oh Father..oh Father

Oh Father , Can you see my wounds from this world you made>?
Is this not enough to carry whole heavy burden of this world in me? yes True, you said ” give all your burdens to me “.
Please flame it up with your fire of passion. I am not here to prove who is right and who is wrong! I am here to have faith in you, simply live a life of love.

oh Father, Can you make a new being again and again in me and others?
It seems the world you made , hurting so bad! I am here to submit my soul to you. I know you are hearing me. I know you are believing in me , like a child learning how to walk , I am learning how to love.
Oh Father, Why is it hard to love one another? How can we see the unseen things in other without judging them or offending them. You are the one that i can only trust in the storms.20200606_171514

Oh Father, Can you make me humble? Humbler then before. remove the repeated old in me and let a new blood of you being flooded in my veins. When people see me the they see your son, washed inwardly and pured with heavenly coal.
Oh Father , You call me your favorite son , is it true you got one of the best spot for me in heaven. Is it true you are going to show me your heavens.If not, open my tired eyes of heart.

Oh Father, oh Father…

I have hope, because you have always, a door open for me. Am I young to not knowing you enough. Does my old sins stopping you to love me more? Never. Does my repeating human mistakes stopping me to love you less? may it be Never.

oh Father , my sweet sweet Father.
Change me to be the one you want me to be. Somehow you want me , you do not need me.
That makes me special and chosen.
That makes me safe and secure.
That makes me love and new.

I am holding to this oh Father.

Much love
Dariush Youkhaneh

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Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh


The most beautiful place..

The most beautiful place I have ever been is Switzerland. Indeed the best place for hiking. In my trip to Europe I’ve visited Alps mountains and I did a few hours hiking on the top of the mountain.

It was refreshing, soul taking and breathed a new love in me. I couldn’t believe it , I was there. I closed my eyes open it again and slapped my face twice just making sure I am not dreaming.

It was a foggy day though but it didn’t hide it’s beauty and loving charm face of nature.

I didn’t cut my hiking but I made it longer to see more and see how great is our God?

You don’t need to say anything when you are there , Just be and listen what it says to you. Stillness is an attitude of nature , you learn it!

Break your hours in the nature by enjoying to see what they enjoy.

Choose a path the leads you to green pastures. Leave the rest to God.

It was unreal , I was just walking in the heaven without knowing where I was.

I wasn’t dreaming , I was there, I felt God’s love hover over me. So much to takin in ..

So much unexplainable beauty for to see. You should be there and see with your eyes what I am talking about.

God says ” you see all these beauties I made , don’t you think that I am able to look after you ?” . Suddenly all my doubts fell down and the power of his greatness filled me. And I was lighter than wind.

I was in paradise. Right there with Him. Knowing me better in His eyes.

Where have you been that you liked most ? Leave me a comment below.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Sychar’s Town

Everyone knows Sychar as Jacob’s well is located right around this city. A historical conversation has happened between Jesus and Samaritan Woman. Jesus was thirsty and tired of the desert Journey. If we flash back to this conversation , we learn a lot which is really practical for our today’s everyday life! Maybe Jesus hasn’t pass your town yet! But this time if he comes , he is not tired of the journey but he is coming by salvation and healing in his hand. As we read this event in book of John chapter 4 : 4-26.

There are 12 conversation happened between Samaritan woman and Jesus.  Because of the culture of that time- Jesus started to speak by asking woman to giving him water – It is very interesting conversation. By opening this conversation later on we read the Sychar’s town has been changed forever! A small town in Samaria has been marked for a significant conversation by brining a complete healing over the town. I want you to read this conversation not by the eyes of religion person!  But by the eyes of curiosity- an open heart to know what is about this conversation.

