been Lost in our world, We are found forever in his victory saved!


This Christmas I am determined to be better , my first priority would be closer to Him , Lift him up and know his heart. With a closed eyes -refreshed by His Spirit, Walk in his kingdom. I do not want to let this Go, No . I am not going to let his presence Go. I stick to it. I hold it first. I let my all insecurities , fears , the things not from you , GO.  You are the God of Impossible, make it possible for me. I pray for sick this Christmas to be healed , I pray for my families and friends and readers that their life be transformed in a away God’s name be glorified , that they can see the truth and again and again their heart be Holy and anointed in Jesus Name. This Christmas while I am waiting , I will worship and I will trust Him. Yes , I will trust him even I have no clue of my future. Yes , I will obey him even when I am weak and millions of thoughts are going to pass through my mind because I know his promises are never fall down and it will be done in my life. I do not need to understand this. I just worship Him because He is worthy of all. My life is His.

Yes , This Christmas I live by Faith. I celebrate my change , Because now I am a new person in Him. I join the community of faithful people to shout my God is great that He sent His only Son for me that He brought Joy and peace in my life. Because of Him Peace is here in my heart , Peace is here in my family , Peace is here in my town and in the streets and peace is here in our country. Because of Him Hope and life is here. We are never alone anymore. That is why He came ! IMMANUAL , God with us is here.

Is there anymore reason to be glad?


Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


The Garden Of Our Ways!

These days are very special for me. As I am praying for a company change from God. He did answer in the right time with his special way of answering. In our terms and conditions we may see the things good for us. But God has his own way , He has his own term which is perfectly , perfect for us. We make decision with the human fact and our logic won’t be enough compares to our heavenly God decision. We do make decision in the base of what is right or wrong. But God wrap it up with his grace and love, with a wisdom beyond our human mind.

Right in Sydney is raining now! A beautiful rain all we’ve been waiting for. We had a really dry seasons from last year. I am thanking God for this beautiful , peaceful rain. Love this moment specially my favourite cup of tea feels more cosy! I care about you, you are my friend even I do not know you, my vision is to reach you to inspire you, encourage you is my most priority task. You think , I am careless about myself , not at all. If I won’t be in good shape how can I inspire individuals. Inspiring you , it will inspire me. every word I say here will definitely is for me too. I’d like to make here like one-one-one session. Like two lovely friends talk to each other- but I hope you won’t be tired of listening to me.


Where ever you are right now. I pray for you that Love of God overflows in your life. Feelings comes and goes. Our moods will change but God will never change and He is always with you. All of us our needy people. some people more , some people less. What makes us special from others is we are the son of the most high who lives forever. This makes us proud but it is our responsibility to introduce this eternal life to others. Our personal growth is our responsibility more important then that our spiritual growth will help us to know the heart of God. I once was away from it. But slowly slowly by spending more time in prayer and the Word , God changed me inside.

There are a lot of things out there can steal that moment of stillness. Do not allow that to interrupt your intimacy with Father. From business to family. What ever it is . The moments I pray for my future career company – interviews – preparation . God revealed more himself to me and a soft lovely music whispered in my heart ” My grace is sufficient for you ” . I realized , I have the most important [thing] in my life , I am content. God was not stopping my dreams, He was reminding me that ” You HAVE ME , Means you have everything ” , all other things are temporarily and He will provide with a blink of eyes everything I need and I asked for. Have you thought twice in the below word?

” in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. ” [ Proverbs 3 : 6]

It was the matter of submission and being humble. Trust whatever he chooses for me will be beneficial for my life. Even the ways looks like narrow and impossible. My task was an act of obedience not less then that! It is like saying ” God I am blind ” you take my hand and lead me to the right path. The only thing I can do those moments offering my heart of gratitude to Him. Acknowledging Him is not a shame. It is an open-heart decision. In health and sickness. In prosperity and poverty. In gladness and grieves. The question is here am I willing to submit my ways to Him? Jesus submit His ways to Father. He is an example for us. Let us look after ‘ the garden of our ways ‘ and let Him do the trimming and smart in appearance inside and outside.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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Guest Post By Emma L( Exhorting Thy Brethren)

Exhorting Thy Brethren

Here is a guest post from sister Emma Letter. She is humble and have a great testimony. Hope the below words bless you from her. If you want to have a guest post or a word to say to inspire and encourage someone why not! Please drop me a comment and  will arrange for you soon. 

