Pray for Australia

As i mentioned before and i had a post for this specific prayer. Australia desperately need your Prayer. I have no idea what Australian people thinking about this situation. Our animals , sources of oxygen , our land and and home are burning in fire all together.

But who cares. No judge ! People in City doing and having their own life , all they can see is smoke ! Good or bad. But we as a believer how can we perceive this event . How can i even react when millions of hectare are burning around me and all i can say oh how bad is this.

Australia desperately need Prayer! A Faith s Prayer . It may look the flame of fire reachs to 50 meters plus. But i believe and trust our sound and flame of prayer goes higher than that. God hears and cares our Prayer. Yes , our Prayer can change things around. I look to His wisdom. May some people turn to Him. May some others call upon the Name of the Lord. He created the heavens and the earth than I am sure he knows how to manage things around.

When the waves were raging ; Jesus were peacefully slept on disciples boat. Than He woke up and made peace the stormy sea. Lets US do the same, if our faith is small and weak thats okay , lets wake Jesus up in our boat by our Prayers. Cry out to the Lord oh may soul , seek His Name. We need revival in our land when young and old can see dreams and visions. We need brave and bold people who can proclaim the message of Christ.

I haven’t unwrap my christmas gift yet , because i know it is on its way. I pray that every hard heart converting be soft for his Presense, God is on His throne , majesty in Power , omnipotent in His Glory.

Pray for people of Australia whom represents every nation in this country.May not them forget how we have this free country. Oh my soul ,my Lord my King Ive just recently joined , change the heart of people in this abundant land. I am sure the physical rain will come , but we need your spiritual rain too. Isn’t your word source of Truth ? Let us not be ashamed of carrying your Name. Still people here brought thier Gods from their mother land , they worship fales Gods, their idols has eyes but can not see , has leg but can not walk. Would you forgive us if we turn to you? Youve shown your love to us once and many. They are confused by your Power. Stuck in their world and looking for one door open. We need your guidance Lord. Would you have mercy to us ?

God has not forgotton us !

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh




  1. Hard to click “like” on htis, but WordPress doesn’t have a “sad” button.The “like” is just to let you know I was here, I read your plea, and I am deep in prayer for relief in Australia. So sorry about all the devastation … loss of lives, loss of animals, trees, homes… Sooooo sorry! Wish I could wave a magic wand.

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      1. I am grateful to bring some joy into your life. I hope today has many reasons to feel that sensation of blessedness for you. God be with you and all those in Harm’s Way. ❤


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