Smile better than smiling face with smiling eyes emoji 😊Life is better when you smile

We are heading for the long weekend in Sydney. It is Labour day on Monday. Thanks for this day off; after a heavy rainfall yesterday, the sun is out and shining every corner today.

Have you tried having a smiling face with smiling eyes? That’ fun. try now😊

I mean, it is so much better if you smile; your laugh brings such joy to your own heart and the people around you. There is so much bitterness and opposites out there that wants to stop you from your beauty. The lie of the enemy shall not hinder you, shall not limit you. You are born to rejoice. Yeah, if you travel once to Sydney, you know what a beautiful city is. I love Spring and Summer, but don’t get me wrong, all seasons are lovely in their lense. I wish I had glasses to wear and keep this beauty on my eyes and heart forever, don’t you want to? 

You can smile; just give it a try. You don’t lose anything, but you gain.

You know, we have passed three months in lockdown. I was thinking about this, we are in lockdown, but the birds are free, we are in lockdown, but the season is changing, we are in lockdown, but the world evolving so much. But one thing has never changed, at least in my life, I don’t know about you, which is we need our Creator; we need Him in our physical life and our spiritual life. His un-ending love covers are every aspect of life. Why am I ended with God always? Because he is our fountain of life. As I am typing this for you on my laptop’s keyboard, I pray in my heart that you know God of all seasons, keep the smile of heaven on your lips regardless of your situation. I am sure where you are now, whichever season you are in, you can see the beauty with your own eyes. Life is better when you smile😊- better than smiling face with smiling eyes emoji. 

Write somewhere I have decided to smile from now. It doesn’t give me a good feeling only but confidence and assurance. 

Can you repeat this after me: I smile, I love, I pray, I arise, I go because, in all of this, God is with me.

Smile always.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh , 2 Oct 21

Christ is all that matters

He lives in us. He lives in all of us. It is the true meaning of living – means not the things of the world means not be black or white, means not to be grown on in a specific type of family. You can be famous and be the wealthiest person on earth still not let Christ lives in you. The journey of life may take you to places you may not like. Let’s think about what is the matter in our life? Paul says, ” Christ is all that matters “. If Christ is my whole life and He alone lives in me, then other things are in second.

We don’t need to put those agendas in life that do not fit in the kingdom of God. I know they may seem necessary; they indeed look significant, but pause a minute and think – is this worth it? Is it matter?

Please put on your new nature and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him.

Colossians 3:10 NLT

The matter is to know Jesus.

The matter is to know our Creator and become like him.

The matter is left the old things and wear the new nature.

Most of us are still on the old nature; we do not want to change. Because humankind does not like change, we are afraid of new and unknown things. Like a child afraid of walking for the very first time, like a person learning how to swim in the deep water – We, as his creation, need to learn how to trust Him. 

What is the cost to become like Him? How can we learn to know him? 

It all depends on us, and Christ is there, Christ willing to give His all that we can know Him better, as He did it once on the cross for all that we can live in Him.

I want to put the new nature, and I want to be renewed, my mind, life, and whole being. My friend, I am here to say, Let Christ lives in you, I know all of us living in a brutal world; there are so many challenges. The matter is not how difficult is our world; the matter is where Christ lives in our world. 

Christ is all the matters.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

Seven Victories we have in Christ, The Heavens REJOICING with us

Seven victories we have in Christ – The Heavens rejoicing with us.

We are victorious in Christ; We won the crown of life because of Him. The bread of life gives new hope to our broken world. Most of us want to win; I mean, who doesn’t want to win? Everyone targeting the gold medal in an Olympic game – are we targeting gold in our spiritual race? In a life full of competition – and challenges- Jesus saying ” You are mine, and forever belongs to me “. 

Some of the challenges we are facing in life:

Challange of health 

Challenge of financial 

Challange of spiritual 

Challange of faith

Challange of marriage 

Challange of family 

Challange of study

Challange of work

You name any challenges, diseases, or anything that brings us down – do not worry – Jesus has already given us Victory. We may face those challenges as humans – indeed, we need to face them, not escape them! So write down your challenges on a paper- write all of them. They may not be those I mentioned above- note whatever you are experiencing and keeps you slow to move. Lay it down the paper inside your Bible. Start to declare the seven below Victory over each challenge. 

Jesus said:” Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.” [ Revelation 1: 17 ]

1- The Victory of to eat from the tree of life, which is the paradise of God

To eat a tree which is life, A forever life? That would be a dream come true. This Victory is mine because of Jesus- if I obey and stay endured till the end. I repent and do the things I did at first, to love God with whole my heart. This Victory is the paradise of God, as John described in his writings in the book of revelations. 