Hearing a Testimony is so encouraging to not only the story teller but to the listener also. It strengthens us and helps us overcome the enemy of our souls. (Revelation12: 11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.) Do you have a testimony you can share with others ? If you have been born again then surely you have a testimony and It just may change a person life from the inside out. So on that note I will share about God in my life and who He can be to you! I encourage you to seek the Holy Spirit to help you understand what is being said in these following paragraphs. Only the Lord can give you revelation and a understanding of what is being shared with you. God is a mystery to those who don’t have a personal relationship with Him. He is some entity far-far away in another universe or even doesn’t exist at all. But to us, born again believers God is 3 Persons in 1. The Father , The Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. He is the Living Godhead. Each Person of the Godhead have different attributes and you can distinctively know who is who as you mature in your relationship with Him.


I would love to share with you my experience of the Precious Holy Spirit. My passion and prayer is that you may experience this also and even deeper than I.


Who is the Holy Spirit ? Think on that for a moment. Who is He to you ? Do you know Him ? If you have a relationship with Jesus and Father God then you are hearing from the Holy Spirit! How so ? The Holy Spirit speaks what He hears the Father say and His ministry is to reveal and lead you to Jesus. He does not boast about Himself.  John 16:13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. I really like this verse. Something I have often said in the past is  Lord do not let me deceived but always lead me to your truth. If we have a real genuine desire to know nothing but the truth the Holy Spirit answers our desires. I like the last half of this verse even more ! That He the Spirit of God  will inform us, tell us things that are of the near or further future. I do not boast but in the Lord for the Lord’s Glory and that you may be edified. I experience the Spirit telling me things to come very regularly. It can be a burden sometimes or it can be encouraging sometimes just depending on the nature of the prophetic word.


He is the One who wooed you to Jesus the first time you felt in your soul a tugging and curiosity to know who is this God. He had planted a seed within you.


The Holy Spirit is a Comforter,(In other versions of the Bible the word Counsellor or Advocate are used instead of Comforter this gives us an idea of how He comforts us) as it states in John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.



These verses mentioned in the above paragraphs, amongst many more, are so real to me as they have shown me the Wonderful and Powerful acts of the Holy Spirit in my life not only in my life but it can be just as real in your life also. You can experience Him and His ministry!. Seek Him today !. Not tomorrow or when it is convenient timing ! There have been times in my faith walk in the Lord that I was so confused, terrified and even felt like the enemy had won and that I was defeated. But I continued to keep my eyes fixed and focused on God though to be honest that was difficult. But I hung on to the Lord and His promises especially in the Book of Psalm and also loved Him with all my strength. The Holy Spirit was intervening and ministering to me His comfort and He was my Counsellor. He told me everything is ok and will be ok. That I am in the hands and arms of my Personal Saviour Jesus Christ. I would pour out my turmoils, heartaches and pain that I was able to express to Him and many times just His Presence was enough He didn’t really need to say anything and the pain that I could not express He reminded me that He knows my heart even without speaking from it. We are a Temple of the Holy Spirit therefore the Spirit can use us to comfort others. 2 Corinthians 1: 3-4 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.


So next time you see or hear a friend or even a stranger in trials, testings and turmoil why don’t you sit with them and be a representative/ambassador of God to them you don’t have to speak just wrap you arm around them and let them speak or even pour out their  tears. Its truly amazing with such Wisdom The Holy Spirit knows exactly what the weary heart and spirit needs to be told and there is no false flattery involved it is all truth. So next time you feel inconsolable turn to the Holy Spirit and seek Him out. He will comfort you and lead you to the Heart of the Father. Moving along we come another verse which says,


Ephesians 6:17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit , which is the word of God.

