Little something to celebrate about, looking to reach +2000 followers here

I am slightly excited about getting on plus 1337 followers here; thank you, you are the reason. Can I wish to reach plus 2000 followers in 3 months? I know my wishing is not big enough; perhaps I pray for plus 20000 followers here, but ‘WE’ together can make it happen by spreading the word to our fellow bloggers, the people we know in our communities, our friends and our families.

This is a miracle, it was like yesterday, we praised God for plus 200 followers. Look at now and than?

Let me give all glory to God, to Jesus, to our only comforter, the Holy Spirit. Everything we have, everything we thrive on having, is from above. I am calling more people to join us, that more people can be inspired and encouraged. We are a family, near and far; all in the house of the living God called for one Faith, One God, One belief.
My heart is genuinely in gladness, my dear friend, that you are here and you found this blog; this is your house of encouragement. Please enjoy the content as much as you can, stick it to your heart and let the Word of God free you- be a kind-hearted person on earth with a purpose of loving yours and all who can hear Jesus' voice.

Once again, welcome to your blog; keep coming and invite others to this place. We are all in this together.
“..Is anyone happy? He should sing songs of thanks to God.” James 5:13

Thank God, you are good – I praise you
I sing I sing Hallejuah, My Lord is awesome
Praise, Praise to His Holy Name
Oh town sing praise that
He is good

Your friend in the journey,
Dariush Youkhaneh



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