Heaven is for real by Todd Burpo book review

True stories book is/were always my type of interest. I can’t tell where this book were happened in real however , as I believe God’s has own way to show us whats going on after our earthly dead. However , this book written during a period of time. Todd uses his companionship writer Lyenn to somehow use some writing technics. It starts of a book starts with the middle of the story. The hero of story is Todd’s Son , Colton who claimed to be 3 years old went to heaven.
Todd had doubt for the starts but during his stunning sign of heaven He slowly convinced his son went to Heaven. Colton saw Todd’s grandpa , about his future and his unknown sister.

Of course Todd is a Pastor , but the book perfectly shows his doubt and humanness. I was encouraged for the most part of the book. His Son time in Heaven was not strange and so fancy but indeed was a complete holy normal if I can call it that way.
He went. He sat on Jesus’ laps. Colton had small wings. Heaven is not tied up with time and location as we can read manu things happen in such a short time to Colton.

Todd didn’t clarify if human beings are there a spiritual or physical reality ! Of course in the end of book mentioned about Mary mother of Jesus were there, Colton mentioned about John the Baptist although the story is unrelated but Todd interviewed His Son slowly to get to know more what happened in the heaven.

Just get the book and read as neutral person , you no need to be christian to read this book. TODD used a few bible scripture to line this with Christian faith. Personally, I have no doubt God can do impossible, he can do anything , even show heaven to a 3 year old boy, Colton.
Rated : 4 star.

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