Wow this verse is amazing to me. It says a lot. In the past and right up till now. When I have engaged in warfare against the enemy. I remember to  take the Sword into my hand and stand firm in the Lord. The Sword of the Spirit is actually the Word of God aka the Bible. Confessing the Word of God out through our mouths has power it is likened to a double-edged Sword as it says in Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.


The Sword the Word is the complete truth and speaking the truth and believing in the truth and living by the truth the lies spoken the lies believed and the lies once lived will flee as does darkness when the light is switched on by the Truth of God. The devil our adversary will flee as we walk out the truth. That is not to say he will not attempt and try to steal , kill and destroy ( John 10:10 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy) us but this is where we must speak the truth and use the Sword of the Spirit. If I was to only have one verse to exhort you with I would give this verse to you in regards to this topic it is from 1 Peter 5: 6 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, 7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. The message I desire to get across is that you must trust the Lord in helping you through your difficult times and allowing Him to minister to you by His Holy Spirit. He Loves You and so do many other brothers and sisters around the World. You have family a spiritual family and our Father is King and Lord.


Numbers 6: 24-26

24 “The Lord bless you and keep you;

25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,

And be gracious to you;

26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,

And give you peace.”



By Sister Emma Lette

Expanding The Kingdom of GOD… Jesus Loves You


If you have a story to tell – please send me a comment on this blog and let me know. Your story will bless others. Thank you – Dariush Youkhaneh 

I Run For The Prize

I run for the Prize

There is a pain still? Yes there is. There is a mistake ? Yes there is. There is a struggle and tough time? Yes there is. There is a sickness? Yes there is. There is .. There is.. But that not the end . I know till we are on this earth we have all difficulties and pain. I am not finished yet, Even may I carry the pain in my body; shall still I praise Him. Because I know one day I get to Heaven. One day I get my all answers.

I am an overcomer because my Jesus done the job already on the cross.

There is no pain any more and any tears. I am here to be a witness and have faith. When my soul join to eternity I am in the rest forever. I am running toward to goal. I run for the prize. I forget what is behind and looking what is in ahead. I chase the vision of kingdom. I embrace what is true till that day we are free free indeed. I may off the track sometimes but I am in complete vision of my Father and my humble life is in his hand and control.

What can stop me for the plan of my father in my life? My mind? My flesh? My lies ? My past/present mistakes? My illness? My pain? My loneliness and worries?.. NOTHING shall be able and have power to separate me from the rooted plan of God in my life. I am waiting to rejoice in heaven. I am looking forward to reach and see Jesus.

2017 Youth Commonwealth Games - Athletics

You Say : Dariush you are telling beautiful and promising words. But what can I do now with my struggles?  My beloved reader and friend. I love you so much that is why I am writing for us to let us know how much God loves me and you. The most reason we are struggling now it is because we are too much focusing to “seen things”. But still there would be pain even you focus to ” unseen things”. But you see the things differently, you are going to receive the heavenly glasses on your eyes( when you focus on God’s kingdom). All till that day. Heaven and great paradise waiting for us. What me and do can do right now? Isn’t to go before him and asking for ” what is the next step “? Me and you not anymore looking for answer but we are the answers. Me and  you not anymore looking for the light , we are the light. Me and you not anymore looking for peace; we are the peace. Because Jesus is in us. What should I do now? I run for the prize till that day. I figure it out that our most struggle we are in now; is because we are looking to surface- we are not into heavenly realm yet. We say Amen to most prayers and not knowing what is really meant. We are happy Christians and not received the joy yet. Because we are spending much more time on earthly things – but struggling to spend 10 minutes with our creator.