Jesus revealed some truly truth about himself and God Father. In verse 24 Jesus said : ” God is spirit and his worshipers must worship in Spirit and Truth “. Samaria People and Jews had a different believe about worshiping God in different location. Neither of those location need to go now to worship God! Now , by a pure heart and God’s revelation over you , you can worship Him , right where you are! Jesus was passing the town by revealing this truth , you do not need to do any good to reach God. God is Spirit , He does not think like a man , His thoughts are higher then any man. When He is passing your town his not going to condemn you , or revealing your worst part to yourself, No His divine nature does not do this. Again , He is passing to remind to us the He is Living Water! That He is BIGGER then our life.  Jesus Said ” Believe me , Woman , A time is coming ..” The time is coming to know the real truth about God! Our home can be a place to worship God. Our community can be. Our Church can be. Our city can be. Our Country can be a place to seek God and call upon his name.

In His 5th conversation with Woman, Jesus answered : ” ..But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

This Christmas Jesus going to pass your town. His will comes into your life. Let your Sychar’s town be a forever a great change.

Jesus seating next to your well’s town. He is seeking for having a great conversation this time and revealing to you who really is. Son of God – Son of Man Almighty God is coming to your town.



Writing By

Dariush Youkhaneh


Let not take my eyes off from your goodness good God. You have always been my comforter. I am here to write a new letter to you. I am here to let you know I can not wait to be with you. There , A beautiful place to be. By Grace , By your love I am starting a new life in you. Let your Power take me over.

Morning is already here , Sun is out and your light is shining more for me. In the deepest dark, In the deepest ocean , In the deepest dust of the earth – your presence never leave me. And your cross shown me a new prospective of you every day. You died that I can live. Your life is my life. Let your Wisdom God fill my heart and mind and soul.

People tell what they want! I follow you anyway.

Not small in your kingdom. I am great in your eyes. Not poor in your love , I am rich already. I am strong already, I am loved already , I am beautiful to shine already.

Let enemy be jealous to me. I am the child of most high king. Let your Understanding God be mine.


“He made the earth by his power; he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his understanding. ( Jeremiah 51:15)” 

I don’t need any other prove the Lord Made all the earth by his wonderful power, including me and you. I have no doubt to his mighty hands, if I have it means I am weak to understand how big is God and how humbly involved in my every detail of life.

These three aspects are bounded in God’s love together for us: Power , Wisdom and Understanding. His love is too good and too powerful to be beautiful. His wisdom is too lovely to ignore it easy and His understanding is faster than light to be fully searched by us. PWU never dies . His love never dies. This PWU can change our life supernaturally. We need It. I need it , You need it to be whole.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High

Another Year Ahead

I am thanking God for another year ahead, He has been so good to me. In a few hours I finish my 32 years on this earth. I am So much grateful for this beautiful gift of life. The moment I went deep in love of God – I fell in love with Jesus already. The moment I took to know him was so precious – He promised me , He will be always with me wherever I go. He stayed in His promises until now. He was patient on my errors. Sometimes He punished me for my Good. Dealing with sin never was his attitude. I am here because of His grace. Today I can celebrate my birthday because I have so much to tell others. The story of Grace.

When I was 13 – I was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. The moment the fire of God came to me – I was sealed for his purpose on this earth. I did not take vow to serve Him forever- But He took his heart and make  me like become love. He attracted me to his light. To His everlasting crystal beauty Love. I was one small sand in a million sand on his beach. Looking for who can I be? His looking beauty inside me and showing how much he loved me.. more and more. I am learning a life on earth and his showing me how to become a citizen of heaven. I learnt skills will come – surrendering need to be learnt and repentance need to be repeated. Who cares you are famous or rich – poor or wealthy , educated or uneducated , known or unknow whatever you are ..I learnt it really not matter. Here and there .. the matter is how you learnt to become love. Am I humble enough to love an unlovable person?  until now who is my enemy ? I forgave them all already. I do not remember who are they! I love them , forgive them . I don’t do because I need to do – I do it because it makes me love and light; like water. May the year was full of the struggles – but joy of the Lord kept me stronger . He is increasing my faith – I felt that- I am feeling it these days. I am a clay on his hands , His shaping me for a better. I am loving Him more –  in my workplace, in my talking , in my waking , in my shopping , in my life.



