A Forever Friend

I’ve never been too good to be a forever friend for someone(yet). But I’ve always tried to be me , who I am to be , not changing with seasons in and out. I’ve had a few good friends which I really appreciate our friendship. Good friends are like the veins, the real friends stick around. They do not skip away with their friend difficulties. They are honest. They do everything for you. They value so much and respect their friendship. If you ask me , how many friends like those you have ? I’ll say, might less than you thought. I need to be careful to say it , as some they might be reading this post :). Count your real friends. Count your forever friends. Count your good friends. How many are they?

We can categories the friends: Normal , Good , Real and Forever.

Normal friends , they come from a door and go from another one. They comes and goes. We call them the ‘Hello’s’ . Good friends are those are good to you, as long as you are good with them. Sometimes they turn to be real friends and there is a chance of being a Forever friend privilege. Real friends are those that every person at least has 1 or 2. They are real deals. They are rare and you cannot find them easy. They passed their test and they stay with you as long as possible. And the last and the most important friends are the Forever ones. They are game changer of our life.

A forever friend ! Let me talk to you about one of my forever friend. No need an introduction , He might be your forever friend too. His Name is Jesus. He invites us to be his forever friend. A normal friend won’t stay around that much, but a genuine friend who cares stay long and long. Everyone looking for the one ! Whom stays forever ! It is hard to find this kind of friend. You know! Oh these days… it is privileged to be a forever friend for someone. Are you the one? Are you the one whom genuinely stay and care !? I hope , I would be ! I hope I don’t hurt anyone.
It is a few day I am praying to God that He shapes me to be a man he expected me to be. I pray to God that I would be a good brother to my siblings. I pray that I would be a Good child for my parents. That I would be a real friend if i have to be. That I would be a real husband if i have to be. That I would be a real father if I have to be. Oh I am praying that i can be a good disciple if i have to follow. That I would be a real and honest neighbour of my next door. Jesus is our true friends. He will never let us down.
Revelation 3 : 20 says ” “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.”(NLT)
Jesus said in John 15 : 15 …”Now you are my friends .”

Also , My dearest. I am talking about the friendship topic that we can put more value on it. It is great to have real friends around. If you do not have one. It is okay ,Jesus is your real friend, He will provide for someone you can do your life with. I love you and wants the best for you , that is why I am writing to you. That you know someone out there thinking about you. You are loved, you are wonderfully made, you are beautiful enough, enough who you are!

Much Love

Dariush Y


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