A Free Soul

F R E E!

Completely a free soul. That can fly and see beautiful loving heavenly Love. Free of this world!

A free soul would walk on fire and not be burned!

A free soul is rescued from wondering away and bring rejoices to his master’s heart. That person is restored and motivated. Why does it important to keep our soul free? Keeping away from the burden of this world , will hold us close to our heavenly Father.

God does not want you to be paralysed. He wants you to walk free!

Now you should understand that it is never the desire of your heavenly Father that a single one of these little ones should be lost.”
Matthew 18:14 TPT

The Son of Man, The King of Kings will give us joy with a free soul ! When do we turn to him?

You can have a free soul! A soul which is strong and steady , rock -faith with a gentle loving spirit. Do a favour to yours.

Keep your soul Free!

Don’t look back! Always look forward..

Don’t let others , take away your Joy in the Lord..

Be kind loving with the Holy Spirit within

Smile always, rejoice in the eternal life

Your free soul will join Jesus in Heaven

Love in Christ



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