book review / My Utmost for his highest by Oswald Chambers

Over 13 million sold. A 365 days devotional book by Oswald Chambers Edited by James Reimann./Updated Edition”

A complete heart to heart – devotion every day writing. A suitable next- to- Bible book.

A one page- short read prayer and thoughtful book can never get better than Oswald Chambers devotional. I have read a review last year and I have chosen indeed the right one. I can emphesis and echo with Michael W. Smith ” The Insights that Oswald Chambers has sometimes just overwhelm me. There are days when I think , ‘ Wow , did I need to read that!’ It’s just part of my life- I read it every day.”

There are hundreds of verses to explore and deepen your love and relationship with Jesus throughout this book. Sometimes , it took me several time to read a sentence to understand what Chambers talking about which leads me to God’s word and what he pointed out was ‘ the heart of the Holy Spirit ‘.

From the first day of devotion till the end of the book , I stayed hunger and wanted to read more and eventually understanding more of God’s pure heart.

This is my best advice to you, please do a favor and pick up and read this devotional book throughout the year. It does not matter day or night , morning or evening , it will change you , draw you close to God and His word. I don’t advice what i don’t read , but I do advice when I enjoy and really feel this is the one I can point everyone to read.

January 1 Title : Let us keep to the point

December 31 Title : Yesterday

Now , It is time to pick a good Christian devotion book and start your spiritual plan journey- Let the change begin.

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Reviewed by

Dariush Youkhaneh


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