Stop Weeping! Look, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the heir to David’s throne, has won the victory

There was a scroll. A kind of scroll no one was able to open- except the One who died for us. A strong Angel shouted if anyone there was able to break the seals. But, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the heir to David’s throne, was there – ready to open the scroll. 

 John’s fascinating dream – on an island of Patmos share a mystery of the future events. A plan with reality captures our attention – in chapter 5 of the book of Revelation, we see the Lamb opens the scroll. 

If you read the whole chapter 5 – and read it carefully again and pray read with a loud voice – you will see more things in it.

John saw, A strong Angel, A Lamb, four living beings and the twenty-four elders, and He heard the voices of millions of Angels around the throne.

Stop weeping, start looking and begin dreaming the Lamb of God has ransomed us for God. He is worthy to open the scroll, The Lamb of God who slaughtered. 

Spirit of Power

Spirit of Riches

Spirit of Wisdom

Spirit of Strength

Spirit of Honour 

Spirit of Glory

Spirit of Blessings 

The Lamb of God

…overcome the world. 

When the Lamb of God can open the scroll, He can rescue us. He is inviting us to his presence. Although, we can bring our humanness and wrongdoing to his feet where the forgiveness is there. The true spirit of Strength, the Holy Spirit, will enable us in our weaknesses. Are we ready to be riched in his presence! Can we handle his Wisdom and understanding? The Lamb of God Honour, Glory and Blessings. 

” And the four living beings said, ” Amen!” And the twenty-four elders fell down and worshipped the Lamb” Revelation 5:14

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

Revelation 5



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