🎉💥Happy Persian New Year🎉💥 / Happy Nowruz- year 1400🎉🧨🎈

Nowruz 2021  in Sydney time 8:37pm on Saturday 20 March ,EAT time.

Persian New Year, Year 1400

Happy Persian New Year !
Happy Nowruz to all my fam and friends.
Year 1400.
I’d like to congratulate all of my dear ones and your beautiful families and friends , year 1400 is here .  I pray for blessings, health, freedom and peace for all our compatriots everywhere on this planet.  May the living Jesus Christ give you new strength and power.  Remember:
1. Jesus Christ refreshes everything, and gives off a heavenly fragrance.
2- We can forgive ourselves and others, and start the new year happy and full of energy.
3- To know and have faith and trust that God is with us in the new year.
3- Let go of resentment and hatred, and start our new spring (autumn in Sydney) with the celebration of freedom.
4- To be faithful to our promises, and to avoid lies and hypocrisy.
5. Be optimistic about life with a smile, God is good and will be with us until the end.
6- Know that God will turn our enemies into our friends.  So try to be kind to everyone.
7. Do not judge others, and do not cause personal suffering.
8- Life is beautiful, let’s enjoy every moment of it.

Happy Nowruz
Happy Persian New Year 1400

Although , I’m living in Australia , but I was born and raised in Persia(Iran). And I held this cleberation many years. NOWRUZ is a first day of Spring and many other countries around Iran cleberate this new day and start of the new year.

I also pray for Iran all Iranian around the world , have a new revelation of Jesus and know Him personally. I pray for protection and love for each of them inside and outside of Iran. I PRAY FOR current government, that God’s truth show them what is right and what is not. A complete restoration for Iran’s land.

Happy Nowruz 🎉

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Happy New Year! I join in your prayer for Iranians to come to know Jesus personally. I have heard that Iran is having a move of God through Jesus. It is one of the fastest growing place on earth for people to become believers in Jesus. It is certainly the time for the reaping of a great harvest of souls to come into the Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus.

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  2. Yes, Happy Persian New Year to you! Your prayer for Iran can apply to all countries in our world. Wouldn’t it be a better world if: ” … protection and love for each of them inside and outside of [name the country]. I PRAY FOR the current government, that God’s truth show them what is right and what is not. A complete restoration…” for our world! Heaven knows we need it. Has this pandemic taught us anything??

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    1. Hi Christy, thanks so much , yes so far so good , same to you ! Thanks for your continue support and visiting , I am so blessed to have friends like you. Keep safe , peace with you:)

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