Looking for a year of the supernatural ( miracles ) . Getting back to shape in my faith. Practice the presence of God more and taking one step closer to Him. I enjoy this . I delight in the Lord and I am full of expectations to win more. Focus on the goals , loving his people and become like Him – a source of Love – Where ever I go his presence will be with me. Not looking for idols of this world but becoming a real man of Him.

Thank you very much to all of my friends here, Thank you for being with me all this way until now. God bless you every day. Please keep reading this blog – because we are here in this journey of Life; together. I am thanking God for each one of You. You are so precious.  

Father I am thanking for another year ahead you have given me – Lord please allow me to spend well. Let your plan be obvious for me in this year. Lord where is need a faith please pour out yours- Lord wherever need a hope ; please pour out your presence , Lord wherever need a love ; please reach out your hand and comfort. You have been look after-ing  me , Your angels protecting me – how sweet is it! your eyes are upon me. I obey and love you more and more. In your Name. Amen



Dariush Youkhaneh

Prepare for the Best

I want to know your heart God. I am searching for the best in your presence Lord. I am not looking to myself and saying oh I am not look like you! Instead , I am looking to mirror and saying I am blessed to be your child. I will never change the word in my mouth – My mouth and lips will praise you forever. I wear a new cloth of you. I am so lucky to know you. Funny is this world not to accepting you Jesus! They ignore you for nothing. Even , though , You love them and give them dreams and visions.

I want you more than anything else in this world . You are my life and every breathe I am taking right now is yours it is meant to be yours. Fool are those put their trust in object of this world. I am humble for your plan and purpose in my life. How can I prepare myself for the best? Tell me the secret of your heart Jesus. Open up my inner being to know you better and better. Takes away all my iniquity-  Let your blood again and again wash me over.

I am forever thankful for the Cross. For your loving heart , I am in awe Jesus. Tell me how to be like You? Tell me how to be the best of You? Tell me the whisper of your precious love. Let me drink your tears of Joy and drawn me into your ocean of righteousness. Sanctify me and accept my heart repentance with an honest worship of my windy heart. See , take it away if there is anything that you don’t like – make it your Home. Thank you for sharing your goodness with me , Thank you that you create a safe place for me , Thank you for simply loving me without knowing me. How great you are?


When this world gives me Pain , You give me Peace. When this world gives me trouble , You give me Truthful. When this world gives me lie , You give me Love. When this world gives me hassle , You give me hope , When I am faint away you comfort me and tell me have Faith. I see you everywhere , your hands doing miracles all around the world. Fool are those denying it and bless are those believing it. You are my leader. I am learning a class that you are my teacher.

My confess is this: to love you more , to know you more and to obey you right! Teach me your way – in a way of yours. I love you Jesus – Lucky my heart that have a place for you. I am preparing for you. This is your home.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Heads Held High



Wonder of..

I like to walk in  the jungle. In a quite moment of birds’ songs. The songs of old trees. Those trees which clapping for me momently with their beautiful leafs. I like to see people are chatting on the balmoral street. They are old- experienced and beautiful souls. They saw the life more than me. Their houses are a treasure of heaven, Their hearts are most amazing diamond.

How God lovely made us. Different opinion, different look , different love , different approaches.

Perfect love covers all our differences. We are made to be united. From one family, one mum and dad . One, to have full life for a better.

Thousands of voices out there. Right and Wrong are mixed! God is good. Kettle is boiling a hot water. We are in the border of a change! Eating an apple from garden and cooking chicken on charcoal. Swim in a salty water … Life is good. I do not need to be afraid. Short life make a better of me. Wonder of which voice I am listening to ?


