When God knocks on the door of our hearts

When God knocks on the door of our hearts, we turn from darkness to lightness, a flash of lightning will go through us, like 17-year old boy David which Reinhard Bonnke stopped and prayed for him on the way to crusade in Africa as Reinhard Bonnke said in his sermon about this miracle. Bonnke was driving, it was dark, and the light of the day had fainted already. You couldn’t see around without a light; a young boy named David, which Jesus knocked at his heart’s door already, and he was ready to be baptised in the Spirit, was encountered Man of God, Reinhard Bonnke. David was prayed over at the spot and received the Holy Spirit and spoken in the tongues. David went to his village with the fire of the Holy Spirit within him and prayed for a sick child. God healed the ill child instantly. The child’s mother spread the good news to the chief of the town whose daughter was sick, David prayed over his daughter, and the chief’s daughter was heald immediately also, and that was the gateway of everyone near and far came to see the wonders of the Lord. All this beautiful fruit of the Spirit blossom only because the 17-year old David opened his heart and said YES to Jesus’ invitation. 

" Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me." Revelations 3: 20 

” At around 2 a.m, she awoke and sensed God asking her, ‘What do you really want to do, Nerdia?’

‘ I want to do paediatrics.’

‘ You can do it,’ he said; from that point on, Nerida began to understand that when God gives us passions, we should pursue those passions.” Dr Ernest F.Crooker brought Nerida story in his ‘the Man in White’s book.’ 

God changed the story of millions of his people for the greater good, for His kingdom. His character is not like ours.

People may judge our dreams and ambitions – yes, even inside the church, among our brothers and sisters. What matters is you opened your heart, and God’s house is there. Nerdia’s story changed. Dr Ernest asked this question from her: ” Who are you, Nerdia?” ” I am a daughter of the King. I am precious in His sight, and I am endowed with His heritage. I know God created me for a purpose…”

‘Let Jesus speak to your heart about how much he loves you’, Heidi Baker pointed. We are God’s army on earth and ready whenever He knocks on our heart’s door. If you want to know God, open your heart and let Jesus take over. Can you hear his voice? Can you hear it knocking on the door?

Written by your friend,

Dariush Youkhaneh



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