These Photos are good for your Soul , Nature photos

I had a small opportunity to get out of home and capture some eye-catching photos, of course within Government health order. You feel heaven on earth – you see beauty beyond beauty! When you walk through trees and greens – your soul refreshes – your mind unwinds from this world and takes you to the peaceful planet. Are you agree with me? What was a feeling you have when you walk in nature?
Here are some photos to inspire us all – for a great future – a hope which never vanishes …

Walk with me and see the beautiful nature
The way toward beauty – two things – imagine and dream
God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts! Imagine!
Take a deep breathe – You are in green planet – lose yourself into beauty
Peace overflows from you- when you pause and look- keep dreaming
Heaven is in front of you- don’t go far touch the sky and smell the spring
Your red beauty swimming as your heart rejoicing
Green and white is the colour of your nature – walk and enjoy
Perhaps your joy doubles as you smile inside out

Which one is your favourite one? I hope you are inspired and energised like me.

Brought to you by

Dariush Youkhaneh

All photos are taken by Samsung s10+ .

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  1. GodChild says:

    Yes, considering the number of times that God looked at His handiwork as He was creating the heavens & the Earth, and saw that it was good … I think God is pleased when we take time to look around at His creation and appreciate it too.

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  2. Krista says:

    I love nature 💕 Thanks for sharing ⚘

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    1. #hhhigh says:

      Me too💥🌿 thanks for being here

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  3. lisamaliga says:

    It’s important to get outside every single day and appreciate the beauty that God has created for everyone to enjoy.

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    1. #hhhigh says:

      Right , indeed .how good is that


  4. Beautiful pictures! God’s creation testifies to His existence, we just have to look. Thank you.

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    1. #hhhigh says:

      True , we need just have to look. Beautiful God, beautiful creation ❤

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  5. JanBeek says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous collection. I love them all, but after much deliberation, I decided “God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts! Imagine!” is my favorite. I love your upward perspective, ❤

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    1. #hhhigh says:

      Thanks Jan , your comments are so much encouraging me – thanks for your all comments and reading / ❤

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  6. KK says:

    Beautiful pics 👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. #hhhigh says:

      Thanks and blessings to you, I’m happy you are here.

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