2- The Victory of a new name, a white stone and the hidden manna 

There are three victories in this one for you. 

I am going to have a new name. I am going to receive a white stone. I am receiving the hidden manna. It does not matter what the challenge is; God gave me a new name. The old broken of me will be out, and the new of me will be born. A white stone means you are forgiven, and the blood of Jesus wipes your sins. The hidden manna – Jesus himself will be yours. And nothing compares when Jesus is yours, your sins are wiped with a new name given to you- what else do you want? 

But this is not stopping here- you got more victories ahead.

3- The Victory of the morning star

Bright and light – Like Jesus himself- as you reign with Jesus – He gives you authority as Jesus received from the Father. Your Victory continues to flourish if you do his will to the end. This time the morning star is yours. The son of God – gave Himself as the morning star without a doubt. When you have this Victory – you can have joy in you that there is no challenge of today or tomorrow will stand. Instead, you won the race and the life; you are the morning star- nothing like our broken language can define this. Write off one challenge and write it down this: “I am the morning star- belongs to Jesus.”

4- The Victory of dressing in white, name on the book of life

You are a bride – dressed in white- clean and beautiful, fresh for a new life with him. You will walk with the heavenly groom – Jesus, the lamb of God. What an honour – what a privilege! What a tremendous victory we have in him? Wow- we are the bride of Jesus. Oooof, our name is written in the book of life. I am not sure – if this does not bring you joy, what else would?

5- The Victory of a pillar in the temple of God

You are a pillar in the temple of the living God. You are his only one. Keep the house of the Lord firm because he trusts you. Tell to the challenge: ” I am the pillar of my most high God.” You are planted firmly in the house of the Lord for His purposes. Noting can move you around, not the memory of the past and not the event of today or tomorrow. 

6-The Victory of reigning with Jesus 

As we continue to seek and obey the Lord till the end, Jesus has given us a victory to sit with him on his throne. There is a space for you. There is a throne for you. There is a reigning with Jesus waiting for you. No need to struggle – we are the heir of Jesus. This short time on earth prepares me to reign with Him- have this joy in your heart. I’ve got my Victory in Him.

7-The Victory of receiving the crown of life/ saved by His Grace

The crown life is not easy to have- or by definition, buying it cheap from somewhere! The heavenly Father gave this crown to His people. In an Olympic game, athletes bring their best to win the Gold medal. I saw they were crying when they won the Gold medal- many years of practice and discipline got them there to show the world – now they are the best. How much we need to be glad – when we won the crown of life in heaven! You do your best- you do prayer, you do whatever you can to win it. Put it in perspective – see things by faith, no sight. Love yours and the people around you, be kind to yours and anyone you are facing in your life. See good things in others and let your word and action be as clear as day.


The journey seems challenging and complicated – we have a life on earth to do. By knowing that you are a winner, still, you are waiting to receive the trophy. 

The attribute of a winner is listed below:

1- Be strong in the face of challenges

2- Have endurance in the face of the unknown

3- Keep on believing in the broken world

4- Let Faith arises in you

5- Be full of hope

6- Let kindness overflows from you

7- Pray continually as your peace shining to others, inside out

8- Be Holy and seek God’s face every single day

9- Be committed and consistence 

10- The Victories is yours

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

The Holy Bible, Book of Revelation, from apostle John

A Divine Grace

Three things a person must do for to be a Jesus follower ( to better to say; to a true disciple of Christ) : ( Matt 16: 24)

1- Deny Himself / Herself

2- Take up the Cross

3- Follow Jesus

We are not called, love the world  but love the Lord. I know that, part of me do not want me to deny myself. Me , wants to follow me-desire ,  denying myself is not in my dictionary at all.

What does really mean deny myself ? John Piper says: ” There is zero profit in owning the entire world, since that cannot save your soul. The soul can’t be bought by all the wealth in the world.” Denying myself means accepting to put off the honor , wealth , and anything that is not from heaven assurance. It means I have not need to be anxious of tomorrow , if I have already denied myself means I got what it meant to trust Jesus depart of outcome. The perfect season is a season I trust Him more, even the wave of problems and trials comes I’ll be right to face it ! I ain’t to move , because this is not me any more but Jesus with me. Oh How great is this. Oh sweet is to know God is Faithful in all. When I forgive myself , a new window will open. If the world wants me , but that time I am ready to pay the cost , that time I am ready to deny myself and my desires. I got it. This is the key of restoration. Free myself of this world. Forgive me and others. No stronghold will keep me any more. I look up daily and say Thank you Jesus , I am yours as Brother Lawrence said : “I did not pray for any relief, but I prayed for strength to suffer with courage, humility, and love.”

The Threes above are not a recommendation from Christ to us , but , rather a commend to all His true disciples.

John Piper continues in His article called ‘ Deny yourself for more delight ‘ : ” Therefore, when Jesus said that the way to follow him was to take up our cross, he meant at least this: Be willing (without murmuring, or God-criticism, or cowardice) to be opposed, to be shamed, to suffer, and to die — all for your allegiance to him. Or, to go to the heart of the matter, to “take up your cross” meant to treasure Jesus more than we treasure human approval, honor, comfort, and life. Our suffering is not a tribute to Jesus unless we endure it because we cherish Jesus. Taking up our cross means Jesus has become more precious to us than approval, honor, comfort, and life.”

Billy Graham well said ” “Christ demands first place in everything. And you have to come to Christ realising you’ll have to pay a price.” Following Jesus comes with a cost , If others tells you otherwise , they are not honest with you. Yes , Following Jesus is the best decision of our life. You have a forever-friend . you can call him your brother , your husband , your groom , your best friend , your lover.

Oh Lord, you sustain my whole being , Let me feel and know that you are in control of my life. Forgive me if I don’t deny myself to take my cross and follow YOU. I am weary , I confess it! Let remind myself and put you first in all my action. I recharge my soul , mind and heart with your peaceful presence. Than , I can understand your DIVINE GRACE and walk in your light. Say Amen.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh

Let it Snow!

If you really love Christmas , Let it snow! Let your unmask face reveal and shine your real love inside out. I am in dream of this time of the year , A wonderful time of let it go. Let the worry face of inside go and be in L O V E of yours and others. Christmas brings Joy and Peace – Why? because the star in the east caught my eyes for a real love and peace.

A king from Bethlehem brought such a forever ” Let it snow ” and ” Let love be in the hearts forever.” Prophet Micah Centuries ago spoke about this Love. Micah didn’t know about this would be on our Calendar and make it wonderful season for us. But He knew that the new king of love will shine and brings hope to humanity.

Please , Let it snow my heart! let all my bitterness and un-forgiveness go. Where there is a little dark turn it to a light. Oh my little Christmas ! Jesus came for you. Make a fresh start and decide to take a step into unknown. Oh new me on this time – let the world know you are who you are. If a million people turned away from you- it is okay , you shine like a diamond. And know that the King of Kings came for you. Let the snow comes and wipes all our Sins like the blood of Jesus on the Cross.

Hey 2020 , you brought death to us , But our Lord Jesus Brought Life to us.

Hey 2020 , you “think” you won the battle , But we won the battle because Christmas is here, Our Jesus is here.

Hey 2020, you stay where you are , but we go and welcome our new year , a new promise

Hey 2020 , These are you last days – repent and go away

Hey 2020, Let it Snow!

If the Christmas is in the air, it means it is welcome to be in our hearts.

Jesus said : ” I am the way , I am the life and I am the truth ” . Christmas is all in Him , Actually , In Jesus we have everything. Everything we need is in Him , The real meaning of Christmas!

Let your Christmas be filled with Joy and Peace , full of Jesus.

Peace and Joy Alwasy

Dariush Youkhaneh

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In the beginning ..

In the beginning everything was perfect and flawless. A full garden of beauty and life without death and sin. There has been no fear, doubt. Today , yesterday and tomorrow all were in glorious NOW.

“In the beginning was the Word..”

In the beginning was the Love. And the Love was with God.

He was Love. And Love was with God. The same unbelievable beauty and glory , an unimaginable light in the garden became flesh and made his way to rescue us. Everything made by Love. The heart of God, which we call Him , Jesus. In this Love, was not even a smallest and tiniest darkness. God gave his Love to us in a way we can know His. Within this Love; was life , and this life came and lived among us. And continues to shine every corner of ” after beginning “.

When this Love came in ! We didn’t know it , we were confused and demented , living in a world of confusion and lost. We didn’t know Love is the way ! We own things , we subbtoaged them , and destroy the image of God on earth. We tried everything to be away of Him, But we did not know this Love is dwelled within us. What was needed? A Believe.

If I tell you this Love worn flesh and was with us, you wouldn’t believe it! God gave part of His, that we can be part of Him. A Love ; full of grace and truth. We’ve been created by this Love. We’ve been loved by this Love , all right in the beginning which everything was perfect and right.

My friend , what me and you need today is this Love. Not Love of the world , that we can see God through this Love. That we can be Love here in this broken world. A believe that’s all we need. Believe to this Love and see the world around you will change, the world within you ,will change. This Love, we need for our nation, for our family, for our friends and people around us. We can show them this Love with us. We can show them Jesus. Let’s be that, Let’s walk in that, and whole wall of fear and doubt and confusion will fall down and we can see better , all in this Love.

In the beginning was the Love, and the Love was with God, and the Love was God. Love was with God in the beginning.

Much much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Fresh Free Soul!

Finally Free! A fresh free soul ! It is like the Spring rain on flowers, cuddling each other in the parallel of love and acceptance. A spirit of kindness in the midst of pandemic. Can we step into this white and shiny season boldly? Can we love each other without returning some!

” Truly my soul finds rest in God;

my salvation comes from him.” Psalms 62 : 1

I continue enjoy in the little things. The things matter less! The things which sometimes have purpose in my life. I learnt having a fresh free soul means be joyful in small things , satisfied in whatever i am in. If I am on the mountaintop , or even I am on my knees having a full mouth of thankfulness.

I learnt in whatever choice I’ve made , keep God forward. In whatever mistake I’ve made know that God still loves me. A fresh fresh soul needs contentment. A fresh breath of love and true freedom will be found in the testimony of our kindness and humbleness.

Jesus shown his freshness during his ministry and experienced his ultimate free soul on the cross and forever. How can we keep this fresh free soul spirit in our life every often ? Be pleased with our life , as a gift from him and do whatever he is asking us to do. Be brave in unknown. As Jesus was . And i know some of you are so brave in whatever you are going to face. Let us keep this fresh free soul up , the new season of freedom and love is here.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Have you read my new book ” Hope in Corona Time” . I know you are going to be blessed by that.

The Humans

The Humans are so complicated creatures. They are completely different, they are complex and at the same time simple. They are smart but in stupidity level reaching to heaven. They can cry,laughter, smile and be neutral in one minute.

They sometimes need a hug or kiss badly , and desiring to have a relationship soon. Their smart side says they have control over everything and their naive side needs a high power to help. They do not want anyone in anyway to be higher then us , because we think (at least ) we know everything. Some of humans are selfish and some are humble. I have seen human like angels on earth. I’ve seen them , I promise.

Those, they left their everything to help others. They have put their crowns on the ground and followed the way of Angels on this planet.

Oh Humans ! They create history and then they manipulate or delete them after. They are mixed ! Kind , stubborn , loving , aggressive and so changeable! They love law in order and they hate it in other side of coin. Who we are really? Or who we really think we are?

To be controlled by human nature results in death; to be controlled by the Spirit results in life and peace.
Romans 8:6 GNB

As much as I know we can not fly with our flesh at least for now! But , assume we , as humans got eveything in control ! But still we are unable to understand what is the real Love in order can go deep down of our souls to know who we really are!!! King Solomon had this feeling ! He felt his got everything in his hand at the same time He understood what is meaning of nothing in everything.

In the inner human soul , there is a need of community and Love. How hard would be to live on an island alone. That is why !! Christ came along to connect us to himself and each other. That is why we need a supernatural power over us. What does human need is a heavenly connection with their creators. We are heavenly-made humans , if we know and reliase that , We are not from here originally! God’s breathe came through our lungs. And He made us ، and only returning back to Him will complete the meaning of our BEING. This is where Jesus said ” Come to me ” ” You are mine and I am yours ” ” I am the Way , I am Life and I am the Truth “.

We have legs , but struggling to walk to the truth. We bave eyes but blind to see the way. We do not need an extra leg and eyes , but we need to cleanse ourselves and use the current ones. God made us beautiful already. Yes , with all ugliness we are beautiful enough to conquere other side.

There is Hope, there is love.

Can I reach to you, wherever you are right now and reading this post? Can I say , we wouldn’t need to be complicated. We wouldn’t need to go to another place to find ourselves. Our true identity is in ” I AM “.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Do your Lap

The weather temperature in western Sydney reached to 47c today. I ve decided to go to swimming pool. As we encountered front reception of the pool. He told us inside pool is closed because of competition. No choice ! We got into outdoor pool.

I’ve done a few laps. Suddenly a pro swimmer complained to one of the life saver at the pool, there are too many people , complain behind complain ! “Why are they diving? Look at that , he is swimming at the line with a life jacket.”

I was a witness to her complain.

My ear was listening and giving the thought to my mind. Do your lap! A lot of obstacle are in front of you and we may have a bag of complains to God , why God this happened to me ? Why God this and that? Why me?

We need to do our laps , rest is with God. I got my lesson today? Swim and swim with no jealousy and comparison mind.

Look at the life of many men and women in Bible. Do your lap , let other whatever they want to do, do . Keep going ! There are people to criticise you , your private life going to be in public measure. Everything we do and see; are temporarily, this Lap of life is nothing compares to the swim of your future glory , the lap of glory is awaiting for us.

I got my lesson to obey and trust God in this Lap of life. Either in the face of evil or in the face of angels. I Do my lap In the persecution or in the happiness.

How you gonna do your lap? Whatever you decide let God be in it. He knows how you can be your best at it.

Written By

Dariush Y

Three Promises of God for us in 2020

As the new year ( 2020)  fast approaching ,  I am preparing you to make some dreams , some resolutions , some passions to follow. I may still stuck in this year – unfinished dreams and wishes , unanswered prayers are the big question mark. But indeed i may did not get what i dreamed for but certainly i’ve got something else that i needed. I am trying draw a line between what i need and what i dream for. 

The things what i dream for – i do not need them to have, but i declare they are good for the future fortune. My hands are short for the ahead event will happen but i can be protected by giving my time to God. Not any God, but whom created me and my dreams!

20190615_132236 (2)

Oxford dictionary defines DREAM as:

  • a wish to have or be something, especially one that seems difficult to achieve
  • a state of mind or a situation in which things do not seem real or part of normal

It may 2020 wishes difficult to achieve but it is a dream. I need to form this state of mind which great things will happen. Of course i need the trust element and hope helmet to help me to overcome.

“When you leave off dreaming, the universe ceases to exist.”-Winston Churchill

Never underestimate the power of dreaming. What if God wants to bring to reality all my unknown dreams and wishes. How can i keep the dreams momentum on?  I may find it difficult even to have one dream but one thing i know If God brought me this far He is going to finish it till end.

Proverbs 16:9

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps/dreams. ” I have my own dreams , my own plan but this is God who shape and form these dreams.

Three Promises of God for 2020 :

I am Truly Free in 2020 : So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. John 3: 36

God will fight for me in 2020 : The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. Exodus 14: 14

He gives me Power/Authority  in 2020  : He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless. Isaiah 40 :29

Take this three promises and pray over your life and let see How he can do the things amazingly.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


Happy New Year 2019

Do you allow me to inspire you for the new year 2019? Let me Pray over you and encourage you most.

As a few days left of 2018. I want to pray over us and preparing our hearts for a new page 2019. I encourage you to get a new calendar 2019 and pray over it and gives your whole year in God’s hands. I am not sure how look liked your 2018 till now. You may passed a hell , or you may had a calm year. But new year 2019 , You can call upon the name of the Lord. You can be you, created in God’s image and reflecting God’s love. As most of us are busy with Christmas and going to travel around. I wish you God’s heart and desire come upon you and your family. There is Hope for all us. There is a true love for all of us. Christ is born for this very reason that we can have a new life in Him. I can’t wait to celebrate with Him. Australia is one of the few first top countries gong into 2019. Let me inspire you with entire of my heart that God has something special for you and me in this new year 2019 that when you come back and read this post at the end of year 2019 that time you praise God and thanking Him for his great things. Do you believe it?


Peace to your family . Peace to your workplace . Peace to your inside soul. I Pray that 2019 be a year of ” nearing to God” for you. A year of whole change in your life in a great miracle way. I want to encourage you in whatever stage you are now. God is on your side. He is top of all your problems and he is making a way. I pray a new door opens to you. As Jesus is praying for us . He is faithfully loving you in his arms. The face of danger be away from you and any temptation be melted at your feet.

God’s power is able to keep you safe and new. You can be strong. You can be moving on and on. You can look ahead and you don’t need look back, there is nothing there for you exciting. A new mind of Christ gives a new prospective of life in 2019. God is Good. He is our Father. All glory to Him. When you open your mouth of praise , the Heaven hears you. When you open the word of God and nourish your heart and mind with it – all things will change. Your life will change. You see people in a thousands different way. You love everybody always. Here and there.

God , Open a new chapter of life in me. God, Let me see how beautiful you are. Father, Let me be completely yours. Stepping to a new exciting life with you Jesus. I Believe God will give you REST in 2019. Your troubles will be no more. The storms gone away. It is time to rest and praise God. It is time to say God I love you. It is time to say God I surrender all. It is time to be closer to your creator. I know there is a lot of fun time out there. I know there is a load of short satisfying things out there in the world. But Only God gives you eternal Joy. You only need Him. All other things are blessing to your life. Christ carried the Cross for you, He has given you light load now. I got my calendar 2019, I am praying over it and offering my days to God. I am praying for each months , name it to God, tell him your plans. I am doing it. I am pray for my family , I am praying for friends and new friends for 2019. I am praying that God open the doors for my date and showing me the one according to Hid heart, I am praying for my job, I am praying for my town and streets and neighbour. I am thanking God for year 2018. God gave me strong hand to move on. He is Good good father. I am so blessed. There is more for you. There is a river of blessing for you. Don’t forget the promises of the only One in your life.

Father, thank you for being with me another year. Thank you for 2018. I am offering you my 2019. A new year that you have given me. I am so blessed. I am praying for 2019. Lord , Open my eyes to see you wonders more. Let it be a year full of Joy and success. Lord , let your love shine my way. When there is less faith , pour out more your presence. When there is less love , let me love you more. Thank you for the good health. Thank you for the good news. Thank you for the healing. Thank you for the protection. Thank you for your love and grace. So, I am excitingly looking forward to the new year 2019. I Trust you in all things, The ups and downs.

Jesus, You are the Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and The End.

Happy New Year 2019.

In the end I want to thank YOU as my dear friends and followers. I love you honestly. This year I had great viewers, everything double. I had double visitors , I had double likes and comments. Thank God. Reaching to hearts of people and inspiring the individuals was and is always my mission. Thank you for making this happen. Thank you for inviting your fellow bloggers and friends to this blog. Thank you for your likes and comments. I am always encouraged with it. Please keep visiting . God is doing great things in 2019. I pray for you please also keep me in your prayer. My new book will publish soon early 2019.Please Pray for it. If you need prayer , I am here always to pray for you, Just leave a comment as private.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. ( Ephesians 3:20)

See you in new year 2019, refreshed , recharged filled with the Spirit of God.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

The Garden Of Our Ways!

These days are very special for me. As I am praying for a company change from God. He did answer in the right time with his special way of answering. In our terms and conditions we may see the things good for us. But God has his own way , He has his own term which is perfectly , perfect for us. We make decision with the human fact and our logic won’t be enough compares to our heavenly God decision. We do make decision in the base of what is right or wrong. But God wrap it up with his grace and love, with a wisdom beyond our human mind.

Right in Sydney is raining now! A beautiful rain all we’ve been waiting for. We had a really dry seasons from last year. I am thanking God for this beautiful , peaceful rain. Love this moment specially my favourite cup of tea feels more cosy! I care about you, you are my friend even I do not know you, my vision is to reach you to inspire you, encourage you is my most priority task. You think , I am careless about myself , not at all. If I won’t be in good shape how can I inspire individuals. Inspiring you , it will inspire me. every word I say here will definitely is for me too. I’d like to make here like one-one-one session. Like two lovely friends talk to each other- but I hope you won’t be tired of listening to me.


Where ever you are right now. I pray for you that Love of God overflows in your life. Feelings comes and goes. Our moods will change but God will never change and He is always with you. All of us our needy people. some people more , some people less. What makes us special from others is we are the son of the most high who lives forever. This makes us proud but it is our responsibility to introduce this eternal life to others. Our personal growth is our responsibility more important then that our spiritual growth will help us to know the heart of God. I once was away from it. But slowly slowly by spending more time in prayer and the Word , God changed me inside.

There are a lot of things out there can steal that moment of stillness. Do not allow that to interrupt your intimacy with Father. From business to family. What ever it is . The moments I pray for my future career company – interviews – preparation . God revealed more himself to me and a soft lovely music whispered in my heart ” My grace is sufficient for you ” . I realized , I have the most important [thing] in my life , I am content. God was not stopping my dreams, He was reminding me that ” You HAVE ME , Means you have everything ” , all other things are temporarily and He will provide with a blink of eyes everything I need and I asked for. Have you thought twice in the below word?

” in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. ” [ Proverbs 3 : 6]

It was the matter of submission and being humble. Trust whatever he chooses for me will be beneficial for my life. Even the ways looks like narrow and impossible. My task was an act of obedience not less then that! It is like saying ” God I am blind ” you take my hand and lead me to the right path. The only thing I can do those moments offering my heart of gratitude to Him. Acknowledging Him is not a shame. It is an open-heart decision. In health and sickness. In prosperity and poverty. In gladness and grieves. The question is here am I willing to submit my ways to Him? Jesus submit His ways to Father. He is an example for us. Let us look after ‘ the garden of our ways ‘ and let Him do the trimming and smart in appearance inside and outside.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of the Heads Held High / Check my books section


Precious Jesus

You know sometimes you have nothing to say – no word comes to your mind to write it down. It is a rainy weekend. Winter knocking the door. Tea – Blanket – laptop and a bible are your friend – to be one step closer to God.

I love Jesus , more than anything in this world. Go anywhere – any place to search – any location you discover – the beauty you found – not going compares to the precious name of Jesus. Did I find it in religion ? No at all. The beauty around you –the love of people – to serve others and be an active member of body of Christ makes it more beautiful than before.

I remember the times I fell down – the times of trial and challenges. But now I realise even there ” my precious Jesus ” were. Look ahead to a bright future in the tough times , it is a taste of heaven. If God can do – you can do it. If He believes in you , you also can believe in Him. Faith is a necessity weapon of our life here.  Faith is given to me and you to know there is a place which there is no pain. That we can have hold on to unseen things- That we know here is not the end of our story.


Sometimes beautiful things comes out of the ugly things. People wondering around and do not have answer for improper things of life but remorse the answer is Love. If we deeply love each other we got our answer from heaven. If we deeply respect to each other opinions we are respecting God in heaven. Our God is not the God of division but unity. He loves to grab you by His love as he created you by His love.

Love is a start point of shining. It is removing our ungodliness. It is making us humble as a holy child of God on earth. Learning How Jesus loves others – How he speaks to us that is the way when we can love an unlovable and forgive them beyond our human ability. Love is an evidence of God on this earth. In another word , it is an evidence to a conscious heart.

What this Precious Jesus do mean us?

1-Jesus is Love. He loves you greatly and beautifully. A level of Love that you even can not imagine it.

2- Jesus is all Powerful. He is able , when He is able , I am able also. So through him I can do all things.

3- Jesus is our King , Our God , Our Saviour. We do have a king which he is our friend too. A God that never forsaken us. He saved us forever in Him.

4- Jesus is Real. He is a person. He is real , He exist . He is not a “if” , He is a ” definitely ” . He is the meaning of our life.


And many more.


Precious Jesus – Can change your life. He is not far away . He is right there in your room, in your heart.

Our knowledge can not save us. Our power can not help us. But Precious Jesus Can.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



One of my most favourite chapters of book of Psalms is Psalm chapter 46. Yeah , I know there are a lot good chapters ( by the mean all chapters are perfect, just saying). 71 times we see the word ” Selah”, at the first I was wondering what does that mean? But soon , I found that the word is not known , however a few interpretations are exist. Like ” so be it ” or ” pause and think ” or ” stop and listen “. We can see this word in chapter 46; 3 times. However I am not here to talk about that word , me and you  are here to ” paus a few minutes and think about God”.

I am willingly taking one step toward my pain to learn God’s Love more, Even it does not prove God will reveal himself more in pain.


This will help me to know I want Him more. That Pain and troubles are nothing compares to His Glory. Let my grieve be a door for his greatness.

In the very first verse of chapter 46 says ” God is our refuge and strength, ” Pause here and think – listen what God will say ? Do we have any other helper to help us? Who is our refuge ? Who will refill us with energy and give us power? Is not God? Of course HE is the ONE. When we say God is our refuge , it means we accept Him as our master . Master of our situation and circumstances. Believing his existence will help us in the times of need. Remember that we can say ” I AM THAT I AM is our refuge and strength ” or ” I AM WHO I AM is our refuge and strength ” ” YHWH is our refuge and strength “. It is not any other God , It is the Father , It is the Son and It is the Holy Spirit … our refuge and strength. Let’s Pause and think about it. Continues says ” and ever-present help in trouble “. Immediately God shows up in the middest of our difficulty. In a second the master of our life help us to over come the challenge .


In verse 2 says ” Therefore we will not fear “. After we believed He is in control , He is our Master than we definitely will not back off . We stand firm in peace and strong. Continue Psalmist says even rivers and mountains and seas and whole the universe be upside down, He is God and still in Control.



Come and see the works of the Lord,.. Selah

Remember the days Lord helped you , Remember his mercy and how his hands help you out- Remember the first days of your believe in Jesus. Who we are and how we do is depends on Him. So , Invite you one more time Come and See How good He is.

“Be still , know that I AM GOD,.. Selah

It is the time to be still and know EVERYTHING in heaven and on earth are HIS. He made it , He Got it. This is promise for my future . This is Hope for my broken world. If He says I AM God , It means a world for me. It means I AM in your place , I AM where you are now. I AM supporting you emotionally , physically and spiritually. May it does not look like but I AM.


The Lord Almighty is with us;

The God of Jacob is our fortress.


In the end I want us focus on this , That HE is with us. Feels good. But He is, really is. Our soul would be fill of his greatness , love and compassion. Whatever we do and wherever we go He is with us and also gone before us to prepare the way.

