Book review , Fearfully and Wonderfully, the Marvel of Bearing God’s Image book by Dr Paul Brand & Philip Yancey

Review book of Fearfully and Wonderfully, the Marvel of Bearing God’s Image book by Dr Paul Brand & Philip Yancey

This was an interesting book to read, as it took me longer than usual to finish it. It’s mostly Dr Paul Brand writing than Philip Yancey. To be honest I didn’t feel any contribution of Philip Yancey in this book except a few paragraphs in the last chapters of the book. I can say, as expected, the book has a lot of medical jargon language, not in negative points, but somehow was hard for me to read through easy as there were some big words. Dr Paul trying to explain the mechanism inside of our human bodies should be the same as the Christian body, brought to you examples of his work in the field. He is an expert in his field, which most of his patients are leprosy. There are good lessons taken, especially when the book tries to connect these two: the body of humans and the body of Christ. Dr Paul doing a fantastic and rewarding job on the ground, as he gives hope to the community of the unwanted, those who are cast out and need more attention in society. I am so humbled to be a witness to his work.

The things you need to know. This is a wonderful work, however not very smooth to read, you are reading a book which mostly written by a doctor, so don’t expect to be easy-word and smooth one, instead, you got to know who Dr Paul Brand is, what he is doing for people and where the mission done. The lesson I learnt is, there are still people who suffer from leprosy and need physical and emotional support and help. Yes, the body of Christ shows compassion toward them, but they need to be assisted by the local government, how can it be? I think by reaching to your local services and asking them how can you be part of the help. I give 3 stars, but it does not downgrade the value of this book. It is only because of some formatting and writing way. The content is brilliant. If you found this review helpful, please leave a comment or share it to someone.

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