oh Father..oh Father

Oh Father , Can you see my wounds from this world you made>?
Is this not enough to carry whole heavy burden of this world in me? yes True, you said ” give all your burdens to me “.
Please flame it up with your fire of passion. I am not here to prove who is right and who is wrong! I am here to have faith in you, simply live a life of love.

oh Father, Can you make a new being again and again in me and others?
It seems the world you made , hurting so bad! I am here to submit my soul to you. I know you are hearing me. I know you are believing in me , like a child learning how to walk , I am learning how to love.
Oh Father, Why is it hard to love one another? How can we see the unseen things in other without judging them or offending them. You are the one that i can only trust in the storms.20200606_171514

Oh Father, Can you make me humble? Humbler then before. remove the repeated old in me and let a new blood of you being flooded in my veins. When people see me the they see your son, washed inwardly and pured with heavenly coal.
Oh Father , You call me your favorite son , is it true you got one of the best spot for me in heaven. Is it true you are going to show me your heavens.If not, open my tired eyes of heart.

Oh Father, oh Father…

I have hope, because you have always, a door open for me. Am I young to not knowing you enough. Does my old sins stopping you to love me more? Never. Does my repeating human mistakes stopping me to love you less? may it be Never.

oh Father , my sweet sweet Father.
Change me to be the one you want me to be. Somehow you want me , you do not need me.
That makes me special and chosen.
That makes me safe and secure.
That makes me love and new.

I am holding to this oh Father.

Much love
Dariush Youkhaneh



    1. Hi Sophia , I am so thankful for this. Thank you. As a result i normally do not post about any award ( except one time only 2 years ago) on my blog. Please do not take this as i do not want to , this is a policy i just follow. I am happy to answer any question you may have in a comment or email. I am full of Joy because your post are really encouraging and uplifting. Thank you for this privilege mentioning my blog on your post. Thank you so much . Look forward to more posts and fellowship ahead. Great to have you as my friend and fellow blogger. Peace be with you


  1. Dariush, this is beautiful. What a heartfelt cry to our Father for solace, support, and change. I second your cry for all of these. It is deeply troubling to see the amount of hate and intolerance for our brothers and sisters being spewed from every direction. Oh Father, indeed!

    One of my favorite lines in all of your post has to be, “Oh Father , Can you see my wounds from this world you made>?” — I have felt this very same emotion. I often wonder how the Creator of all that is good and holy looks at what has now become. It must deeply grieve His heart.

    Love to you, brother, and your loved ones. I pray you are well! ♥ God bless you!

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    1. Dear Holly, thanks for your kind and warm comment , Indeed I am blessed with your encouragement and yes the cry of human reaching to heaven. Look up! How he made the world , How we changed the world. May Gods perfect love keep you and your family safe till the returing of Jesus our saviour. Hope the Holy Spirit guide you well in all path of life and give wisdom and knowledge and increase your faith.

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