Philippians 3: 13 -14 says : Beloved , I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do; forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

I am looking to do that ” ONE THING ” ; one thing I do- What is that ” one thing ” look like in your life. Is it forgetting what is behind? Is it a small forgiveness. Let replace it with the power of Holy Spirit today. Lets have the Spirit of living God change us inside wherever we are right now! Lets believe we are citizens of heaven.

No more I am going to run from myself , I embrace who ever I am. I am created wonderfully and beautifully. I am gaining a wonderful peace in my life as taking the steps closer to my God. Here I free my soul from all obstacles of this life… carry the cross.. love myself.. love people. Love the life and looking forward to gain more knowledge to improve … Now it is the time to shake yourself of old way and wear a new one. Now it is the time of change. Now it is the time of ME and YOU. Let us stand fight for our faith and push the darkness away and have HOPE for a great future ahead. Who said you can not? That’s the enemy. There is never late to come back. The attitude of a hero is never giving up and trying hard to get the result. We pray hard , we help a lot , we have compassion heart , we are peace and live in peace. We obey and submit to our God. We listen to Him and spend time what is the best for our soul. We practise the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in our life by meditating his word every day and night. We stay in light and bring others to this great awesome light.

  • Even my boat is broken- I wait for Him
  • Even my heart is tired – I offer my whole to Him
  • Even my future is foggy – I trust in Him
  • Even I lost my way – I look to him



In Jesus Name




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo :http://commonwealthgames.com.au/australian-athletics-championships-commonwealth-games-nomination-trials/ 


Into God.

[The life I am livin in.]

Forever secure in Him

I don’t need to hide myself from people. I do not need acceptance of those whome they are unsecure and do not know where they came from. I know , He knows me. I know Before I was born He chosen me be here today and the life I live, I live from Him. He searches me and remove any iniquity in me.

He knows all about me.

When I am resting , He knows.

When I am working , He knows.

When I am upset , He knows.

When I am happy, He knows.


He knows everything..

He made everything

He is the God of everything. He made everything. Good and bad all he knows. The life I am living in it is to discover those, I am praising Him for his awesomeness. The life I have; is a gift from Him , The chocolate I can taste is a gift from him because I have the ability to recognise the good and bad.

Listen to this what bible says about me :

Psalms 139 : 13

” You are the one who put me together inside my mother’s body ” .

I am made in wonderful way in God’s image. I am the one whom God died for me that I can be with Him. If He created me with so much respect and love look after me , How come I am not going to praise and love Him more?

His love is not human like love. His love is divine godly -god’s love. With his own eyes He stare at me in the time of trial and struggle and He teared.

Your endless love never fails and I am so much in love with you.

All in All , He is Truth

Your thoughts are far beyond my understanding, much more than I could ever imagine. When I am sleep you are awake and protecting me. Your heart is so much bigger than anything. You are dressed with so much truth. Take away my wickedness and give me an upright heart, Lord. I am up for it with bended knees , Praying to you Father. Look deep into my heart, God.

Holy Spirit , You are who translate my heart known words to the Father. Oh Holy Spirit tell to Father How thirst is my soul. With all my heart I praise you, Lord. Your Kindness and love never fails.

Father , This is the earth you made , look at it:


I , We  , Our Family, Our friends , Our City , Our country need you more Father. Jesus it is your turn. You have made us what we are. Please Father , Do not give up on us now!

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Psalm 139

A Conversation! read it till end..

I believe in everlasting love. To returning of Jesus Christ. To the Holy Spirit. To almighty God who will come and wipe out forever this pain and suffering in this current world. I believe in endless hope and possibilities. Reason behind reason to love each other in sorrow and downing time on the planet. Is it by my ability? Never. Can I access to this incredible love. Yes.

