Broken but Beautiful

Have you ever felt broken? I felt it and i know and i understand it at least a little bit 🙂 . There is no shame being broken – you can find life in it exactly the way even you don’t expect it. This new heavy experience gives you a new prospective. I promise there is a bunch of good -positive things in it. Today , we are witness the beauty in the brokeness . Some of my fellow bloggers friends experienced this transformation and they came out with a victory and beauty.

-Psalms 37 : 3

What do you need to pass on in your life? Do you know the most high priest is able to mend your brokenness ?

His Mercy and Kindness can overtake and covers our wounds. There is a beauty in your brokenness. There is an untold story of grace and love. You can stand again, stand tall to all your shame and accusations.

When you pull up roots in order to fulfill a divine destiny, there is not a sense of pain or loss. Rather, there is a great expectation for things to come.
– Reinhard Bonnke

What do I need to pull up in order to fulfill for God’s destiny. I got an expectation for the things to come. I got a love to follow. I got to know who am I in him ?

Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones that you have broken rejoice.
Psalms 51:8 ESV

Can you show to your enemy you are beautiful enough to not be afraid of your brokenness ?

Your are beautiful.

You are.

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh



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