Grow strong in Faith

The three below reminders are very important to keep and grow strong in our Faith.

Giving glory to God

By Faith, we receive peace (inner and around )

By Faith we are accepted into his Grace

Giving glory to God is our main stream living for today and tomorrow’s. When we give glory to God in everything, He will be first in our everything, in this term we will be growing our Faith in Jesus.

Justified by Faith means we have peace with living God , it does not mean we are not going to do good things , of course we love to help others in whatever area we can. But knowing in heart and soul , that we are justified by Faith, were we have peace within and around us.

By Faith into His Grace.. let’s do that, practice his presence today. Let’s go by faith into his grace, let our faith arise in him as the world around going upside down, we stand in faith and praise and glorify his Name.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh


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