Yesterday , I had great conversation with a friend. Which who his life was apart but ONE spark of Holy Spirit mended all pains in his heart. Fatigued back from work – dropped my backpack at home. My eyes was falling down- it was a half tyring day. I drove home about 2 km. Parked my card and I changed my close ready going to a Men’s even. Before, last night one the verse impacted me and thoughtfully thinking about that verse. If God is within us and God is love. Why are not we love. Then I back thinking about the original sin- because that sin – God’s love apart from us. That was not end of story. My mind overview how God sent many people to rescue- to return his people to his love. One human brought miserable to this world but One man brought joy to us forever.

Back to conversation, I arrived the place . I wore black t-shirt , a light blue jean and a nice black boot. I sprayed Dolce & Gabbana Intenso eau de perfume. I use this eau de perfume recently as it was a birthday gift. Although my fav perfume at all the time was/is Georgia Armani Acqua Di Gio . Not that spice like Dolce. But it seems I liked the new perfume – It was not bad. I arrived to Men’s event at our church. You can smells from 200mt away the foods as they have been cooking for the event.

Three fashion cars outside the yard and three motorbike inside foyer of the church. I found my self to say ‘ wow’. I entered to worship- Stayed for worship songs and praising my creator. After I took step out , as I was so hungry. There was a small shopping mall – I saw an old church-friend.

I said to him , If you like join me I am going to buy something as they are selling beef-burger ( I am allergic to red meat for your info :P). He said , yes why not – we went to an Mexican place nearby.

He bought a coffee , He said I had something and I bought a Burrito sandwich. Beautifully , deliciously wrap in chicken , red bean ….

I started to say this spring was a driest spring after 15 years in Australia. We haven’t had rain for about 4 months. My mam says always how these trees around are still green , they need water. He says : Yes that is right indeed. It is a really sunny day and at least nights are cooler. Much better at night. In my back home country people sleep at the top of the home. Their home – roof is flat not the most home here have edges.


He was saying very enthusiastically like you are there right now.

I said: Oaky, interesting. You would be coming to church long time isn’t it?

” Yes, hmmm, I am coming from 2011 ”

I knew , there will be a salvation story – something that Jesus brought them to this place. I was more listening less talking at this stage.

I said: ” You told me before you are working for a security company , are you still working there?”

” yeah , I am working , but only for the weekend , I mostly work in a supermarket now . I think it is better – although may a bit heavy lifting work , but I like it “

” That’s great man  , I am happy for you , how’s your family , all are doing well?”

He said : ” Oh yeah , we have a little 8 months old baby girl . busy life , it is a complete different what I expected before “

” Wow congratulations ! What did you expect?”

He said ” look , when you are alone , you do the stuff by your own choice , but when you are two , you need to put other person’s choice count as well . Sometimes disagreement will happen, Are you single? “

“Yes , I am . But I have seen a lot, how God shown me the way , I grown up a large family and I saw how God brought us from down to up , I have seen the miracles and his hands always upon us. “

He said : ” I believe some people are chosen , for example Abraham was chosen , who is willing to sacrifice his son for an unseen God? ” Abraham did it. How? Because he was chosen . And I am feeling I am chosen .”

I said : ” How ?”



He said : ” I have been trying to do right things , not lying , do good to people around me when I was back home , when I came here , I almost lost my faith and I reaped the Bible and I was so angry , and I said  God why did you brought me here , in a foreign country ? Is this your well?”

” Tell me about it ”

“My marriage was falling apart , I went to court , I hit my wife , I was so angry and bitterness got me all. My wife took my 2 kids to her mums’ house . Days past , one day I was alone at home. My relative to come and visit me . There was a 9 years girl told me ‘ Jesus loves you ‘ when she said those words I do not know what happened but I felt all bitterness and bad things was wiped from my heart and even I forgot what I did to my life and wife, straight away I called my wife and I said to her I am changed and I love Jesus because he changed me , My wife was believer and she was praying for me. But believe me when I said , she backed to home with two kids even we did not remind ourselves what happen , we started a new beginning. Even we went to court and my wife said , he changed and I am willing to stay with Him and I love him more than before , How my friend? Jesus changed me life through a 9 years old girl , He changed my life forever, I love my back home country , but God chosen me be here at this time because he has a plan in my life ,even I can not see it now , even may I can not taste it. Life has sweet and bitter things but our relationship is good now , we have a baby girl now ”

