God is greater than..

God is greater than your issues. We, humans, see things from our outward eyes. But God, who sent His Son Jesus to rescue us, is very knowledgable in all and all. You can be His child; you can be His only one; he can change you to a greater degree.
The world gives us a perplexed look. But the Lord gives us compassion and a kind look. A refuge place for us, a place we can cry out and tell Him everything. Today, you and I need this secret place of heaven on earth.
What do you believe in? Please keep on believing, don’t give up because your God is greater than…
Please fill the above with your words, declare it, write them somewhere, put a reminder on your phone.
I love to know what ‘God is greater than..’ In your life. Comment it below and let it be a testimony for you and others.
Below are some examples :
God is greater than any bad report
God is greater than my problem
God is greater than my financial issues
God is greater than my family conflict
God is greater than any human

Written by
Darius Youkhaneh


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