O Lord my God

Tomorrow, is the last day of winter in Australia. Today , was the warmest day of winter, a beautiful aroma of blossom was in the air. I am living in the dream! How beautiful would it be, if everday was like this ! ” Reality ” . When reality comes in , okay ! It’s not that always.

Every season is for a reason!

I’m livin’ in the dream! In the waiting time you got a lot to learn. Teaching my soul to be patient in e v e r y step. O Lord my God as new season of Spring coming would you allow me to take one more step closer to you? Your Majesty ! Would you heal this brokenness bones ? Please heal it with your lovin’ kindness.

Yes . I’m thanking you in the new season. Even if the pain and deseas does not leave us. O Lord my God how sweet you are. How wonderful you are. You turned my mourning into dancing for me. I am only human , You are God. All I need, Your Holy Spirit , the Spirit of Truth and Love.

O Lord my God :

You are the reason

You are the morning

You are the seasons

You are the sunrise

You are the sunset

You are the fountain

You are the life

You are the way

You are the Love

Dariush Youkhaneh

Dear friend , have you read my new book called ” Hope in Corona Time ” ?

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