Do your Lap

The weather temperature in western Sydney reached to 47c today. I ve decided to go to swimming pool. As we encountered front reception of the pool. He told us inside pool is closed because of competition. No choice ! We got into outdoor pool.

I’ve done a few laps. Suddenly a pro swimmer complained to one of the life saver at the pool, there are too many people , complain behind complain ! “Why are they diving? Look at that , he is swimming at the line with a life jacket.”

I was a witness to her complain.

My ear was listening and giving the thought to my mind. Do your lap! A lot of obstacle are in front of you and we may have a bag of complains to God , why God this happened to me ? Why God this and that? Why me?

We need to do our laps , rest is with God. I got my lesson today? Swim and swim with no jealousy and comparison mind.

Look at the life of many men and women in Bible. Do your lap , let other whatever they want to do, do . Keep going ! There are people to criticise you , your private life going to be in public measure. Everything we do and see; are temporarily, this Lap of life is nothing compares to the swim of your future glory , the lap of glory is awaiting for us.

I got my lesson to obey and trust God in this Lap of life. Either in the face of evil or in the face of angels. I Do my lap In the persecution or in the happiness.

How you gonna do your lap? Whatever you decide let God be in it. He knows how you can be your best at it.

Written By

Dariush Y