I said : ” I believe you are chosen , and God brought here for a reason! “

He said : ” Go ahead , if you are ready to share your life with someone , do it! But before that throw your life in the hands of God. “

” Yes , I believe I am chosen by Him , By His Grace , even he stopped me several times for disobeying His commands , This is not my ability , when I was 13 years old I spoke in God’s language, I got water baptise when I was 21. I love God and people , even I made mistake but He never left my side. I believe in protecting-angel for God’s people? Do you?  

                                                                                                                                               He said  : ” Yes , I do”

“And I think and believe it in my heart. God is looking after you and your family , Just look ahead “

He said : ” You’ll find your heart desire when you are pursuing God’s will “

” Thanks mate “

He said ” Oh my kids , I think is the time to go back “

” Lets go “

Our Father in heaven how good you are when we look to you Jesus even, we hear your name from another person will change our life radically forever. Not for that we are waiting for your return Jesus , Here all good things for us , it is not the end of story , Having a good family is good but it is not the end , Having a good faith is good but it is not end… Only in you and in you we are in rest. You said I am going to prepare a place for you , we are waiting patiently for your coming even it hurts the waiting time, we testimony your name to everyone. Because you are God our Yahweh, Our Jesus who died for us on the cross and His love is unlimited forever. Thank you that you are with us. I am pursing your love every moment even with all my failures you wash me with the blood of your Son.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




What does this mean?

It was God. It was his presence right there with Disciples. They prayed – They have been waiting for the promise. 30 days have passed nothing happened! Jesus already left them to heaven. They seems are alone – Their master gone. Their teacher – They learned life from Him. They saw the great miracles . They touched it – How Jesus changed their life gradually. Mind was saying forget about all those things happened But memory hard to be removed from their cells of brain. The spirit was willing – truly looking for the truth. Peter in the corner of the top of the home- Slowly saying some simple words out of His month. John remember how the Lord Taught them to pray and it was repeating it.  Inside of Mary was a fight between the flesh and the spirit. Jacob remembered that Jesus said to them to wait for the promise. They did not know how God will reveal himself to them – They went to top of their home that may Jesus will come from heaven.

They have been looking above – waiting how Jesus will land on the ground. Another Mary was crying silently seek her Lord to come.  They were one step closer to switch the human destiny around forever. All have been there.  from youngest follower to older one. It was the Pentecost day. Last night no one sleep – none of them. Their eyes were heavy but they can not give it away.


John’s ears heard a sound – slowly slowly each of them heard a sound – the sound filled the whole house. After they heard the sound – They saw – each of them – what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.

After hearing – and seeing .. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit .

And immediately began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.

So they had three amazing experience :

They heard.

They saw.

They have been filled.

This three awesome experience God want you to have. You need to hear the voice of God. You need to hear the sound of the holy spirit when it comes to you. For to be enable to hear we must be willing. We have read that -the disciples were willing and expecting the promise of God come to them. Am I expecting the Pentecost happen to me? That is not a event for a time. God every day is working – Jesus loves to give us the promise one.

You will see. When you heard the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life – Now you stepped up one step . You will see the goodness of God in your life. You will see inside and outside how God will act- Because you are seeing from the glasses of God. You responded to Him by hearing his voice.

After that beautiful experience – You are about to have the best ever experience you ever had – You will be filled with the Holy Spirit . God come and dwell in you – the first sign you are going to speak in God’s language.

When all the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and they have been praising and worshiping God in all languages. Suddenly others noticed and they said :

“What does this mean?”

It means love. It means peace. It means God reconciled with us. It means we are not left behind. It means we have joy , help , comfort – it means complete victory for us.

That is the Pentecost day.

The Holy Spirit reveal ( obviously ) himself to humanity. This time more in work.

