My new eBook cover image reveals tomorrow!

Is the day my new eBook cover image reveals.

Hi my dearest friends.

My new eBook will be covered off tomorrow and ready for the pre-order.
Release date is on July 23, 2020.

What is the name of my new eBook?
Hope in Corona Time

What is this eBook about?
It is about hope, life , light and love.

How long is Hope in Corona Time eBook?
It is about 12000 words.

How many chapters ?
Hope in Corona Time got 8 chapters, each chapter starts with a question.

What is the purpose of my new eBook?
I have prayed over all the content, I have written this eBook specifically for our corona virus time. However , this eBook is written in trouble times for the trouble world. The time we are living is unprecedented time . Our father’s father may not experience this. As we know more , we need help more. We know much , but our understanding is limited , why not trust to our unlimited creator? hence , the main purpose of this eBook to change your view , seeing the troubled world in the calming eyes of the Lord. The reality is we can not do it alone , we can not understand it, we can not control it but God can as He has done it by sending His son; Jesus Christ.

How can I buy Hope in Corona Time eBook?
You can buy my eBook almost on any online bookshop platform.
The links will be provided here soon in a separate post.

Much Love
Dariush Youkhaneh


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