The Eight Major Differences Between Being a Wise and Unwise person

Wise Person VS Unwise Person.
What is the difference between a wise and unwise person?
What are the primary differences between the wise and unwise person?

If you are curious about above the answers, then continue to read.

Proverbs 3: 35 says the wise will inherit honour, but fools display dishonour.

Proverbs 12 brought us significant differences between a wise and unwise person. We are not children anymore; we often make unwise decisions, simply ‘human mistake’. It is true, we make mistakes here and there, past and present, but we can and are able to improve our situation by making wise choices. Not our abilities, but we rely on God entirely.
As I was reading proverbs 12, something new standouts through the line for me, I couldn’t resist not writing them down. I took my notebook journey, which was laid down next to my bed and drew a straight line from top to bottom, divided them into two sections; wise person vs unwise person. I was intentionally now looking at what defines a wise person and what makes a person unwise?

I received the eight from my line of study; I tried to add more, but somehow I couldn’t, and I stopped my pen on the paper and pondered the eight differences between the two’s. As I was pondering them, I realised I was in the place of an unwise person sometimes; I was that person who used to waste his time on nothing, or I was so proud and arrogant that I forgot what it means to be humble. I admit that. But, Hey, there is always room for improvement, now I want to fill my mind with honesty, and I love repairing and fixing my character that who the wise is, listening to other’s good advice, and applying them correctly in the right place. So, on whatever side you are- please do not blame or be so proud. Both need to work; both need a change and turn things around from us.
Here are the eight major biblical differences between being a wise and unwise person. Please read them and have a contemplation over them, go and read proverbs 12 – if you can work on one of them every month, you have done well, so in eight months – you made yourself to the wise side of the table.

Please print them and make them practical in your life. Everywhere is hatred and lies – you turn it to peace with your honesty and love. Which one do you need to work most on? Try that first.
If you are wounding others with your words- try this first
If you are so arrogant and brings others down- try this first
If you get so angry quickly and can’t control your temper- try this first
If you do not listen to the advice – try this first
If you are spending your time in vain and see that needs to be changed – try this first
If your thoughts are lies and hatred – try this first
If you hate correction – try this first
A wise person admired by everyone- that is included by God.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh

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