I pray God’s light open our heart. Holy Spirit come to each of us. Fill us with his presence.

I pray you will be blessed. And remembering you are loved by Him.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Acts 2



Like a soft rain – pouring out in my heart. Like a warm flame in the winter , like a whisper to my soul. Holy Spirit the friend of mine – Who makes me whole. He is the meaning of my life! I am astonished without Him. He is unbelievably beautiful. Such an awesome God. He is like a green forest of peace for me.  He is like a calm deeper than oceans.

He is very sensitive-strong spirit. In the moment you confess Jesus as your saviour – He will come and dwell in you. He is a really good mate. He is every where with you. In the light of the day – and in the day dark of the night!

When I am speechless – He speaks behalf of me. When I am sleep – He awakes me up. When I am lost – He directs me to path.


I am so thankful to this good mate of mine – who was , who is God. When I walk in the darkness – He is my light. When I am heavy with the pain of the world , He is there for me. He is my helper right here.

“The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity. He is the bonding element. This bonding is a wonderful effect of faith in Christ. It is creative. It brings about a new kind of oneness not even known in the closest of earthly families.”
― Reinhard Bonnke, Faith: The Link with Gods Power

The Spirit of Truth – The Holy Spirit . I am grateful Lord for the Holy Spirit , For Jesus Christ your son. I am praying for the fire of the Holy Spirit come upon to us. Come and cleanse us and pure our heart and make us new . Let us have joy in you more and more. Touch our hearts – Touch our minds and souls . How good you are? I love you because you are Holy and you do not see the things the way we see. You see us different . Before the creation of the world you loved us.


Oh Holy Spirit…

full me with the fullness of your spirit!

” O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams. ” -Saint Augustine

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Acts1:8

Me and you , are witnesses of God.

We receive the power of the Holy Spirit. To do what?

1- Do and believe in possible

2-  Personal conviction

3- Miracles

4- Live a life of peace and love

5- Source of Hope and Faith

6- The light and being salt

7- Discern the Spirits

8- Bold and brave in Jesus

9- having a pure and genuine  heart

10- standing for Others

11- Spread the gospel and win souls to Christ

12- being a witness

I am going to trust the Holy Spirit. Because  I need him everyday. He leads me the best way I should go. My mind , my soul and my heart all will be ready to listen to his beautiful voice.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





Touch of Heart ! Crying out to Holy Spirit

I love you , I adore you . With all my inner being i praise you and give you my best offering Lord. Oh Holy Spirit i need you – Who is like you! Your truth sets me free and your strength keep me strong and when i am falling you are lifting me up – when i am so so weak you are so so strong to save me . I am thirsty more than any other time – Here , now have my heart!

Your love is enough to remove any hurt in me-

Your peace is beautiful to gain more of you –

Your hope is endless to give me a new life –


Overflow me with your secrets and known of you. I am fool enough to be down in the trap of the world- aren’t you going to fill me with your wisdom and understanding. Aren’t you going to speak to me when i am mute and voiceless – Oh Holy Spirit, you are won of this fainted heart. Touch and make it as a breeze in the morning.

The spirit of life and love – fall on me. With closed eyes and the lips of saying ‘ Holy – Holy is your name ‘  coming into your presence – sweet spirit – search me and cleanse me and make my heart a pure one. My soul rejoice in you and forever thankful for your grace and supplications. When is sundown i am grateful because you led me right where i would be – when is sunrise – I am rising in my soul – because you are the spirit of faithful promises.

There is so much distractions within and around me Lord – Aren’t you going to wipe it in the blink of eyes? Don’t you tell me have faith? I am crying out to you Lord . You are the same spirit that raised Jesus from death – Allow me to know you more . Less of me more of you.

I am not coming to grasp the healing from you only- I am coming to know you, to walk with you and have a conversation. You are my first love.

The spirit of teaching – teach me of ‘you’ – am i not your temple ? Offer me more of Christ.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh