Firmly Planted like PT

Hey , eventually Autumn is here in Sydney. The fires and storms came all upon. Virus hitting hard here but getting nothing.

I promise to trust the Lord in this season, no matter what would happen next. I am learning to be in His arms in the wave of uncertainty. I am confident in His Love. The heavenly angels are ready to serve me, protect me.

My ” me” is a combination of Jesus ‘ love and me. Autumn is here. It does not show it all , May it will. No wind , no smell of dry trees. The flower tree in front of our house brought spring to our life, its colour is pink and pink. It is the lady of the road , no one looked after it but only God.

In the storm when it was trembling no one comfort it but it stood strong till the end. I took a photo of it to show you. I don’t know it’s name , but I ve put a name for it ; pinky tree(PT).

Am I not beautiful? My name is PT

PT knows how to survive in the storm. It is its speciality to stand still and make others a smile and a beautoful aroma. PT smiles to every person , child, young , adult , old.. PT looks up and see a clear blue sky and thanking it’s creator for such a day. It sleeps at night in peace even in cold nights.

“And he will be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season; Its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers [and comes to maturity].
Psalms 1:3 AMP”

I am certain of this whoever firmly planted , will prosper. Having Faith in the storm is the most difficult task we could ever face , but if like PT we stand still we should see beautiful flower. The fruit of our waiting would be great. Greater than we thought or assumed! God knows our needs, each one of them.

Can you be firmly planted by streams of water ? Yes you can , yes we can.

Let’s practice this together, Let’s Love each other as the Childeren of God.

You are always Loved!

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


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