God Got this! I am sure of it

I know that God loves you my friends.

Hey friends , How i miss you here. This time of craziness in the world , All of us somehow facing a same issue, a same problem and disease. Covid-19 coronavirus! Every page on internet you open somehow leads us to this virus. I hope “Jesus” was on every news. I hope people realise something is missing here!

We need Jesus to solve our biggest issue! We do not know , we do not have any cure. But we have Jesus our true hope eternal.

We pray without ceasing, We rejoice even in the face of death and uncertainty. God is our source of Hope. 

I am certain; majority of us stay home most of the times in these days. I am one of them, I had hope everyone should have this option. If you are one of them than you are blessed. About 2 millions jobs will be lost in Australia as a result of this disease. I can not keep up with the number of people have been infected.  I am praying for all countries , The people has been encouraged to use ” social distancing ” practice strictly.

Friend , wherever you are , God sees you. He thinks about you and your family. Cast all your anxieties to Him , He cares for us. You are not alone. We all in this together. I am sure of this, you are connected with the people you know in your life. Do not despair , this is not the end of the world, even it may looks like it.

Let us tomorrow caries its own problem. We live on today. We love God has given us another day to breathe in. To be here. Focus on Jesus , the rock of your salvation. We rest on him , He is our protector. Have you read Psalms 91? How about Psalms 103?

God got this. I am sure of it. If He sent his only son Jesus to rescue us , He won’t forget His promises. We may have, we may have forgotten all good things of the Lord. We may keep making the same mistakes and wrongdoing But with his precious blood is ready to wash over us again. He is the door , we are his sons and daughters. You are loved before these things even exist.

I encourage us , to have hope and trust in his promises. He is a good father. Keep singing for him ,keep praying, Keep rejoicing. Please pray for Australia, Please pray for your current country and city you are in that God’s healing hand rescue people and his comfort and loving arms be open for those lost their loved ones.

Now Our God of Miracle , Whom opened the red sea to rescue his people , The son , jesus Christ , Whom died to free us and the Power of Holy Spirit whom can change us forever , be with you all.


Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh




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