2 Things Faith Does

We are not alone. I always say that. We have Holy Spirit with us. He is our helper /my/ your helper. Please do not give up on God. He loves you so much , yes you heard this millions of times. He even Pray to Fatehr for you.

Increase your Faith , because this Faith in truth can rescue you. Two things Faith Does:

1- Helps us in trouble times of life

2- Helps us how to pray in those times

Most of us grow weary when the troubles knock the door. And I believe it is completely normal. We are human. But who is better than God , our creator can help us. He knows what we are going through. I can bring it to him all details of those moments and He gives a right breakthrough in a second. In whatever process He is going to do it , that’s alright! I need Faith. That God sees in me and honors it. Yes I make mistakes and I learn from them.

I found it is very difficult to pray when I am in so much trouble of life. That is okay. Holy Spirit is there to strengthen me , He also pray for and with me. Which God is so kind like our God? So, you see Faith is so important to have. It is a key to our believe system. Faith is a motivate act of humble heart. Would you increase it ? I’ll talk about this topic more later on ..

Tell me what are some practical ways we can do to increase our Faith in Jesus?

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh



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