to YAH


The below are written to my Yah. Please take it as yours. This is my heart’s cry with praise and adoration. Sometime the best prayer would be raising up a question to Yah. Would you allow Yah hear your cry?

Lord I am here to know you more. Thank you for your faithfulness. How can  I come to you with all this shame and I repent, Please lift me up again and calm this raging heart. Lord I am here to exalt you today with a worship heart. How can I live without you? You are better than any sweetness in the world. Check and refresh my soul with your mighty hands. Let your lead be my guide. Let your love be above anything in my life. Would you touch me Lord with your kindness? If my mistakes are millions; I know your forgiveness is countless toward me, I am coming back to you. Let my cries come to you like a speed of light! I need your presence, nothing less and nothing more. Take my brokenness and shape it to bring you glory. Thank you for loving me enough to send your Son, My Jesus, oh my Lord. Let me walk into your light every single day and night. Oh , My mighty Jesus teach me not to sin again, cleanse my inner heart! If I lie to myself, I lied to you . search me, empower me  heal me to be yours!

//Prepare me for your kingdom!

I remember when you spoke to me! Am I not your little child? Would you speak to me again? Would you lead me to your path ? If I’ve been lawless to your commands , this is my human fault , would you please fill me with your upright heart. I am your child. Take my worries and replace it with your grace , Take my life and give me your full beauty complete life. I am found in your way, teach me to be humble. I do listen to your whispers of love, if not; open my ears to hear it. I do want to see your glory, if not; open my eyes to see your wonders. Often , people are saying where is his God? I am not ashamed of it, because ; Oh my God , My Lord ; I know you are with me.  Sometime the things of the world keeps my attention off from you; oh Jesus ; you know I am from dust. When I slept; you are awake with you angels around me , protecting me. Your safety is mine , you secured me with your endless power. See , how people talk with pride, if I have been judgmental , I turn to you. Where are those lips to praise your Name, Yahuwah! I am right here to give you my all. My mind, my soul and my body. All is yours for your glory. I am a student, you are my teacher than teach me your wisdom, I am a passenger, you are my pilot than let me trust you in this. I am a patient, you are my doctor than heal my wounds.  



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Written By Dariush Youkhaneh






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