Here are two reasons why Jesus came on earth? According to St. John

Beloved apostle John who later became a saint, He is one of those disciple who Jesus loved.

He is the one , whom gave us mystery book of revelation and the beautiful gospel of John.  He knows Jesus well , He was with him from the start of His ministry till end. He is well qualified to give us the reasons of why Jesus became flesh. He left his fishing job and took a new life-changing career, the kind of job that could change the world forever.

The words and sentences we read in all his books are not from a fisherman you expect. You can sense the power of Holy Spirit in them.  There are soft and simple and beautiful. If you read it for the first time , almost can not tell if those written by a fisherman, but not really! They are inspired by the Holy Spirit and indeed He is the real writer of scripture that is why we call it Holy Bible.

“The disciple whom Jesus loved” brought us a new light of why Jesus came on earth. Why the Son of God appeared to humans? This and that and many other questions going around. But , have no wonder; St. John gave us the two reasons of it in His chapter 3 of 1 John book.

1 John 3 : 5

“ to take away sins “

1 John 3: 8b

“ to destroy what the devil had done”

Why Jesus appeared to us?

  1. To take away our sins
  2. To destroy what the devil had done

Because of these two reasons – We are right in the eyes of God (He takes away our sins and we became pure and holy ) and we received the victory in Jesus and will receive the crown of life and now we are children of light. Are there any better than this? Free from the sin (born again) and walk in His presence.

This is the message for our today, for our Christmas, for our world , the reasons why we celebrate light and love at Christmas. Christ brought peace to us as He fought on our behalf – what a delightful truth – Heavenly Peace is ours, I can be fill with this, you can be, the world can be.

Let us love one another.

That is matter- that what the world needs , the love of Jesus.

Dariush Youkhaneh



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