A thought! Your mistakes are a bridge to success

Nah, it does not work that way. Mistakes are mistakes, and they are unavoidable! It does not mean we make mistakes intentionally to be a success!
God is greater than our mistakes. Who doesn’t make a mistake? Everyone makes them; in fact, mistakes are the bridges to success. But, we can do better not to make them repetitive ones. In the history of mankind, you can not find a person without mistake ( of course, except Jesus). We all do it to some degree, some of us do it more, and others do it less; eventually, there is no more or less; equally and fairly, we are on the same page.

The mistakes are not the blockages; they are openers to success.

I am here to encourage you today. Please don’t blame yourself, I have been there; I know how bad is it. It might be directly your and others. It really doesn’t matter; yes, the consequences might be affecting you and others, but eventually, it will settle down, and everything goes as it was before. What I and you and us need to learn is, let it not happen the same one in the future; at least we do our best not to go that way. Of course, there is no guarantee.

Be you, if you make one or a hundred mistakes, admit and make them right.

I leant that my wrong way can not make things better; I need to humble myself in a way to bless myself and others and trust that God can change me. That is the only way to make things better and better. I leant that “to keep going” is not an option but an essential element of victory, even if it is hard to rise and get the dust off.
Here my and your positive challenge. Take one step at a time. If we make a mistake, let’s learn and try; first, lay it down at God’s feet and second, be kind to ourselves and count it as part of our life’s journey.
Do you know God loves us so much? Be patient, I know we can do it.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh


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