10 Preachers you should know them!

I know there are huge numbers of gifted pastors and preachers out there. Please forgive me , The below list , most of them I listen and visit their website/YouTube channel and I have trust , it will be greatly a blessing for you ,if sometimes you tune in and listen to them. Please keep in mind , I have no denomination attend in mind as long as is in right believe and heart , we are right to go. Normally I don’t choose to listen a sermon if it is not well sounded biblical.

1- Dr Charles Stanley

I am reading dr Charles Stanley devotions everyday ! And it is a huge blessing in my life. I use their ‘In Touch’ ministry app and right on the way to work , handy , read and pray. If you have never listened to Dr Charles Stanley , I recommend you do it . Listen and see how will sound with your soul. He is a gifted pastor to all.

Check his website : https://www.intouchaustralia.org/

2- John Piper

Indeed, John Piper preaching is deep and soul-changer. He is mostly known as theologian as He goes deep to bring you best content. His desiringGod ministry is blessing many. I really enjoy vising his website. There are great article to read on.

Check his website : https://www.desiringgod.org/authors/john-piper

3- Jentzen Franklin

Personally , I have been really blessed to know Pastor Jentzen Franklin , He is a gift speaker. He brings the heart of God to His community and Truly one of those pastor you should listen to his sermons. I brought his new book review on blog ( you can check it out). As many other pastors He wrote many books like ” Fasting” or ” Love like you never been Hurt ” . I encourage you to check out his sermons.

Check his website : https://jentezenfranklin.org/

4- Tim Keller

One of my favorite of all time . His insightful writing and speaking truly changed ( and changing my view). A true lover of C.S Lewis writings. His book of ‘Prayer’ still seating next to my bible and Whenever I open it , I learn something that help me to understand , How to read bible? How to have effective pray life? and so many other biblical questions. I am sure you heard about his famous book ‘ The Reason For God ‘.

Check His Website : https://timothykeller.com/

5- Rick Warren

12 millions copy of his book’ The Purpose Driven Life ‘ has been sold, according to Forbes.com. He wrote a lot of really good books and they are worth to read it, I highly suggest you go ahead and check his sermon and see how beautiful his deliver the best message to your heart.

Check his website : https://pastorrick.com/

6- Christine Caine

The Founder of ‘A21’ , Born and raised in Australia. Her passion is to spread the Gospel of Jesus around the world. She is very active to rescue people in human trafficking. Her sermons are effective and great. She is lovely woman of God and passionately following her call.

Check out her website : https://christinecaine.com/

7- Max Lucado

Honestly , Max Lucado a kind man of God. His sermons are awesome just his writings. He is very active in writing. It is impossible for people whom reading christian book not knowing him. His messages are so inspiring and are the box of loving letter.

Check out his website: https://maxlucado.com/

8- Joyce Meyer

Thanks Joyce for your continue transformation sermons and messages. There no need to introduction of Her. If you are new believer , old believer or a christian writer or even non-believer i really urge you to head to her website and see how her message will touch your heart. She is a woman of wisdom.

Check out her website : https://joycemeyer.org/

9- Francis Chan

‘Crazy Love’ , ‘Letters to the Church’ , ‘Multiply’ and so many other books – truly are a treasure to us. He is an humble lover of God. According to Google He is the former teaching pastor of Cornerstone Community Church, an Evangelical church in Simi Valley, California founded by Chan in 1994. He just left his megachurch and started the above community. He is truly a gifted from heaven.

Check out His crazy book : http://crazylove.org/

Francis Chan Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Chan

10- Craig Groeschel

He is a multi-gifted pastor. Leader , Author and Pioneer. LifeChurch is the home of Pastor Craig with multi-site campus. America is more blessed to have him there. not only that , Thank God , we are blessed that we can watch/listen and read his sermons and messages.

Check out his website: https://www.craiggroeschel.com/

I hope the list above – Help you to find a Pastor/Preacher/Leader/ as you example that you can follow and be your mentor. I know there are un-numbered people of faith and leader out there to watch. As always put your trust in JESUS. The people above all are human like us. They are in front line to serve people. And we are thankful for that.

If you know a preacher that specifically influence your life – let us know.



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