A Letter to year 2060

Dear 2060 year generation ,

I hope this letter finds you well! I am writing to you from Australia, we are in year 2020.

I love to point out some of the things happening here (in your past). You may hear about all things that happened. You may be on either the winner’s side or the loser’s side, the important matter is your father survived and in this year 2020, a lot of things have changed things around. I came out of my mother’s land and settled on a far island, right in a gold sunshine country. Through the journey heaps of things happened. Your generation may look like technology, but you may know now, that even if robots have been created with emotions, they can not replace the real love and sympathy of a real person.

If you have not been introduced to your creator, who made us all, let me tell you about Him. The paper Bible may be rare to you , but I have got a few paper Bibles on my bookshelf, one of them being given to me by my pastor at my water baptism in my mother’s land. Let me define Hope. The bot can not know this. Hope is something we wait for, we can’t see it now but we wait for it. We wait for Jesus, whom the Father sent to rescue us. I am sure by now a lot of saints and real believers are in His presence. We believe in life after death, they won’t teach you this in school anymore. We believe there is a life after death for us, we believe our real home is a place in heaven. Not a place made by human hand by any means.

Dear 2060-year readers, God of heavens and earth made us united, with his unconditional love. Trust in Him. Not the human programming application. Not to the machines made by the human brain.

“Praise the Lord, all Gentiles; praise him, all peoples!” And again, Isaiah says, “A descendant of Jesse will appear; he will come to rule the Gentiles, and they will put their hope in him.”
Romans 15:11‭-‬12 GNB

God says I will be with you till the end of the earth. Yes, till the time you are on earth, as I am/was. Love is above machines. Love is above technology. The real love of God surpasses all things on earth. We have encountered famine, earthquake, protests, corruption, death, coronavirus Covid19, bushfire, floods, volcanoes, and many other difficulties. I am sure those things still exist in your time. Would you trust God as we did? He holds you. He loves you, He clings His heart to you. In your worst time, He is ready to be your friend. Talk to Him, not to the machine! Be an example of a loving kind person in your generation. Be you, a brave person whom everybody can lean on. Be a leader. Be Jesus on earth. I know you can do it as we did it. Spend your time wisely as the time is short, very short. Read your Bible even if it is meant to be through screens. Teach the Bible. Be a right and just father, mother, wife, and husband. Be light in the darkness. Love and respect your parents. May the Holy Spirit helps you to understand your current time better and make you close to Son Jesus Christ and the Father.

I Hope you learn How to Pray every day without stopping.

Our Jesus will come soon. Stay strong and have Faith.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh / 16 July 2020



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