On the road to Emmaus

The depth of my heart longs for the Lord; When my humanity makes a wrong direction and decision, You are there for me – you are in me and washing all my iniquity within me. The Spiring is showing me a good sign of change, my old yielding to return, my love hiding in the air of freshness- when Jesus was on the way of Emmaus, was it Spring? There was a change coming. 

The moment we talk, discuss, and are in the mix of the unknown, change is there, and love makes its way to you. Taste this by walking through the Jacaranda’s trees. Maybe Jesus and disciple were walking through those purple trees.

“As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them.” ( Luke 24: 15 )

On the road to Emmaus is the route to our freedom when Jesus himself unties our doubtful thoughts. It is a process, it is time-consuming and falling and raising manner. It comes with repentance and starts again.

The conversation gives me a new perspective, a new river to the ocean of the answers. I am still thinking; whatever I would look, He is there to answer me. Can I know him? When He speaks, my heart’s eyes will open. I am ready to be in Jesus’ arms. I need it. I need to be in his presence, to look upon who he is in my life? If I can imagine, If I can be with Him- the dry flower will blossom again, and dry land will be overflowing with fresh water of the fountain within me, the rush of heaven. I need the experience of those two’s, where Jesus opened their eyes to the truth. That, I can keep my heads held high, holding the truth without trembling. 

I am in joy and noble in the heart and mind. The change will have its chance to change me, and the spring is the reason to take away my foolishness. 

Let my whole being be ready for it – to experience on the road of Emmaus in luke 24:13-35. 

Written by

Dariush Youhaneh 



  1. You know, as I read this I realized yet another thing that Jesus was teaching here. Back in Jesus’s day, women were not considered reliable witnesses. In fact they were not able to testify in official proceedings. Their testimony was considered worthless. Yet this is one of several REALLY IMPORTANT times and places when Jesus gave women CRUCIAL information about Himself and told them to spread the word. (Another example is the woman at the well, who became the first Christian missionary after receiving info about Jesus that even His disciples did not yet know.) Considering the place of women’s testimony at the time, namely, it was considered worthless, I just realized that in asking women to testify to critical parts of Jesus’s ministry, death, and resurrection Jesus was explicitly empowering women (at a time and place when they had NO power) to serve as ministers of the new Gospel & the new Covenant.


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