We are here to respect each other. We are here to love each other deeply. Yes , we make mistakes and we are like the waves of the stormy ocean. wonder of who am I respecting to?


Now , My heavenly father , There ; from your throne come and sit in my heart again. Take away my impurity. Give me wings like birds to fly. A voice to sing for you. When I cry count them and replace it with a morning joy. Father, When I see people are dying and suffering because of injustice my heart will break- take it and comfort it . Lord , my mind is short to know your glory. I obey you. Let me know you again. Let me be closed to you. On my way to work , I think of your wonderful jobs in my life. Indeed it was great Lord, But I need a fresh miracle- I need a miracle today to have testimony for tomorrow. I am searching for it even in my unknown place. I am seeking and longing for that Jesus. You died for me that I can ask today- You died for me on the cross that I can have this power to be you and no body else! I do not want to be copy! I want to be a real holy and pure version of you. Wonder of who am I in you? 

People by their act indirectly asking me who do you believe? I am into sinful world Lord. You said me before be carful and know there would be trouble for you but I did not believe it that time- but Jesus please do not ask me again because I can see it with my eyes how people are suffering , how am I deep into heart of trouble! Please give me your hand when I am falling down and lift me up; don’t allow your precise one sink into unknown. Oh my dear One. I want to know you more and every piece of me thirsty for your presence. My inner being shouting for your greatness and love. Where there is no hope I would be your light there. I know myself your ambassador , encounter me with your sunrise of faith where I can push myself to believe you more. Wonder of how can I be used by you?

Now I realise how much you love me. When I took the second step toward you. When I returned home to You. Home is a safe place for me. Let me be unknown here but I am number ONE in your eyes! Where my eternity with You..always.

Love you!



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

588 words

I am grateful again of God of heaven. I am thankful to Him because I am content who I am and what I have. Contentment and dreams are two different things. I am content and dreaming more. In each step when God given me something I look above to sky – in the day to sun and cloud – in the night to the moon and stars , saying thank you God you are my true dreams . Simply and wonderfully I am amazed of your work and hand in my life. With this greatness and holiness you made a way for me and came into my heart? I am such overwhelmed of this great love. What letter I can write to you that capture your kindness and beauty toward me. What word I can say that can explain your prettiness in me. How can I shout that heaven can hear me.  Thank you for who you are. If I go 200 billions planet away , I still praise you and worship you and your truth never be taken away from me.


You taught me how to pray and speak. You said to me come to me when you are weary. You taught me wisdom and understanding beyond my own ability. I am such a Josef in your story. Given me king’s ring and made me your own people and right there I am sitting next to you and having dinner at your table. Heaven’s table.

Reveal more of you , less of me is enough , more of you more in need.

I am child to enter to your kingdom , I am a son and you are my Father. Around and around you are everywhere , my soul have joy in this- you are all I need. You are all I seek. Who is like you? No one . You warned me when danger was near to me. You sent the angles to protect me. You fought for me when I was tired. You loved me when I was ugly in sin and my own world. You saw the best in me even I did not have believe in my self , but you believed in me and trusted to be a citizen of your world. I am tearing of this ocean of your greatness. Tell me how big is your heart? When I fell off you raise me up. When I was defeated you sang song of victory in me. Who you are God? I Love You! I was there you were with me , when I am here you are with me.

If I drink an ocean of you still would not be enough to know you.

I am blessed that my name is written on your palm of your hands.  You watered my desert and it turned to a sea of rain. I am the luckiest human on the earth and heaven because you have chosen me. I have won the lottery of heaven. You God , focused on me to rescue me, From death to life. I love you more. You turned the black to a snow white. You turned the night to a light day. You came for me …Sorrow and pain are not any more highlighted but your love IS. You are Yahweh our God. You healed my sickness , You led me to your greatness , You wondered me with your presence. Your majesty and glorious made everything new in me. Thank you God.

The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior [Psalms 18 : 46]




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Read -Psalms 15   

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