The Yield by Tara June Winch book review

Tara June Winch wrote this novel beautifully; no doubt this book takes you to the next level as you have seen what horrible act happened to Aboriginal Australians. The story comes with three lenses; August, who is the first actor in the novel, Albert’Poppy’ Gondowindi, who wrote the fist nation dictionary; and Ferdinand Greenleaf, who reports people’s misery to Dr George Cross. August came from overseas to her mothers land to attend Poppy’s funeral, and she encountered the land had been stolen by a Mine Company. There are many characters in the novel like Jedda ( who were missing ) , Nana, Eddie, Joe , Elsie , Aunt Missy..

The book is 345 pages with 42 chapters. The story is rich, And Tara June mastered it well. Also, I felt the ending of the story were not went well. I didn’t like it as the author’s language changed in the last chapters and used “f” words a lot as we didn’t see them for at least half of the book; there were a couple of weird pages. In the end, the dictionary of Albert Gondiwindi has been attached.

You can buy her book from here.

Read about Aboriginal Australians here

My Goodreads star is 4.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh


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