Please have a moment , Stop and Listen to what He says.



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh


Like a soft rain – pouring out in my heart. Like a warm flame in the winter , like a whisper to my soul. Holy Spirit the friend of mine – Who makes me whole. He is the meaning of my life! I am astonished without Him. He is unbelievably beautiful. Such an awesome God. He is like a green forest of peace for me.  He is like a calm deeper than oceans.

He is very sensitive-strong spirit. In the moment you confess Jesus as your saviour – He will come and dwell in you. He is a really good mate. He is every where with you. In the light of the day – and in the day dark of the night!

When I am speechless – He speaks behalf of me. When I am sleep – He awakes me up. When I am lost – He directs me to path.


I am so thankful to this good mate of mine – who was , who is God. When I walk in the darkness – He is my light. When I am heavy with the pain of the world , He is there for me. He is my helper right here.

“The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity. He is the bonding element. This bonding is a wonderful effect of faith in Christ. It is creative. It brings about a new kind of oneness not even known in the closest of earthly families.”
― Reinhard Bonnke, Faith: The Link with Gods Power

The Spirit of Truth – The Holy Spirit . I am grateful Lord for the Holy Spirit , For Jesus Christ your son. I am praying for the fire of the Holy Spirit come upon to us. Come and cleanse us and pure our heart and make us new . Let us have joy in you more and more. Touch our hearts – Touch our minds and souls . How good you are? I love you because you are Holy and you do not see the things the way we see. You see us different . Before the creation of the world you loved us.


Oh Holy Spirit…

full me with the fullness of your spirit!

” O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams. ” -Saint Augustine

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Acts1:8

Me and you , are witnesses of God.

We receive the power of the Holy Spirit. To do what?

1- Do and believe in possible

2-  Personal conviction

3- Miracles

4- Live a life of peace and love

5- Source of Hope and Faith

6- The light and being salt

7- Discern the Spirits

8- Bold and brave in Jesus

9- having a pure and genuine  heart

10- standing for Others

11- Spread the gospel and win souls to Christ

12- being a witness

I am going to trust the Holy Spirit. Because  I need him everyday. He leads me the best way I should go. My mind , my soul and my heart all will be ready to listen to his beautiful voice.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





Count the Countless Blessings

This Christmas is a good time to tell all your needs to Jesus. For us , as a new generation in 21st century boys and girls how hard is to tell our needs , even bring it to the lips. The fight of machine and electronic stuff with human seems is endless.  We are in a mood of ourselves . We forgot where we came from.

List all the occasion you were blessed in your life in 2016. Even small thing counts. Remember you have been supported , helped , blessed by someone else or something  supernatural things took place. They are not chance or coincidence. They are a group of countless blessings from above. Even you may not be a believer still you have experienced some of great miracle in your life which you may called it ‘ luck’.


I just want to tell you He hasn’t finished yet. He is got a great things only and uniquely made and designed for you to be taken. Always on time! Start counting how many occasions had happened for you and begin to dreaming how greatly He is going to do from now on. If you can not count it let His angels help you. Keep your head held high and see the ocean of blessings coming to you and It is going to water the desert of your life.

Read this and be encouraged :

Ephesians 1:3 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.”

Jesus wants to bless you spiritually and physically. You can count the countless blessings of these two prospective. During the ministry of Jesus on the earth , He healed people’s body and also their souls. We believe in Bible , the only book God can directly speak to you through it. We believe in His Son , Jesus Christ. The only way we can mend the broken relationship with God. Let these beliefs overflow in your heart and your heart and mind and body be ready for the great blessings of Him.“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.” – C.S Lewis.


God has a new blessing only for you.

He loved you even in your hardship this year past. He watched you. Let people think what ever they want. But you grab the goodness of God. Let them think you are narrow minded. But you be single-minded, only you know that you have the close relationship with God. Let the blessings of God shine on your way. You list them , count them , love them. God’s word is your food.

My dearly Father , I pray for your people whom you loved before the creation. I pray for strengthen their soul , for everything they do . Teach them your  way . Let them be touch by the power of the Holy Spirit. You be their teacher. Father remind them for so much blessings you already given them. The bless of family , the bless of being on the earth even with pain. Lord we do not count it as luck but a blessing from you Oh God. The year we past we had so many blessings we simply thanking for it , we appreciate for your goodness. Still Father we are waiting to great things even more great things happen in our life. What an honour to know you. We trust you.

Would you like to pray for the year past? Would you want to praise Him for the countless blessings in your life? Are you ready to honour him in your life?

Why not now? It is not late. Count the countless blessings in your life and give Him thanks. You see How God be pleased.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh