The Humans

The Humans are so complicated creatures. They are completely different, they are complex and at the same time simple. They are smart but in stupidity level reaching to heaven. They can cry,laughter, smile and be neutral in one minute.

They sometimes need a hug or kiss badly , and desiring to have a relationship soon. Their smart side says they have control over everything and their naive side needs a high power to help. They do not want anyone in anyway to be higher then us , because we think (at least ) we know everything. Some of humans are selfish and some are humble. I have seen human like angels on earth. I’ve seen them , I promise.

Those, they left their everything to help others. They have put their crowns on the ground and followed the way of Angels on this planet.

Oh Humans ! They create history and then they manipulate or delete them after. They are mixed ! Kind , stubborn , loving , aggressive and so changeable! They love law in order and they hate it in other side of coin. Who we are really? Or who we really think we are?

To be controlled by human nature results in death; to be controlled by the Spirit results in life and peace.
Romans 8:6 GNB

As much as I know we can not fly with our flesh at least for now! But , assume we , as humans got eveything in control ! But still we are unable to understand what is the real Love in order can go deep down of our souls to know who we really are!!! King Solomon had this feeling ! He felt his got everything in his hand at the same time He understood what is meaning of nothing in everything.

In the inner human soul , there is a need of community and Love. How hard would be to live on an island alone. That is why !! Christ came along to connect us to himself and each other. That is why we need a supernatural power over us. What does human need is a heavenly connection with their creators. We are heavenly-made humans , if we know and reliase that , We are not from here originally! God’s breathe came through our lungs. And He made us ، and only returning back to Him will complete the meaning of our BEING. This is where Jesus said ” Come to me ” ” You are mine and I am yours ” ” I am the Way , I am Life and I am the Truth “.

We have legs , but struggling to walk to the truth. We bave eyes but blind to see the way. We do not need an extra leg and eyes , but we need to cleanse ourselves and use the current ones. God made us beautiful already. Yes , with all ugliness we are beautiful enough to conquere other side.

There is Hope, there is love.

Can I reach to you, wherever you are right now and reading this post? Can I say , we wouldn’t need to be complicated. We wouldn’t need to go to another place to find ourselves. Our true identity is in ” I AM “.

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh


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