Friday Devotion 27 March 2020 /come up here


Our quick helper will be found in a second.

There is nothing that God can not solve. We, sometimes as humans are impatient and we want to have a quick fix for almost everything. We haven’t called to be a complete multitasker. Only God is a fully multitasker and at the same time doing the task one by one with his unlimited patience.

We called to go up with him. When God said come up here, it means we progressed in our spiritual character and in our daily holy task. Like God said to Moses. He wants to speak with us. He does not want to hide anything from us.

Let’s be ready when God is calling us up. His almighty sound will heal any wound in us. For a moment , think how much God loves you and His Love will extend more and more.

Then they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come up here.” And they went up to heaven in a cloud, while their enemies looked on. Revelation 11:12

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




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