The Last day of Summer / The First day of Autumn

Yep , Australia done with summer 20-21. And today is the first day of Autumn. I didn’t have chance go to beach much. I think it was a hardest summer for many as so many beaches were closed due to pandemic. But , I am grateful, not because they were closed. But , because we had a great summer weather. Last two years, I remember, we’ve had a bad bush fire season. Also , good rain poured out throughout this summer.

The below is my last photo of summer 2021 in Sydney, Australia:

Last day of summer 2021 , Sydney Australia

No filter , God just painted as beautiful as His heart. His faithfulness goes to generations and generations. I learnt to keep the things simple. I learnt to be content in whatever life faces me.

We had rain enough , the trees are more green than last summer. So , Autumn is ready to come in and show its dance of leafs. The colours are ready for a change from green to yellow. The warm clothes are slowly ready to be picked up from the closet. And the grandma’s cookies going to be taken from oven. If not that, the changes of heart and protective to life comes with every season.

Autumn in Australia

Who knows ! May this Autumn be more beautiful than previous one. May God enlighten our hearts to His beauty more. That , we may know God loves us in every single season. We are blessed that we can see another one. Another , painted-season of our creator. I know , some of you are in a different season than Australia. One thing remains , The Goodness and Gratitude of the season that we can offer to our creator. Open your eyes and see the wonders of Love.

What do you see? How do you see it? New season is here.

Keep loving

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them with us. Enjoy your Autumn. Here in Alaska, winter has a firm grip on the land for a couple more months. We have a snow covered wonderland with fresh snow on top of the snow that has been on the ground, since October. Great time for the Aurora Borealis at night, viewing ice sculptures and getting outdoors. Have a blessed March!

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  2. Thanks so much pure Glory ( sorry not knowing your name as I couldn’t find it on your blog , ayyy) , Alaska is a beautiful place to be. I can’t even imagine the beauty of Aurora Borealis at night , it would be one of my dream list … hahaha. Looking forward new photos on your blog for this. I am blessed to have you as friend here , thanks


  3. Beautiful. I’d love to visit your country someday . Here in the U.S. we don’t start Spring for another three weeks but I’m in Texas where we have mostly warm weather year round. Except for that bizarre snow week before last. 😁 Have a great day( night)!

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    1. Hi dear , that’s great, a little strange snow, haha I thought you guys change the season too !!!!hmmm. You are always welcome to OZ. 🙂 , just do it. I love spring season , keep shining and sharing some photos of new season. I have no idea how life going in Texas ,I should visit U.S too, one day, I am just keep dreaming .. U.S, Canada.. haha. God bless , stay safe thanks for stopping by. Enjoy

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