Book review/ Steve McQueen , The Salvation of an American Icon by Greg Laurie with Marshall Terrill

No doubt , Greg Laurie is a faithful man of God. Who was a friend of Billy Graham and He is a friend of many other faithful people around. His sermons are sharp and right into the point. If you have never listened to his preaching, I recommend you to give it a try.

Greg made a very courageous decision. One day when he was in front of his TV and changing the channels , He encountered with Steve McQueen’s documentary. He watched till the end of the story, but he didn’t see any mention of His Faith and salvation. Something inside him was shifted and somehow his steps ordered to gather all information from around.

Greg , himself was badly kicked by his life’s journey. His mum was an alcoholic and He never had a real dad to encourage him. I felt this book is about himself rather than Steve McQueen. Throughout the book , you read and read the comparisons between Greg and Steve’s life. By the end of book you know both story of Greg’s life and Steve’s life. I mostly enjoyed the last chapters , as I felt we got into real story , where, how he believed in Christ?

The book, repeatedly claimed that Steve McQueen ‘s gave his heart to Christ three months before his Cancer. In half of the book, I wanted put the book aside as the story went out of topic and comparison got hot and I wanted to read about Steve’s life not Greg! I felt book on cover image was misinfo , the book title should be like: “Greg Laurie And Steve McQueen Salvation Story”. Another , suggestion that could make the read easier for readers are” side notes” on each page. They were unbelievably annoying! How can we have side note for each page!? That can be tiring to read again which has been read on the page. The photos in the middle of the books are for both Greg and Steve ‘s. I felt the book is missing a good advice from a professional editor. There are also repeated sentences with changing the words. I liked the last three chapters as I said, that where the real story get started.

I love Greg’s heart, His turning story of coming to Christ , but if the cover page says ” Steve McQueen ” , the readers don’t expect to hear about others. Although, his story may be parallel of many other outside.

Steve dies with a lung cancer but He believed in Jesus Christ as His saviour ! He had Billy Graham’s bible in his hands while left this world. His last wife Barbara McQueen loved Him ver much.

I appreciated Greg to put a lot of effort on this book. To pass the story of salvation to everyone. The book ended with an invitation to everyone to accept the Christ.

Note : Although my review is on formatting and editor side , coming Steve McQueen to Jesus , is a joyful and happy story for me and others. And I am so happy Steve has been saved right before his departure and now He is on his loving arm of Heavenly Father.

Greg Laurie is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and Irvine California.

My Goodreads rate on this book is 3 out of 5.

If you read this book , let me know

Dariush Youkhaneh


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